Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit, AdYa SS Part2

Summer Palace Part 2

They all reached the Palace.

Yug:Shaurya…your palace is so huge.

Shaurya smiled.
Mehek:Shaurya..please take my pictures here.
Shaurya clicked her pictures in the phone.
Mehek:More pictures Shaurya.
Shaurya clicked more pictures making puppy face:Photo obsessed girl.

She laughed.
Mehek:Now tell me Shaurya.Am I a photogenic?Do I look pretty in photographs?
Shaurya:Yes.You look very pretty in photographs.
She smiled.
Shaurya looked at her deeply:But you look more beautiful when I see you directly.
She blushed.

All were getting inside the palace.
But Drishti just tripped.She got scared. But Rakshit held her preventing her from falling down.

They lost in each other’s eyes.

Rakshit:Relax Drishti.You are fine.

She smiled.

All were admiring the beauty of the palace.
A photograph on the wall struck their eyes.

A Queen sitting on the throne.
Aditya:This lady is so hot.
Aliya frowned:Aditya…
Aditya chuckled.
Shaurya:Leave her Aditya.She is my great grand mother.
Rohit:It means that If she was alive today she would have been a very old lady without teeth.
Sonakshi:So Aditya won’t even look at her.Right?

Everyone laughed.Aditya too laughed.
Aliya stared at Aditya angrily:I don’t like you eyeing other girls.
Aditya:Oh come on Aliya.It was just a joke.What is the need of over acting?
Aliya became upset.

They saw a closed room.
Karan:Why this room is closed?
Shaurya:My uncle used to stay here.Dr.Shashank.This was my Uncle’s Art room.His paintings are there.He used to make paintings of his patients also.Once his patient and the spouse got murdered.It was a shock to my uncle.Their spirits visited him in his painting room.So aunty took him abroad.We have been warned not to open that door as it’s dangerous.
Aditya,Rakshit,Yug,Rohit,Asad,Mehek started laughing.
Asad:How can you believe in ghosts in this century also?Let us open this door and see.
Karan:What if it’s true?I think it’s better not to open the door.
Asad:You are so superstitious Karan.
Asad touched the door lock.He got a burning sensation and backed out.
Zoya:What happened Asad?
Asad:When I touched the door I got an electric shock.
Shaurya:See..I warned you.
Mehek:But I can’t believe that there are ghosts.Do you believe in it Shaurya?
Shaurya:I don’t know.But I just want all of us to be careful.
Drishti:I don’t know whether it has something to do with ghosts or not.But something is mysterious about this room.
Rakshit:Whether there are ghosts or not let us obey Shaurya by staying away from this room for our own safety.
Zoya held Asad’s hand and looked at it.

She was shocked to see burnt mark on his palm.
Zoya:Burnt marks are there.It means this door really gave burning sensation to Asad.
All were shocked and scared.

Zoya applied ointment on Asad’s wounded hand.
Zoya:How do you feel now Asad?
Asad:Your hand is so magical that when you touched my palm itself the pain disappeared.
They looked at each other deeply.

Rohit-Sonakshi were sitting together.
Rohit:Finally we are going to enjoy our vacation.This palace is so grand.
Sona:That’s true.I also loved this palace.
Rohit:I think we will ask Shaurya to permit us to spend our honeymoon in this Palace.
Sonakshi blushed.
Sona:Rohit…we are just in college.We are not even married.But you are thinking of our honeymoon.
Rohit:I am planning our future Sona.

Sona:I hope everything happens according to our plan.
Rohit:Everything will happen according to our plan.After completing college,we will work together in the same company.Then we will get married.
She smiled.
Karan came.
Sona:By the Rohit,do you really think that spirits exist here?
Rohit:To be frank I don’t believe in ghosts.But seeing what Asad faced today I think it’s better to take precautions.
Karan:If ghosts are there,whatever we do they will defeat us.

Rohit-Sonakshi became dull. don’t worry.Your Rohit is with you.I will punch the ghosts and protect my Sona.
Sonakshi smiled:You are my super man boy friend Rohit.
She pulled his cheeks cutely.
Rohit:Of course.But I am only your super man.
They both giggled.Karan became dull.Drishti who passed by noticed Karan’s changing expressions.
Karan left the room painfully.

Yug-Alekha were in the kitchen.They threw the vessels and laughed.
Alekha:Come on Yug.The ghosts in that mysterious room will get disturbed if the vessels make sounds.
Yug:Oh really?
They laughed.

They wore head phones listening to music and made noodles.
Two red glowing eyes were watching them.

Drishti was sleeping on the bed.Rakshit touched her face.She opened her eyes.
He leaned towards her sitting on top of her.They closed the distance between them passionately.

Suddenly somebody came and stabbed both of them.All others came hearing them scream.
That person stabbed all of them one by one.
Suddenly Drishti woke up from the sleep panting.
She was scared and runs out of the room.She saw Rakshit at the balcony and went near him.
Rakshit looked at her.
Drishti:All are sleeping.Why you alone are not sleeping?
Rakshit:I did’nt feel sleepy.As you know I am a late night sleeper.So I decided to stand here for fresh air.Why are you awake?Usually you sleep early.
Drishti:Actually Rakshit I saw a scary dream.That’s how I woke up.
Rakshit:Scary dream?What did you see?

Drishti’s lips shivered:Actually we are going to make out.
Rakshit smiled naughtily: Chee…you are having such naughty thoughts Drishti.But it will only be a dream.I am not that type to do that during college days.So don’t be scared.
Drishti:Rakshit…l know that you are decent.But listen to the whole dream.
Drishti narrated the whole dream.’s only a dream.Don’t be scared.
He consoled her caressing her.
Drishti said in her mind:While making out somebody trying to kill us.What does this mean?Does this dream have any significance?Why I feel that this dream hints at something and it’s not normal like my other dreams?

  1. Supriya_r

    Ronakshi scenes were nice. Pity that karan getting sad seeing them together. Will Preeta(KDB) come to his aid? Is this series an adaption of any movie? I think i have seen the same plot somewhere like while making out, the ghosts haunt them. I’m not sure. And sorry as this might me your own story too. But i felt a bit confused so i just asked. Dont take me wrong. This ff is a fab.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a,it’s not the adaption of any movie.i always write in the introduction if my ff is inspired by any movie.which movie is that?

    2. Supriya_r

      There is a movie in tamil as Darling. In that movie, when hero and heroine makes it, ghost will come

    3. Shesha485

      Drishti’s dream is so scary. Red eyes, make out, stabbing, omg. Asad’s hands getting burnt is shocking. Zoya’s sweet gesture and mini romance is nice. Aditya flirting with Shaurya’s grandma and Rohit describing her and Aaliya’s jealousy is funny. Yug-Alekha’s vessel fight is funny. The last sentence is interesting. Is Tejaswi playing a ghost?

    4. Jasminerahul

      Thank u very much.Tejasswi is playing Shaurya’s great grand mother.

    5. Jasminerahul

      Who acted in Darling?

    6. Shesha485

      Are you meaning that Tamil movie? If so, Nikki Galrani and GVP are Darling cast

    7. Supriya_r

      Gv. Praksah

  2. Adhu

    Nice episode. There is a vibe of something supernatural in this episode. All couples were nice. Rohit and Sona was nice. Asad getting burning sensation over touching door was really shocking. Adi looking at Shaurya’s grand mother’s photo and Aliya getting jealous was nice. Shaurya and Mehak’s photo session was good.Zoya and Asad’s romance over applying oinment was nice. Yuh and Alekha was funny. Drishti’s Dream was really nice end to the episode. It generates curiosity.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much

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