Painful Path Of Success In Life

There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life time,more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth.From the moment it leaves the nest it searches a thorn tree,and does not rest it has found one.Then,singing among the savage branches,it impales itself upon the longest,sharpest spine.And,dying it rises above its own agony to outcarol the lark and the nightingale.One superlative song,existence the price.But the whole world stills to listen and God smiles from His heaven.For the best is only bought at the cost of great pain…Or says the legend.The bird with the thorn in its br*ast,it follows an immutable law;it is driven by it knows not what to impale itself,and die singing.At the very instant the thorn enters there is no awareness in it of dying to come;it simply sings and sings until there is not left the life to utter another note.But we,when we put the thorn in our br*asts,we know.We understand.And still we do it.Each of us has something within us which won’t be denied,even if it makes us scream aloud to die.We are what we are,that’s all.Like the old Celtic legend of the bird with the thorn in its br*ast,singing its heart out and dying.Because it has to,its self-knowledge can’t affect or change the outcome,can it?Everyone singing his own little song,convinced it’s the most wonderful song the world has ever heard.Don’t you see?We create our own thorns and never stop to count the cost.All we can do is suffer the pain,and tell ourselves it was well worth it.

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      Wow bhaiya,you are the first one to comment on my first ever written article in TU.Thank you sooooo…..very much for the appreciation??

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      Pleasure of mine …title is so attractive I couldn’t control then I saw its ur first article.

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    It is lovely dear bold and beautiful

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      Thank you soooooo…much for your appreciation dear??

  3. Hi merit pyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaari ?????Luthfa di!
    How had you days been so far?
    I missed you sooooooooooooooooooooo much! Though I was not regular to TU IB page for past 2 months, I read some of your lovey-dovey analysis.
    Even your last analysis on SSO and his dormant & unspoken feelings of his own self was MIND BLOWING. Hope he realizes it so soon!
    And your today’s very first article was FANTABULOUS & WONDROUS. Hope you’ll continue writing it forever and enhance and entertain us with your knowledge.

    Stay safe and Take care.
    Keep smiling.????
    Love you so soo sooo much di.❤❤❤❤

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      Hello Shivya,
      I am good dear.Thank you so very much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Even me too missed my cute,sweet,bubly little sister soooooooo…much.Thank you so so so….so much dear for your beautiful review of my comment and post at the same time.I will try my level best dear rest,only God knows.Thank you once again.Lots of love to you too.God bless you??

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    Who joined in gang.
    All the best of luck .
    Waiting for read your amazing cteatives

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      Hehehe….Yes,have to.Thank you sooooooo….very much darling.Love you.

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    Omg!! Fantastic dost!!!! This one is sooooooo poetic and touching.. Am already in love with your writings… Happiestttttttt to read your articles… Want more to read.. Love you dost..

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      Awwww…..Thank you sooooooo…very much Dost.If you are happy then I am double happy.Coming more on your way soon.Take care.I love you????

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    OMG!!!…Someone tell me is this true that my Darling has posted her first article….Marvelous Work Darling.. Looking forward to read more of your such works….Love you..God bless You…

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      Yes Sweetheart,finally I made my debut entry in TU.Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your love.And I will try my level best.Love you??

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    Hi Lu dear,
    Congrats dear for ur 1st article. So u started to amaze us. Till now only pkj used to know abt ur writing skill now all tu will be know it. It was Soooo good dear. As always u wonder us by u writing. As always I’m inspired by ur writing. Looking forward for more articles to amaze us. Sry for late response. Love you dear. Tc

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      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Thank you sooooooo….very much for your valuable appreciation.I will try my level best to meet up to all of your expectations.Thank you once again.Love you too??

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