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Sharda asks Sakshi about the hug between co-workers and they were actually talking about business. Is this the way it happens? Sakshi calls it normal. Sharda is relieved. Sakshi asks her when she will start working on that patola saree for Meeta. Sharda has to go to market first to get the necessary material to ready it. Sakshi cannot accompany her as she had wanted to make lunch for Karan today as he put so much effort in making breakfast for her. Sharda agrees to go with the driver whom Sakshi will explain everything.

Suresh brings Pallavi to a mall to shop. He is conscious of being seen with her though and keeps looking around. She asks him if he feels like a thief by taking her out for shopping. He is sure he is extremely smart and wont get caught in case he does something wrong. Sharda has come to the same mall but they don’t see each other. Suresh and Pallavi head start strolling toward one side and Sharda goes in the same direction. They miss seeing each other again.

Karan calls Sakshi and tells her that he is missing her. He wants to come home in the lunch time but she is worried about Suresh. But Karan tells him that dad is not at home. She shares how Sharda Ma is not at home too. She has gone out to buy a special thread for saree.

Sharda enters a shop and selects two threads – silver and golden. Pallavi comes there and appreciates her choice which shocks Sharda. She recalls what she had seen in the Resort and stays mum. Pallavi is happy that their choices are same which scares Sharda all the more. Pallavi replies that she is very stubborn. I don’t leave my things ever. Sharda nods that no one wants to leave what is theirs. Pallavi talks well about Sharda working on the saree by herself. Old is getting replaced by new. Sharda says it is people who put an end to old things be it things, art or old relations. She decides to ask her straightaway but by then Pallavi makes an exit from that shop. Sharda takes her stuff and leaves from there.

Pallavi has selected a watch for Suresh. He does not want it and tells her thus (though very sweetly). Pallavi insists so Suresh goes with her.

Sharda comes to the same shop. She decides to buy a watch for Suresh. I will gift it to him and he will calm down. Sharda goes inside and the shopkeeper starts showing her watches. Suresh and Pallavi reach till the shop when his phone starts ringing. He tells her to go inside while he will attend this call. She goes inside reluctantly. Sharda and Pallavi immediately select the same watch which surprises them. Pallavi notes it that they have similar choices in too many things. Sharda thinks that she cannot straightaway ask Pallavi about the Resort incident so she indirectly talks about it. They are told that there is only a single piece of this watch available in the shop. Pallavi tells Sharda to take it as she selected it first. They both are taking it for their husbands. Suresh finishes his call and is about to go in when he spots SHarda inside and stops. He hides and heaves a sigh of relief. He moves to a corner and calls Pallavi. He lies about a meeting and that they have to go. Pallavi requests him to see the watch once but he is adamant. Pallavi requests Sharda if she can buy this watch to which Sharda agrees. Pallavi tells the shopkeeper to pack it for her. Meanwhile, they introduce themselves after which Pallavi signs on the bill and leaves. Sharda notices that she has forgotten the bill but by then Pallavi has left. Sharda is relieved to read her name – Mrs. Pallavi Ajmera. Just then Pallavi returns, takes the bill, thanks Sharda and leaves.

Suresh comes out of his hiding place. He takes Pallavi’s hand and they walk out of the mall. He continues to look around for Sharda and she too is shown to be coming out of the mall. Pallavi sits in the car and Suresh too takes a seat all the while trying to hide his face. Sharda looks at something and goes in that direction.

Pallavi surprises Suresh with her gift. He loves the watch and wears it as well. She is getting calls from her office. He points out that if she is needed so much then she should go back but she is not interested. I am on break. He has to attend a meeting but he has a surprise for her afterwards. She gets happy thinking about his surprise.

Sharda is doing embroidery on patola saree. Sakshi loves what she is doing. How do you do it so well? Sharda explains that when we find peace in something then we try to excel in it all the more, be it a saree or relations. Sakshi too can make her relation much more beautiful with Karan. Sharda nods. Title track plays in the background while Sharda explains it to her. A husband-wife’s relation is like syrup. It will sweeten as much as sweets you add. Their love grows all the more when their baby comes in their life as it is a sign of their love. Make me grandmother soon. sakshi feels shy and runs away from there.

Suresh comes to his room and seems to be thinking something. Sharda comes in and asks about his day. She gifts him a wallet. He tells her to call him once before buying something for him so that he doesn’t feel that his money has been wasted. Sharda is hurt by his remark. He already has a wallet so tells her to give it to Karan. She keeps it on the table. He removes his watch and keeps it on the table too. He throws his coat over the watch as well. Sharda tells him about her meeting with Pallavi (your business friend) in the market. Coincidentally we both liked the same things like watch. I let her buy it as she had seen it first. Suresh gets worried thinking what if Sharda sees the watch. Sharda thinks of bringing milk for him as he must be tired. She stops to hang the coat at its rightful place first. Suresh is watching her intently. Sharda picks the coat and then notices the watch kept underneath. She recalls her convo with Pallavi and the Resort incident. Epi ends on her shocked face.

Precap: Pallavi’s taxi has broken down. Sharda was passing by from there and stops to offer her lift. Pallavi declines as her husband has gone to get another taxi. Sharda suggest her to call her husband asking him to pick her up from the temple nearly. Pallavi likes the idea.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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