Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam rescues Soni

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The Episode starts with Guneet lying and going to hide the alcohol. He comes back to sing. Dada ji thinks if he drinks, why can’t I drink. He goes to his room and finds the alcohol bottle empty. Dadi says I knew it, you would have drunk it. Dada ji says you arrange it for me, Guneet has the bottle, add some alcohol in this. She says I can’t do this. Amrita dances with everyone. Guneet shows his drink to Dada ji. Amrita asks what’s happening. Nimmo says I will go and see. She goes to the kitchen and gets the alcohol bottle. Dadi stops her and asks are you going to drink. Nimmo says no, Guneet has stolen Dada ji’s bottle to drink, whom shall we give it now. Dadi says no one. Angad asks what’s happening, tell me. Kabir says you would have lectured us if we did this. Dada ji asks Guneet to tell about the alcohol. Guneet says its in the kitchen. They go to the kitchen. Angad asks them to come back. Nimmo and Dadi add the alcohol in their drinks. They drink. Amrita says we won’t play Antakshari now, no one is paying attention, we will dance on songs. They dance. Aaj ki raat….plays….

A guy dances with Soni and misbehaves with her. She pushes him away. The guy shouts on her. Pritam gets shocked seeing Soni there. The guy says I won’t leave her. Monty takes the guy with him. Soni says I want to go home. Ishani says relax, he was drunk, so sorry. She goes. Pritam says she had to come in the same party. Naveen’s friend gets a call. He asks what, police raid is going to happen. Nitin says work is done. Pritam says follow him and also that peddler. Nitin says come home. Pritam says I will come. He goes to Soni and says go home fast. She asks why, are you following me. He says I have no time to explain, its not safe for you to stay here. She says I will go by my wish. He asks her to go home.

She scolds him. He takes her out and makes her sit in the car. She says I will not leave you. She gets shocked seeing the police. The police arrests the young teens, even Ishani and Nisha. Soni cries. Meera says Naveen didn’t come till now. Krishnakant says what can I do. She says we should call his friends. Naveen comes home and shuts the door. Krishnakant asks what happened, where were you. Naveen says I m fine. Divya asks where were you. Naveen says I was alone in the restaurant, I was feeling guilty for pushing Meera. Krishnakant scolds him. Naveen says sorry and hugs Meera. He lies to them that he lost his friend’s money and had to return it. Divya says he is lying. He says I m saying the truth. She says we could have given it. Krishnakant says we could have thrown it on his face, what was the need to steal. Naveen says I was worried. Meera says tell me, if there is any other problem. Naveen cries. She asks who is this friend of yours. Naveen says I returned the money, I will go and sleep now. He goes and says I got saved today. Pritam sees Soni feeling cold. He removes his jacket and gives it to her. Soni cries. Kabir and everyone see Nimmo and Dadi drunk. Amrita smiles.

She gets the alcohol bottle there and says they really got drunk. She shows the bottle to them and laughs. Dada ji scolds Guneet. Guneet says this is your bottle. Amrita says Karan used to hide from you all and get drinks for me, we used to party in the penthouse. They all laugh. Guneet asks did Soni call, go and get her. Soni comes home. Amrita asks how was the party. Soni cries and hugs her. Everyone worries and goes out to see. Pritam comes.

Pritam says she was returning in an auto, the driver was drunk and misbehaving. Soni looks at him. Naveen worries seeing the news. Amrita asks Soni what’s the matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Jumba re jumba jumba …
    That’s how the current storyline is going on ❤️

  2. – Nothing much to say about today’s episode, today my favorite was the trio “Pritam-Monty-Nitin”. Really I loved it when the screen scrolled to show the closeup of their faces in three parts to show how they are working with their mission. I love the trio of Pritam-Nitin-Monty.
    – I have a feeling that something is going to cook between Soni-Navin because in yesterday’s episode after Navin saw Soni, his friends asked him who is she and also said that she is hot. Normally, when such comments are passed, it unknowingly springs out an attraction on the person. So I feel Navin might get pulled towards Soni.
    – The family scenes, the Sakhujas scenes were good. Especially the part where Beeji and Nimmo get drunk and the way Angad and Kabir were looking at them, hahaha. That was so comical. Yesterday, when Guneet asked who drank my alcohol, I was wondering if it was Nimmo, today I got confirmed, Nimmo and Beeji both steal alcohol from their husband’s bottle and get drunk.
    – Imo, Angad and Kabir look like real brothers. I mean when I saw them together in today’s and yesterday’s episode, their smile and some of their features look so similar and also they really look like the sons of Guneet and Nimmo. Imo, Karan also looks like Angad and Kabir’s real brother but not as Guneet and Nimmo’s son because Nimmo-Guneet look too young to be Karan or Pritam’s parents.
    – I really did not like Sehgals family scene today. Actually, I don’t like Meera much. I don’t know why there’s something about her which I don’t like. Although many hate Navin in twitter, I like him a bit because Navin acts so perfect as a drug addict. The only part which I liked in Sehgal family scene today was how KK was talking about money, saying 50000 is not a big amount because he is the one who is spoiling Navin. That part was realistic because that’s how some parents spoil their kids. They try to buy all comforts for their children out of love yet sometimes the kids get spoilt by going the wrong way.
    – I disliked how Soni was shouting at Pritam in the beginning when he was only trying to save her from the raid. Good that she realized it later how the party was unsafe for her.
    – Yet I dread about Amrita because the way she was looking at Pritam in the end of today’s episode was as if she already made up in her mind that Pritam did something wrong with Soni.
    – Normally, in ITV a girl falls in love with the man the moment he saves her. I really don’t want that to happen for Soni. I’m really sick of such annoying ITV concepts and ITV love triangle stories. Also, there is already a Vishaka and we don’t know Karan too can come back. With two people already around Amritam’s love story, I don’t want Soni also to be added to that scene. I rather want a good sibling story between Soni-Pritam where Soni sees the big brother she lost in Pritam not realy love angle.
    – Also, technically, if we see that ITV logic, Soni should fall in love with Monty because it was Monty who saved her in the first place from the boy who was trying to forcefully kiss her yet imo Monty looks a bit younger than Soni.

  3. – I really wish the CVs don’t rush with Amritam’s love story. Perhaps, I’m the only one who is wanting and saying this because all are complaining about the slow pace and are constantly asking the CVs to show Amritam’s love story and marriage.

    – Imo, there is a really “good reason” behind for the CVs to take the show in a slow pace. They are actually developing each and every character and also the story around each character very acutely.

    – I wish the CVs don’t get burdened and end up Amritam with a forced or compromised marriage. I know Pritam will soon fall for Amrita because he is already in the starting stage. Imo, Amrita has also started softening towards Pritam.

    – Yet, I really wish that Amritam’s marriage happens out of “love” or if not love then atleast there should be some sort of mutual understanding and proper bonding between the two before they become officially the “AmRitam” couple.

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