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Sanskar’s pov:

Wooowwwww she is my friend now. But she is not moving freely. I know she is grown in India so it’s not easy for her to communicate freely with me, But still I expected her to talk. It’s ok. Not a bad start. But how should I talk to her now???

Suddenly some notification comes. He checks n sees his friends messages.

Sanskar: god in this party mood I forget about them. Now they will kill me….. He starts chatting with his friends.

After 1 week:

It’s 1 week. They both did not chat or meet each other. But on other side lucky and sanky started chatting and became close friends. Through Lucky swara also came to know about sanskar little bit.

Swara’s pov:

Today we are going to Dad’s friend house. As usual my mom used same dialogue, from 4 months you simply sitting in home, Not doing any work, becoming lazy, bla bla bla……. So even I went with them.

Soon they reached sanskar’s home and all are busy in talking and youngsters are playing some indoor games.

Lucky: adarsh bhai, where is sanskar bhai.

Adarsh: he is sleeping. He did not get adjusted to India timings.

Lucky: oh that’s why I always find sanky bhai active during night time.

Pari: boys don’t divert the topic. I know you both are going to loose game so u started diverting na.

Swara: huh you both started again… Call me after your fight finishes.

Adarsh: this is too much. We both are talking causally. We won’t loose the game. We will fight till end.

Uttu: hahahaha… Loosers always talk like this only. First win the game then you can talk.

Sanskar coming into room: girls why do you always talk loudly, u people Disturbed my sleep.

Adarsh: bhai its good you woke up. This girls are doing cheating and trying to win the game.

Sanskar: what are you playing?

Laksh:The game consists of two teams, and an object such as a bottle or handkerchief, etc., which is designated as the “bone.” A player from each team comes forward and attempts to take the bone (placed at the centre of the playing area) back to his team. The player who fails to take the bone has to go out of the game.
Did you understand the game ?

Sanskar: yes.

Adarsh: Actually Bhai two games completed. In first game boys won, in second game girls won.  Bhai you must win this game at any cost ok.

Sanskar: I’m ready. Who is going to play with me?

Lucky: Shona di. Arey where is shona di? Di… Di…

Shona: coming lucky why are you shouting?

Lucky: we are ready di. Come let’s play the game. You and Jay are going to play this game.

Swara: what?

Sanskar: hahahaha…. Scared of loosing.

Swara: no. I’m ready.

Pari: 3…2..1 start…..

Both are looking into each other’s eyes.

Sanskar: Shona be ready to loose.

Swara: all the best Jay.

Sanskar: same to you shona ji.

Swara: Oooo… Respect… Thank you respecting me sanskar ji.

Sanskar: I prefer Jay.

Swara: ok Jay ji….. Wooooooo I won.

Sanskar: when??? How??

Swara: while talking to you ji. Saying this she laughs.

Pari: boys don’t forget about bet. Ice cream party.

Sanskar: ok. Give me 5 minutes. I’ll get ready and come.


Pari: Shona what are you planning?

Swara: I don’t know di. I’m waiting for my results. Leave about me. What about you Jay?

Sanskar: I’m doing my bachelor’s in business.

Swara: inka enti visheshalu. ( I don’t know what do they say exactly in English… It’s just like, What More)

Sanskar: nothing much. Hey fo you have Fb.

Swara: yaa.

Sanskar: what is your username?

Swara: you can’t find me. Tell me your username. I’ll send you request.

Sanskar’s pov:

He is smiling seeing her pic which they took in bakery.
What magic u have done on me shona. When you said my name for first time while playing, I missed my heart beats. I really love you a lot.

Swara pov:

Aaaaaaa….. Stupid fellow, idiot fellow… Stop seeing me like that. I’m unable to sleep.(crying face) why did I see in your eyes while playing. They have some magic in them. I’m Not getting sleep because of you… Mostly your eyes. But I like them. Aaaaaaa ??? mummy go from my thoughts. Idiot fellow… Why are you disturbing me this much(pouting). Hate you for no reason. To be frank I like….noooo Shona what are you thinking… Stop all those stupid thoughts and read any story…. Ha this is good idea.

Thinking this she starts reading story, but unknowingly she started to imagine sanskar.

Daily they both were chatting and sometimes he came to meet lucky. Like this they both became close in one month.

Swara pov:

It’s one month I met him. He became very special. I never got attached to anyone in less time. When he is near me or when I think of him, i feel something different. What is this feeling called??? But I love this feeling.

