Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi (Episode 51)


RECAP: IshSou and OmRu’s plan succeeds……Dadi says that all six of them would go to Paris

At present,


All six of them had landed in Paris and were now heading towards their hotel.

Soumya: Wow Di, I never thought that Paris would be so beautiful in real also.
Omkara (whispered in Ishana’s ear): Paris is beautiful but not more than you.

Ishana looked at him shocked but maintained herself.
They reached the hotel and went to their respective rooms, one for Shivaay-Anika, one for OmRu and one for IshSou.

Shivaay-Anika’s room,

Ever since they had left Mumbai, Anika wasn’t talking to Shivaay, in fact she was ignoring him and Shivaay very well knew the reason. Now that they were alone, he wanted to talk things out.

Shivaay: I know that you are angry with me. I am sorry, I know that the plan failed because of me and I am sorry for that. Please.
Anika didn’t pay any heed to his words.
Shivaay: Arre atleast hamesha ke jaise gussa hi kardo, tadi hi maar lo mere samne. Say something.

Anika’s back was facing Shivaay,

Anika: I don’t want to talk to you, so please, stop this.
Shivaay (thinking): You’ll have to talk to me. If you are tadibaaz ASO then I am also Shivaay. (to Anika) ok, if you don’t want to talk, then I also don’t have time to waste. I tried my best but if you don’t want to listen then I can’t do anything. I am going.

Shivaay turned to go but stopped when he felt Anika holding his hand. He smiled to himself.

Anika: What do you think of yourself? Firstly, the plan failed because of your mistake and now instead of making up for your mistake, you want to walk away. I won’t let you do that. I am Anika Singh Oberoi and I know how to balance out things. (she picks up the jug of water and throws it on Shivaay, he is shocked) next time, dare you try anything like this with me and you’ll face the worst of me.

She leaves from there smiling with attitude.
Shivaay smiles seeing her,

Shivaay: Gussa hi sahi, at least you talked to me.

In the corridor,
Ishana was waiting for Soumya to get ready and come,

Ishana: What is she doing? Who takes so much time to get ready? Even I got ready but I didn’t take hours.
Voice: One who is already so beautiful, why would she take time to get ready?

Ishana turned back and saw Om smiling at her,

Omkara: Kyu sahi kaha naa.
Ishana: Om, you also naa.
Omkara: Are, I didn’t say anything wrong.
Ishana: Om, really, what has happened to you? Looks like Paris is making you mad.

Ishana was about to go but Om held her hand, she turned around and looked at him with surprise,

Omkara: Paris nahi, you are making me mad. (He moves closer to her)
Ishana: Om, leave my hand, someone will come.
Omkara: No one will come.

Om moved closer to her, just then they heard Rudra coming calling for Om, Ishana freed herself from Om’s grip and composed herself,

Rudra: Bhaiya, you are here and I was searching for you everywhere.
Omkara (muttered under his breathe): Ise abhi aana tha, kya timing hai

Ishana looked at him shocked while Rudra was confused.

Rudra: Bhaiya, did you say something.
Ishana: Nothing Rudra, he didn’t say anything.

Soumya also comes there, Rudra and Soumya look at each other and give cold looks, Ishana and Omkara notice this but choose to remain silent.

Ishana: Duffer, how much time you take to get ready.
Soumya: Oh, ho Ishu, you won’t understand. Leave that and tell me where is Di?
Anika: here.
Ishana: Anika, you came alone, where is Shivaay?
Anika: I don’t know.
Soumya: What do you mean Di?
Anika: I mean I don’t know where he is and I don’t care.
Ishana: Anika…

Before she could say anything, she saw Om signaling her to not say anything, she tried to resist but he said that they’ll talk later.
Shivaay also comes there.

Shivaay: Sorry guys, I am late.
Soumya: It’s ok jiju. Now let’s go, I am really excited to see Paris.
Shivaay: Haa, let’s go.

Park near a lake,

Anika, being a hard core businesswoman, was busy on a phone call, Shivaay was no different, after their wedding things had changed at office, whenever there was any problem, people would first call him and then Anika, although Anika was aware of this, she never said anything, because somewhere she was happy seeing this, she knew it was not just a result of Shivaay getting married to her but also a result of his intelligence, hard work and personality, that he had earned this respect and she didn’t want to take it away as it was his earnings and not something that he had taken for granted. She was upset about their plan being failed but somewhere she was happy about it, and she didn’t know why. She had noticed the little changes that were taking place in her after Shivaay had come in her life, but being the stubborn Anika, she would never accept this.

As Shivaay and Anika were busy with their work, others decided to explore the place on their own.

Soumya was busy clicking selfies and posting it on social sites. Rudra was busy looking at her, he was thinking what he had done that Soumya wasn’t acting normal with him, she was angry on him for reason he couldn’t understand but he had decided that he would find out the reason. He was lost in thoughts thinking about what he should do.

Ishana and Om were standing near the railing of the lake, Om noticed that Ishana was lost in thoughts, well he knew what she was thinking, in the last few months, they had got to know a lot about each other and understood each other well.

Omkara: Ishana, where are you lost?
Ishana (coming out of her thoughts): Nothing, it’s just that…
Omkara: You are thinking about Anika and Soumya, right?

Ishana smiled at how well Om knew her,

Ishana: Yes, you are right. I know my sisters very well and I know that something is going in their lives, which is unknown to me. I know even you noticed the looks Soumya and Rudra shared and how Anika answered when I asked her about Shivaay.
Omkara: You are right, even I noticed that. We have some idea about Shivaay-Anika, but Rudra-Soumya, I don’t understand, what happened between them.

He noticed that Ishana had worry on her face, he held her by her shoulders and made her face him, she looked at him,

Omkara: Don’t worry Ishana, everything will be fine. Aur waise bhi, we are here to enjoy, so don’t think too much and relax.

He smiled at her and Ishana smiled back.

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