Paaya Hai Maine Fir Tujhe! (RagSan) 3

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Well……………. soorrryyyyyy again………. its seems next Friday has not come till now…. I have not stood b my promise.. and I’m nothing but extremely sorry!! I KNOW SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR LONG BUT I COULDNT POST!!!!!!!! SO IM REALLY SORRYY!!!!


Sankaar is still driving and ragini is getting uneasy sitting next to sanskaar as ansh has played some romantic songs for his mom and dad.

Ragini : sa..sansky.. where are we going?? And how much more time?

Sanskaar : just 15 more minutes…

Ansh : mumma relax… we’ll reach.. you enjoy the ride ..

Ragini : ansh.. first of all stop these stupid songs… they are distracting..

Ansh: distracting whom mom?

Sanskaar smiles. Ragini looks outside, embarrassed.


Ragini’s eyes sparkle with joy as the car comes inside Maheshwari Mansion. As soon as the car stops ragini runs inside the House followed by ansh. Sanskaar parks the car and comes inside welcomed by ap, dp, shekhar and shomi. He takes everyone’s blessing.

Shekhar : god bless you sanskaar… and thank you bringing ginni here today..

Sanskaar : what are you saying papa? Please don’t embarrass me.. you can call ginni whenever you want…

Ap blesses him. Everyone sit in the living room chatting and eating. Sanskaar lovingly looks at Ragini who seem to be so happy after meeting her family.

Shomi : sanskaar beta please come with me for a moment…

Ragini : what happened mumma?

Shekhar : relax beta she’ll not eat your husband…

Everyone laughs while ragini turns red due to embarrassment and goes from there. Sanskaar too leaves with shomi.


Sanskaar : is everything alright ma?

Shomi : that’s what I want to ask you beta? Is everything alright at your house?

Sanskaar knew what she was talking about. He sighs and turns towards the window.

Sanskaar : yes ma everything is fine..

Shomi: look sanskaar… I know it’s not easy to accept another woman as you daughter in law and as your wife.. accepting someone else’s son as your grandson and son… I know its very difficult….

Sanskaar: ma why are you saying this? I love ginni so much and thats why I have married her.. and before anything she’s my best friend and I can never see her hurt…. and ansh.. he’s my champ…he’s ginni’s ansh and I have no reason to not give him all the love that he deserves… so you don’t have to worry about anything….

Shomi : beta.. I know this that’s why I feel that ragini and ansh are safe with you but beta… sujata bhabhi and ram bhaisaab… every parent have dreams about their children’s marriage and you are their only son and…..

Sanskaar : I know ma what you are thinking is correct but trust me.. they have taken care of ginni from childhood like their own daughter and one day they’ll understand my love for ginni and ansh.. and they’ll accept them like family.

Shomi : I hope so beta..

Sanskaar : tension not ma… everything will be okay! Trust me…

Shomi blesses him and they both move out of the room. All this conversation is heard by ragini. She has tears in her eyes. She covers her mouth with hands so as not to make any sound.


Sanskaar is doing so much just for me and ansh and I …. he has gone against his family against the society just me and my son…. sansky… how will I ever pay you back for everything you are doing…


She cries profusely.


Ansh : bye dadu… bye dadi… bye nanu nani…

All : bye beta…

Its evening and now ragsansh are leaving for their home. Everyone hugs them and bids them bye. They leave. All the way, ragini was silent looking out of the window while ansh was asleep in the back seat.

Sanskaar : ginni are you okay?

Ragini : uh.. yeah I’m fine..

Sanskaar : but ginni you don’t seem to be fine… if anything is bothering you, you know you can tell me right?

Ragini nods and again starts looking outside. Sanskar doest try to initiate conversation again.



Sanskaar comes to the room after dinner and finds ragini sitting between the bed in a new saree. Sanskaar looks on confused and looks around for ansh.

Sanskaar : where is ansh?

Ragini : he’ll sleep with papa ji today..

Sanskaar : why? And Why are you so dressed up at night?

Ragini gets up and closes the door and comes near him. She puts her hand on his chest and feels his increasing heartbeats. Sanskaar also keeps his hand on her hand and looks deep into her eyes. He can just see guilt struck eyes.

Worried sanskaar takes her towards the bed and makes her sit.

S : whats the matter ginni?

R: sasnkyy… I will never be able to pay you back for whatever you are doing for me and asnh… the least I can do is to give you whatever you want and ….

S: and what ginni??

R: and… (tremebles) and give you the rights of … of husband…….

Sanksaar gets up and breaks the flower vase in anger. Ragini gets scared and climbs on the bed as the glass pieces comes towards her. Tears form in her eyes.

S: I didn’t knew i’ll get to hear this someday… I didn’t knew that my best friend thinks like this about me…

R: sanksyy I was just..

S: just what ginni?? Did I told you anything? Did I asked for anything?? No na?? Then from where did these stupid thoughts came in your mind??

R: sanskyy you are doing so much so I thought…

S: common ginni.. i’m not doing any favour on you or ansh… I love you guys’ … you both are my family and a huge parts of my life… i’m doing this because I want to.. because I love you damn it…. ginni… of course I want you to accept me as your husband but not like this… indeed I want your love not bcoz you have to pay back for whatever i’m doing but because you love me…. are you getting me?? You don’t have to do all this… I know you can’t just accept all this… take your time ginni and no need to do anything until your heart asks you to do ……

R: I.. i’m sorry sanskyyy…

S: it’s alright ginni.. and now stop crying.. come…

And he takes her into bear hug and kisses on her head. He breaks the hug, cups her face and wipes her tears.

S: my ginni doesn’t look good while crying.. look your nose has become a potato… lol..

He chuckles and she hits him hard on his stomach. They both laugh.

Episodes ends with happy ragsan! <3


SO your late lateef writer is back…………. sorry for the delay………. enjoy reading… do share your reviews………………. and also vote and comment if you liked it!!!!!!!!!!

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