Over-Controlled Wife!! (Part -2, last part, TS)

She was caught before falling by her sister Gauri.

G: Didi, didi,(pats her cheek) get up, didi, get up, pls(Anika opens her eyes slowly)

A: Gauri, you! How are you, here? (She gets up)

G: I will tell that later. Didi, we will go to hospital.

A: No need, I am fine.

G: I know you didn’t eat your tablets. Your health is weak already. You can’t risk it

A: It’s ok, Gauri. I deserve it. I don’t mind dying now. I just really want to die. I can’t hold my regret anymore.

G: Didi, come with me. Stop talking about dying. Everyone makes mistake. (She makes her sit on the passenger car, and she herself sit on the driving seat)

A: How are you here?

G: I went to your flat and found out that you weren’t there. So, I thought you will be here.

A: Gauri, I want to tell something to you. I don’t want to live anymore. I broke the person I love. I destroyed his life completely. I am regretting my each and every action, I have done those days. You are a sensible one, even though you’re younger than me. Don’t be like me. Do take care of your life. I don’t know what will be my state from now.

G: Didi, don’t talk like this. I need my old didi, back. the khidkitod one. The one our Shivaay Bhaiyya loved. The one whom Om and Rudy loved to call as his Bhabhi. You should be strong, didi.

A: How can I be strong when my life support is gone? ( Her eyes started drooping) I don’t want to come to his life. I am always a bad patch in his life. I love him, but I don’t think he will love me anymore. Anyway, how will…..he?( Her guilt was striking her again like the thunder, she fainted there)

G: Didi!

It was by luck that she reached the hsopital, at the right time. Anika was admitted at the hospital. She was given sedatives by the doctor. The doctor then talks to Gauri in his room.

D: See, you’re the patient’s sister, rt?

G: Yes

D: I have treated her till now as you know. She should not fall weak and skip her medicines. Skipping even one dose is dangerous for her heart. She should not have pressure, make sure she is happy.

G: But doctor, (she narrates the whole incidents which caused Anika to breakdown)

D: Oh, so that is the problem. Try to make her feel less guilty. If he was there, then it would have been better. But I know how he won’t be there for her. How can he believe her after all this?

Suddenly they hear a voice.

Someone: I will believe her. I am ready to do anything for her. I never knew she is having such a problem.

G: Jiju! How did you come here?

Doctor immediately understand him as Shivaay, Anika’s husband.

S: Doctor, what should I do for my Ani?

But how did Shivaay reach here?????


Shivaay came to the hospital to meet his friend, who was also a psychologist. He was working there and knew their problems. After his meeting with his friend, he was going back home. Suddenly his cuffling falls off and it fell near the room where doctor and Gauri were talking. He takes the cuffling and hears all what was said by them.


Shivaay goes to her room. She was sleeping so calmly. He want the old Ani back. He is desperately waiting for her. He sent Gauri to Oberoi Mansion. Anyway, Om and Gauri are in relationship. They prefer to understand each other and then marry. Shivaay felt bad when he talked to her like that, but he knew she deserved it. He felt sorry for her. He is now happy that she is back to her normal behaviour.


Anika opens her eyes adjusting to the strong light. She wakes up slowly and was about to wake up to see him lying on her chest. She couldn’t believe her eyes, her Shiv is there for her. Did she do anything so good, that she got such a man for her? Suddenly, he gets up.

S: Ani, are you fine now? Why didn’t you tell about your weak heart? Am I nothing to you?

A: Shiv, I am fine. I didn’t tell because I didn’t want you to adjust with me because of my actions. You’re my….

S: Tell!

A: I know I have done a mistake to you. Pls get out from here, I don’t deserve you.

S: Ani, don’t talk like that. Why can’t we give this relationship a second chance? I need you. You need me. We are craving for each other.

A: But..

S: No, buts. I love you and you love me. This is what which matters to me right now.

Shivaay hugs her. Anika too reciprocates. She felt his warmth after months. He felt her warmth after months. Even though they were hugging each other as if they were separated for years.


Anika was holding a bottle of tablets on her hand. She took few of the tablets in her hand and was about to gobble them, someone pushed it from her hand. She looks and finds out it was Shivaay.

S: Are you mad? Ani, don’t even try to do it.

A: You don’t deserve me, Shivaay. I am just a trash bin. I deserve to be a dead body.

S: Ani, stop talking like that. Just wait there. I will come rt now.

He goes and takes out her medicines.

S: Have these, you should have your medicines at the right time.

Anika takes the medicines.

S: Don’t even try to do that stunt again. This is the 10th time, you are trying to do it. I will always be there with you, whatsoever happens. (He hugs her tightly)

Yes, it’s been the 10th time, she was attempting it in guilty. She literally want to kill herself to hurt such a good man. Hadn’t he or Gauri or Om have noticed it, she would have left him alone by now.


Shivika are now living with each other happily and Rikara got married later.

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