Paanch 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Despite the injury Rosh is determined to beat Gauri in the next round as she can’t let her get to Nationals ,she asks Nikhil to bring her some painkillers so that she could get into the race the next day,ignoring all the protests from Shivani n Nikhil!!
The gang is glad over their success,but Gauri still feels Gauti is double crossing her, Gauti somehow convinces her .
She is walking around when Gauti comes in and at that same time Nikhil comes with meds, Gauti comes to know Rosh is gonna race no matter what and looks impressed.
Next day,The race is announced and the commentator says Rosh’s participation isnt confirmed yet, but Rosh makes an entry in the last minute surprising everyone, The coach says he cant let her with her injury Rosh says she’s taken her meds and fit for the game.
Nihaal comes to wish Gauri luck and taunt Rosh, Rosh says,she’d see him after the race!! Nihaal laughs it off on her face!!
The race begins and Rosh quickly gains position but falls down half way bleeding Gauri is abt to win,when Rosh remembers her di and her sister encourages her to go and make her n dad proud, Gauri and Rosh finish almost together and Rosh inally falls down!!
Gauri n gang are confident she won,but when the results are announced they are shocked to know Rosh’s the winner!!!!
Rosh in her pain,makes it a point to let Gauri know she’s lost!!!
Gauti carries Rosh to her room,despite her protests!!! Nikhil is worried abt her and calls her up, Rosh tells Gauti Nihaal’s next, and they are planning to take him down today!! she tells Nikhil to execute the plan today in front of Gauti!!
Gauti comes to the gang and tells them its Nihaal!! the next target!!AND hides before Rosh comes in, she comes with a gun and says she’s gonna kill them all 4…with no witness to see!! Zaara is scared to death and Rosh finally shoots, its a dart gun,which pins a part with the message that they are invited to Rosh’s party!! Rosh mocks Gauri if she’s scared to come to the party even!!!
Gauri retorts asking Roy to shut the door of the terrace and tells her she did a huge mistake coming alone here!!

precap : Gauri’s tied upside down!! and Rosh tells her she enterd right into the trap!! whats funny is the gang wont be even able to find her here as Nikhil ties gags her mouth with a cloth!! Rosh tells her it was never Nihaal she was her TARGET!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

  1. Good going roshni !!!!!!!!!

  2. bure kaam ka bura naatijaaa……..gauri deserves this…

  3. yahooooooooo!!!!

  4. plz koi paanch k aaj k epi ka updat post kar do …..
    pplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plZ plz plz plz plZ Serendipity ji ..plz pura updat karonaa…mere frnd ne bola ki rosh’s plan bckfird….plz batao na kya huaa

    1. aiyoooo…wat do nowa???????? tella u fella???????

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