Paaya Hai Maine Fir Tujhe! (RagSan) 6

Recap – ragini paints sanskaar
Even after trying hard, Sanskaar was not able to postpone his shoot or cancel it so he left the next morning leaving both Ragini and Ansh in the circle of known fear. Ansh had cried so hard while they were returning from the airport. Ragini tried so hard to stop him but he kept on crying. Fear and pain of losing his dad, was something he didn’t wanted to experience again. Ragini understood his pain very well. She too was facing and fighting with the same fear. To top her fear, Sanskaar had not talked properly to her the other day, after the morning incident.
She has constantly prayed for his safety. She pacified Ansh saying nothing will happen to Sanskaar and also the preparations of his birthday party kept him busy.


Ragini came to MM to invite AP and DP for the function. They were happy that she had agreed to celebrate his birthday again. Ragini went to her old room which was filled with her and Laksh’s memories, even after Dp suggesting against it.

She had left everything, her every memory here, 7 months back to start a new life. A life which she could never start from a new point. She looked at her pictures with Laksh. Her eyes welled up but there was still smile on her face. She had asked dp to never touch Laksh’s memories because his memories have kept everyone alive.
She touched the sweater she had made for him. The sweater still had his scent. She felt the sweater with her cheeks. She gets startled by a voice. She looks back and with teary eyes she hugs the person.
Ragini : lucky….
Yes, it’s Laksh.
Laksh ; yess chashmish it’s me…
She starts hitting him continuously with her arms and ends up hugging him. She cries like a baby in his arms.
Ragini ; where the hell did you went leaving us all alone haan? How dare you, Lucky?
Laksh : well, God needed me so he called me. And i also didn’t deny because there were so many beautiful fairies and angels up there.
Ragini ; then why did you come now? Go to your fairies na….
She said sitting on the bed, pouting. Laksh came and sit beside her. He side hugged her.
Laksh : i saw that you needed me so i came here for you..
Ragini : huh i don’t need you.
Laksh : yes you need me… now common tell me.. how’s sanskaar? How’s ansh? How’s everyone?
Ragini : ansh is fine. He often misses you but he has sanskyy now… everyone else is also fine. They are now habituated with living without you. Sanskaar’s parents have accepted ansh and they love him just like Mumma and Papa ( ap-dp )…. ma and baba are also fine. They are living with Dev bhai, in Kolkata.
Laksh ; what about sanskaar, chashmish?
Ragini : he’s also fine. Huh.. what will happen to him? He’s enjoying his tours…
Laksh : he still loves you right?
Ragini : what do mean still? You knew about him from starting?
Laksh : no, I did not. But Papa ( DP ) did…
Ragini (shocked ) : what??
Laksh : yes. And that’s why i asked him.
Ragini : asked him what? And why did papa never told me?
Laksh : you remember in that hospital.. my last words………… ( ragini recalls the last moments of his life ) papa understood what i wanted to say…
Ragini : lucky? YOU wanted this?
Laksh : chashmish, i just wanted you to be happy even after me….
Ragini : lucky, i loved you … how could you think i would be happy with someone else.
Laksh ; sanskaar is not someone else. He’s your best friend ginni. And keep your on hand on your heart and tell me that you’re not happy with him.
Ragini : lucky…
Laksh : ginni.. accept it that you are happy with sanskaar.
Ragini : of course i’m happy lucky but accepting him as my husband, no i can’t do that…
Saying so, she gets up and leaves from there.

She comes running down where AP and DP were waiting for her. She looked disturbed.
Dp : ginni beta are you okay? What happened?
Ragini hugs dp and cries. They both get worried. Dp makes her sit beside him. Ap gets water for her.
Dp : ginni.. bache what’s the matter? I told you not to go up there.
Ragini : papa…. i don’t know. Sanskaar…
Dp : what about him ? did he hurt you ginni?
Ragini : no papa. He has gone to Singapore and will return on Sunday.
Ap : on Ansh’s birthday?
Ragini ( nods ) : i’m scared papa.. what if??
Dp stops her from speaking further.
Dp : ginni, beta. Nothing will happen to him.
Ragini : even ansh is scared papa… what if?
Dp : ginni. Have faith in God. He won’t do injustice with you and ansh again.
He wipes her tears and makes her drink water.
Dp : ginni, do you trust him? ( she nods ) then believe me, he’ll return. He’ll never let you drown in darkness again. His love has brought new light in your life ginni and i’m sure he’ll not let that light fade away.
Hearing him, she got a little strength and belief that everything will be fine. But there was a lot more to her confusion. A lot was going on in her mind which she didn’t want to share. After sometime she left MM to pick Ansh from school.


Finally Sunday came. Ragini was restless the whole time. And what was building up her temper was Laksh’s soul following her everywhere.
Ragini : lucky,, i don’t want to hear any of your stupid theories.
Laksh ; ginni,, if you keep on wearing this blindfold of friendship on your eyes, you’ll never see the love between you.
She was in her room, cleaning up the mess she has created in three days.
Ragini : lucky, there’s no blindfold. I don’t love him.
Laksh : touch your heart and say that you don’t feel anything when he’s around you. Tell me whom did you saw that morning? Who’s was in your painting which your painted after two years? Why didn’t you slept properly since he went? This cant be just about Ansh. Ask your heart ginni.
Ragini : i can’t betray you by loving him, lucky.
Laksh : ginni, you are not betraying anyone but your love for sanskaar. We have lived our story ginni. Now it’s time to move on. Give yourself another chance. Let your heart feel the love which it deserves ginni. If it’s written in the destiny then we’ll be together in next birth. But in this birth, sanskaar has won you. He loves you ginni. He loves our son. And chashmish, you have fallen for him. And this distance has made you realize how much he matters to you, how much you love him.. now you just have to accept it.
Ginni, living your life once again, experiencing the butterflies in your stomach hearing his name or feeling his touch again doesn’t mean you are betraying me. I want to see you happy ginni. And we both know only sanskaar can do this.
Ginni, listen to me… you have all right to be happy again, to love again, to smile again…… papa has fought for you from the whole world, not to see you fighting with yourself but find happiness and love again.
It’s not wrong to move on. He’s your best friend. He has loved you more than i have. Give him a chance he deserves. I know you too love him but the guilt in your heart is stopping you. But now don’t let anything stop you. Once he comes back tell him how much you love him without any fear or guilt. You love him ginni. Be happy with him. The time has come.

‘the time has come’
‘You love him ginni. Be happy with him.’
‘the time has come’

‘You love him ginni. Be happy with him.’

‘the time has come’
‘You love him ginni. Be happy with him.’
‘the time has come’
‘You love him ginni. Be happy with him.’
‘the time has come’

These sentences echoes in her ears as she finds herself alone on the terrace. She closes her ears and shouts. Tears flow from her eyes. She sits down and cries. Sujata comes there with ansh. Ansh immediately hugs her.
Ansh : mumma… mumma…
Sujata ; ginni.. beta what happened??
After hearing different voices, ragini opens her eyes and hugs ansh tightly.
Sujata ; ginni are you okay?
She nods. She smiles and wipes her tears away.
Ragini : yes ma… i;m okay…. sanskyy will be coming soon… we have to prepare so many things…
She runs down. Sujata saw a different spark in Ragini’s eyes and a glow on her face. She prayed to God. The episode ends with Ragini’s happy teary face!

Stay safe and be happy!!!!

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