Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Nimmo’s emotional outburst

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying Amrita is so happy with Ansh. Mansoor says I m seeing her true smile after a long time, she deserves more happiness, you want Amrita to spend her entire life without a life partner, she has a long time, think of her future, how long will she live with Karan’s memories and why. Dada ji says you are right. Mansoor says then find someone who accepts Amrita and her baby. Nimmo shouts hearing this. She argues with Mansoor and says he is talking about snatching our happiness. Everyone comes. Amrita asks what happened. Dadi says you know our relation with Mansoor. Nimmo says he is in a hurry for Amrita’s second marriage. Everyone gets shocked.

Dada ji says its nothing like that, we were just talking, he didn’t mean that. Nimmo says he meant that. Dada ji asks what wrong did he say, how long will we keep Amrita as a widow, she has her own life. Amrita cries. Dada ji asks what’s her age. Amrita says stop all these talks, please. Nimmo asks them to hear it, Amrita is the mom of Karan’s baby. Mansoor says you think this baby has stopped Amrita’s life, she has no right to live, what are you saying, if we have to get away from this baby to make her future better, then we should do it. They all get shocked.

Nimmo says I won’t let this happen. She takes Ansh with her and locks the door. Everyone calls her out. Amrita cries and knocks the door. Nimmo says I won’t let Karan go anywhere, Amrita can’t snatch my Ansh. Ansh cries. Everyone asks Nimmo to give Ansh to Amrita, he is crying. Nimmo tries to console Ansh. Amrita asks her to please give Ansh to her. Mansoor says I will go, but open the door, Ansh is crying for his mum. Nimmo says I m his mum, he is my Karan, I will not leave Karan. Mansoor says Ansh is imp for us also, open the door once. Amrita says Ansh is crying, he is hungry, open the door, I m not going anywhere. Nimmo refuses to open the door. Guneet asks Angad to break the door. Angad tries to break the door. Dadi asks Nimmo to give the baby to Amrita, he is crying a lot, he is their Karan, if anything happens to him, then can she live. Amrita says open the door for Karan’s sake. Nimmo cries.

Amrita shouts and asks what happened to Ansh. Nimmo opens the door and gives Ansh to Amrita. She asks Amrita to feed Ansh. Amrita goes with Ansh. Nimmo sits crying. Divya asks Krishnakant to come home fast. Naveen comes home and shuts the door. She says Laxmi comes home today, don’t shut the door. Pritam, Nitin and Monty come there. They get inside. Servant asks who are you. Naveen asks why are you following me, who are you all. Divya asks who are these men. Naveen asks her to call the police. He tries to run. Pritam says stop, don’t run, I won’t do anything. Nitin points the gun at the servants. Pritam asks them not to move. Divya says leave my brother, what did he do. Naveen says I will kill you or myself. Pritam slaps him. Naveen falls down. Pritam says enough of your drama, come with me. Divya says leave him. Pritam says he will come back, don’t worry, we are decent people. Servant makes a video of them. Nitin takes the phone and breaks it. They leave with Naveen and lock the door. Divya asks servants to call Krishnakant.

Meera comes home. Divya cries. Meera asks why was the door locked from outside. Divya hugs her. Meera asks who did all this, where is dad, tell me, did Naveen come. Servant says some goons took him. Angad and everyone scold Nimmo. Guneet says you will never touch Ansh from now, its your punishment. Mansoor says she is his Dadi, understand her pain, she is scared to lose Karan again, right Nimmo. Amrita says enough, she doesn’t hate me, she is scared of losing Ansh.

She gives Ansh to Nimmo and says take your Karan. Nimmo cries and goes out. Amrita sings Dadi amma maan jao. Everyone sings for Nimmo. Nimmo apologizes to Amrita. She says I don’t want to lose Ansh or you. Amrita says I told you that this is your deposit. She gives Ansh to Nimmo.

Amrita gives a diya to Pritam. She says this is my diya, I don’t let it blow off. Krishnakant says Pritam has dragged my son from the house at gun point. Everyone scolds Pritam and asks who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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