Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banasur tells Krishna, he is undefeated because Mahadev is with him. Krishna tells him not to bu under false impression. Krishna politely asks Mahadev to reconsider the idea of fighting. Mahadev says he has promised Banasur for his protection. Krishna tells Mahadev he is great, asks permission to start the war. Mahadev conveys yes.
Brhmaji tells Naradji & Saraswatiji, both will respect each other’s limits. Mahadev will not attack first.
War starts, Krishna’s arrows with Mahadev’s power to stop them creates tremendous energy in the World, resuting in Vulcanos, Earthquake.
Naradji worries if this continues there will be tremendous distruction. Brhmaji says both are aware of that.
Krishna’s arrow in the Sky creats a huge cloud, which comes on Earth, takes both Krishna & Mahadev up.
At the battle field all think, they are fighting. Banasur is wondering why this war is still not over? Nanadi tells him when 2 super power fights, beginning & end of such war is not known.
Anirudhh is worried about Krishna, but Balram assures him, nothing wrong can happen to Krishna.
Above all of them, Krishna & Mahadev are having a friendly chat. Krishna says he wanted to meet Mahadev as his devotee. Mahadev says he was waiting for this moment since a long time. Krishna tells him about Banasur using his boon in wrong manner, you gave him a daughter too. Since you are protecting him, he is undefeated. Mahadev says he gave him many opportunities to use his power in right direction, so he can get fame like his father & grandfather. He si only protecting Banasur, doesn’t care about him winning or loosing. Krishna asks him, how can he be pleased by his devotee?
Mahadev answers by praise, prayer etc an aaradhya can be pleased. Krishna says he’ll praise him. He chants, “Om Namah Shivay”, with folded hands. Mahadev asks him to use Jrimbhanastra to end this war. Krishna is shocked. Both come down in the battlefield.
Parvati, all the Devas with Brihaspati are watching this.
Our comentrater Brhmaji says now Jrimbhanastra will be used. Wil it be right to do so? Asks Naradji. It is done as per Mahadev’s suggestion, says Brhmaji.
Krishna’s arrow puts Mahadev in an energy field, his eyes are closed. There is an Earthquake. He disappears. Kartikeya & Ganesh are worried about him.

Precap: Banansur challenges Krishna to fight with him.
Krishna takes huge form gets his Sudarshan Chakra. Brhmaji tells him he can’t kill Banasur. Angry rishna says, he’s dishonoured his aaradhya, hasn’t cared for his daughter’s happiness, has misused his powers, his powers should be destroyed. Banasur’s multiple hands appears.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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