Which pair do you like the most in Kumkum Bhagya?

Pragya and Bulbul are the daughters of Sarla Arora, who is a widow and a caring mother. She runs the marriage hall named Kumkum Bhagya, that is how the show got its name. Her elder daughter Pragya is a sensible and practical girl, who knows the chores of the household expenses and realizes that her mum individually can’t take care of all the family expenses alone. Keeping this in mind, she works as a professor. Pragya is very hard working and has no desires of her own.

Coming to Sarla’s second daughter Bulbul, she is bubbly, happy go lucky, dreamy and a modern girl. She believes in love and wants to try her hand soon. She falls in love with Purab, who is rockstar Abhinav Prem’s (Abhi) best friend and manager. Bulbul and Purab spend much time together and their chemistry rocks. Suresh is neighbor of the Arora family and also works with Pragya as her co professor. They are good friends and Pragya was about to get married to him. But when she hears Suresh talking to Bulbul about her, saying he has no feelings for her, and he does not love her, Pragya decides to take a big decision and not marry him.

Pragya informs Sarla that she will marry someone else, the one they choose for her, be it anyone. Abhi is a rockstar, who is greedy for money and fame. He does not believe in love but his grandmum wants him to get married to Pragya. Abhi has a supermodel girlfriend Tanu, with whom he does not connect much. Soon, Abhi’s proposal will be coming for Pragya and it has to be seen what will be Pragya’s reply to it, will she agree to marry Abhi or not. Sarla wants to see her two daughters happy and well settled. While Bulbul chose her boss Purab, let’s see whom does Pragya end up marrying. Tell us which couple do you like in the show.

  1. Purab and bulbul

  2. Just in love with Rabul..It would be great mistake if makers make them seperated and pair suresh with bulbul or purab with aaliya

  3. I like bulbul and purab very much .

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