Next day:

Sanskar came to play with lucky.

They both are playing video game. He sees man of mid 40’s is talking to swara shomi and shekar. Swara is signing on some papers.

Sanskar: lucky who is he? Why did he come here?

Lucky: di is going abroad for further studies. So he came for some paper work.

Sanskar: what? But she didn’t telle anything about this?

Lucky: actually sanskar she Don’t want anyone to know about this till last minute.

Sanskar: but why? She can study here also na.

Lucky: didi want to do medicine. But in India it’s not possible. So she took this step.

Sanskar: but…

(He is not getting any words to say.)

Lucky: can I ask you one thing.

Sanskar: hmm

Lucky: you love didi na.

Sanskar is already shocked. But listening to lucky he became more shocked. But thought to tell him Truth.

Sanskar: yes.

Lucky: I knew it. Something is running between you both. I can see love in your eyes, but my sister did not realise it.

Sanskar: you don’t have any problem?

Lucky: no. Infact I’m happy as my didi is going to get you. You are best for her.

Sanskar smiles but soon his smile fades away thinking she is going away from him.

Sanskar’s pov:
From 15 I’m asking her about her studies and all. But she is not answering me. Today evening she gave to answer me. He thinks something and messages lucky.



Swara pov:

I don’t know why but I’m feeling something is going to happen. From few days Jay is asking me my future plans but I didn’t tell him anything.
My brain bought me Riverside. I love to visit here in evening times. Omg…. What I’am seeing. Jay?? Let me ask lucky.

Swara: lucky why Jay is coming here.

Sanskar: I will answer you shona. But before that you need to answer me.

Swara: what answers?

Sanskar: are you going to abroad or not?

She gets shocked by his sudden question, she looks for lucky but he os not present.

Sanskar: Don’t look any where. Answer me shona. She nods.

Sanskar: then why you did not tell me shona? Don’t you trust me enough to tell about yourself.

Shona: it’s not like that. After my family I trust u more than anyone. But…. U Know me right. I don’t why but I felt…. Sanskar cutting her…. But what Shona. Do you know how I felt knowing it. I felt as if someone stopped my breath. I don’t want the same thing to happen. I always wana stay with. I want to irritate you. I want to make u smile. I want us to be connected by hearts forever…ever….. I love you Shona. I Know, you want arranged marriage. I could come and ask your parents. But I want you to say yes as you want me as your life partner but not as your parents asked you to marry me.  I will try to protect you how much your parents protect you. I will always support you, but if I feel you are wrong I will scold you also.

Swara: but… Actually… It’s a big decision. I need time. It’s definitely not a no. But I hate girl friend and boyfriend relationship.

Sanskar: I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend. But as my life partner shona.

Swara: hmmm ( he could see, she is not comfortable with this topic)

Sanskar: Shona you can do medicine in US na. So many Indian students are coming to study. And even we will be therere to take care of you.

Swara: no Jay. I can’t come there. My Visa process also started. And you know what I believe in distance relationships. Most importantly I believe you.

Sanskar: you can cancel that process na…(thinking something)…. Wait… Wait…1min what did you say. You believe in distance relationship and me??? She nods.

Swara: I don’t know Jay, what is this feeling called…. But I feel secured when you are with me I feel as with my father. When I started speaking to you, I don’t know how but I got connected as if I know you from ages. I even can’t describe how I’m feeling. When I think about you my lips start smiling. I always feel shy. But blushing…. It’s not my thing. But I start blushing after seeing your messages or when I feel your presence. I never got jealous but for 1dt time I got jealous when my best friend said you are cute. I Know she is having a boyfriend. Still I felt. I want want all these feelings till of my life. I don’t know what is this feeling called….. But I know I love this feeling. I want it forever. I want you im my life forever.

Hearing her confession he got tears in his eyes.

Sanskar:I’ll be with you forever. He took her palm in his hand and placed a kiss on it softly, a tear drop fell on her palm. She lifted her head and saw him. She saw him smiling brightly indicating it is a happy tear. She also smiled seeing him. They know this is the going to be the first and last meeting after confession as he is leaving in 15 days. And he is going to his grandmother’s place tonight.

Hi guys. How is it? I know there is no proper ending.
note:I wrote this two shot based on a true story. Right now both are living in two different corners of the world with same love on each other. Infact they love each other more.

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