Pandya Store 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman wants Shiva engaged to Disha

Pandya Store 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara saying we tried to save your relation, even then you got separated. Shiva says you and Rishita came to the court for this reason. Dhara says I told you, this relation shouldn’t break. Suman gets angry and throws water at Dhara. Dhara moves aside. The dhol man asks why are you throwing water on me, I m going. She stops him and asks him to play dhol. Suman scolds Dhara for backstabbing her. Gautam says you went to court, you lied to me. Dhara asks would you let me go if I told the truth. He asks her not to take tension. Suman says no one values me, its good that divorce is done, bahu gang has lost and I have won. Shiva says listen to me. She says stop it, Raavi is your past and Disha is your future, your engagement will happen tomorrow, swear on me else I will jump into the well and die. Raavi cries. Suman scolds her.

Gautam asks Dhara not to cry. Dhara says explain Suman to stop Raavi. Suman says fine, stop Raavi until I die. Raavi says listen to me. Suman says stop flying now, don’t come here now. Raavi thinks he always insults me, if he doesn’t say the truth, then even I won’t say, I will see till when he hides the truth. Suman says I will help you in packing the bags.

Suman goes inside the house. Dhara cries. Gautam worries for her. Shiva says mum didn’t do right. Prafulla says when will Raavi come, I asked her to get 10 lakhs cash, its my mistake, I should have gone there and counted the cash. Anita says I will go there and see. Suman asks Raavi to pack the things. Rishita says Dhara will handle Raavi, she won’t let her go. Shiva asks if she lets her go. Gautam scolds him. Dhara says please listen to me, their divorce is done, we will not try to unite them now, you won’t get Shiva and Disha married until my baby is born, don’t make Raavi out of this house, for my sake, please. Suman says fine, tell Raavi that Shiva is a stranger for her now, she will stay away from Shiva. Dhara says fine, I promise.

Suman says I m Mahasaas. Gautam says you and Raavi made us mad, what will happen of Dhara if Raavi goes. Rishita says no one loves me. Dev asks her to see timing and talk. Raavi says listen to me once. Suman says pack the things in a big bag once. Raavi screams. Gautam runs to see Dhara. Dhara says Raavi is hurt, she can’t go. Gautam makes Dhara sit. He asks are you fine. Suman says she starts her drama always. Gautam says please, sorry, look at Dhara, she is not well, Raavi won’t go anywhere. Suman says fine, but Shiva’s engagement will happen tomorrow. Dhara hugs Raavi.

Suman says you do Shiva’s marriage shopping, buy things for Disha, go with Rishita and Dev, I will give this good news to Prafulla. She calls Prafulla. She says its Shiva and Disha’s engagement tomorrow, Raavi wants to stay here after the divorce. Prafulla gets angry. Suman invites her for the engagement. Raavi goes. Suman says ask her to stop crying. Prafulla says Raavi will take my life.

Raavi comes to everyone. Rishita says Shiva, you are a big fool. He asks what did I do. She asks did we get the divorce papers for you. Raavi says we have to go for shopping, for the groom and bride’s clothes. Its night, Shiva sees Disha’s call. He says I can’t tell anyone, Raavi isn’t telling them either. Raavi comes and says bouquets have come for you. She scolds Shiva. They both argue. He asks what’s your problem Raavi. She says how could you say yes for engagement, you have no shame. He asks what shame, you didn’t want to keep this relation with me, now you are crying. She says we had many fights, did I cry till now, the truth is, you don’t understand me, I understand you, you are a disgusting person. He says fine, I will get engaged tomorrow, you stop it if you can.

Dhara says get Shiva kidnapped, then engagement won’t happen. Gautam worries. Suman asks where are Dhara and Krish. Dhara goes somewhere, covering her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This show is getting boring day by day

  2. Jus hate dix drama becox of dix b*t*h suman

  3. What sort of a mother is Suman normally mothers try to stop their children from getting divorced but this mother is hell bent of getting her don divorced. On the other hand Raavi and Shiva are s as psi very stubborn raavi shoutry to patch up her marriage instead of always hitting her head against the wall and fighting with Shiva

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