Paanch 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Gauri asking the doctor if Yudi will be fine,the doc informs her that the electric shocks were of high intensity and hence it may take 2-3 months for Yudi is get treated but there’s no guarantee that he’d be completely fine so she recommends Yudi’s dad to shift him to a bigger hospital . Gauri gets mad hearing this and Yudi ‘s dad intervenes, holding the gang responsible,he says he’d warned them not to do anything against Roshni until elections,but they didn’t listen and included his son in the plan now he’s paying the consequences ,he specifically asks Gauri to stay away from his son!! But then Gauri sees Yudi being transported and tries following him,when MP Kharbanda stops him, she gets mad and yells at him, MP Kharbanda shuts her up and leaves, she tries going after Yudi again but the gang dont let her ,she yells at them and calls them losers and leaves.Roshni sees this all from a distance and also follows MP Kharbanda and sees Yudi being transported via ambulance from a safe distance.

Gauti is in his room thinking abt what Roshni said,he’s angered and takes off his shirt,finally he takes out the box and inside it is a magic show poster and various knives ,he draws Roshni’s face on a piece of paper and pastes it on his door, talks to the portrait and says you’d be hard to forget,u’re tough and bold but he’d make sure to make her cry and makes bloody tears down her eyes.he starts throwing his knives such that they enveloped her drawn face.

Nihaal- Zaara somehow take Gauri upto her room, she’s completely drunk and Zaara offers to stay with her for the night ,she threatens her,cornering her against the wall and says really? will u be able to stay with me,NO..coz u’re afraid of me,Nihaal tries to back her off but in vain, she goes right past him in her room,saying Roshni will never win over her!!

She goes inside ,switched on the light only to see 5 crossed on her wall written in RED ink, she goes on to storm right out of the room only to find 4 written on the opposite wall,she remembers Roshni’s words and comes out of her room only to find Roshni standing outside a bit far from her room,she leashes onto her but Nihaal-Zaara back her off while Roshni simply warns her that no matter what she does ,Roshni is ready coz apparently she has nothing to lose while Gauri has everything to lose!!!

Gauti is still in his angry mood when Gauri comes in and asks him to join the 5,he mocks that now that 1 is down ,she wants him to fill the shoes, Gauri starts blackmailing him again but Gauti says he’s had enough and says she doesn’t have to keep calling him brother and fake her affection towards him!! she says fine STEP BROTHER, our relation is over and she isnt here to ask for a choice,she says he has to be a part of it reminding him of their Neha Kataria li’l secret , helpless, Gauti asks whats the plan,the gang come in and Gauri narrates the plan, that tomorrow’s magic show Gauti will allure Roshni to come there saying he has something important to tell her abt the paanch ,when she does come in ,he’d do his famous knife juggle act and like last year, call a girl to volunteer, needless to say, it would be Roshni this year, he’d do his act like always but the last knife will ” accidently”pierce through her heart, he says that wud be murder ,and he wont do that, Nihaal says it wud only be an accident, Roy says Gauti will only go to jail for a day or 2 and will be bailed out stating it was an accident!! he says he wont jeopardize his career for them,Gauri says his career is already in danger what if she goes to Roshni and tells things she’s not supposed to say!!!

precap :
Gauti performing his knife juggle act and traps Roshni with his knives,he gives an evil look at the last one,looks right into Gauri’s eyes,she nods,while Rosh looks on!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

  1. ii jst cnt beliv it…..rosh cnt fall in dis Kamina’s trap again…

  2. gauti is so kameena

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