Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) . Ch-72

Chapter -72


But to there surprises she took out one rose from the book a bent down in front of him and said:-


Ridhima:- listen let’s end it all here. I forgive you for us back also I took the first step for us again I am taking the first step for us.

So Mr. Arrogant Raisinghania. Will you accept me as your wife? I know I am asking you again. what can I do I thought you will propose and earn my forgiveness but little i did ,I never knew that you will turn into a kid and Roadside Romeo to earn my forgivenesss with the stupid pranks. here are you and all others too, so now asking you again “will you be forever with me?”


Vansh was awestruck!

He bent down to her level and said!

Vansh -:I wanted to keep up the proposal! But the attitude you returned me feared me! (Chuckled) btw Ms. Ridhima Malhotra…. You were always my first and my last love!

I am really sorry for behaving like a jerk with you! Often I say that nothing is missed by my eyes but I don’t know how missed….how I missed the truth. how I couldn’t know the reason behind your actions and I am really sorry .actually words cannot heal the past but I am really sorry.

yes ,I accept you as my wife!


Aryan:-(loudly) wohoooo!


Kaanya:- confessed! ! ! !!!!


Both look at the family and smile ,joining their foreheads!


Aryan:- so finally, finally and finally there will be 3 marriages in this house …wow….i am so excited!!!


Riansh:: hmmm!


Sejal:- by the way, ridhima.I don’t you think you proposes him,in such a romantic manner .last time you gave a him nearly an Attack, then you proposed him!


Ridhima:- if I wouldn’t have done it now. whole life he wouldn’t have done and I would have been waiting for him .it’s better I did and I know it was better than that proposal. such a romantic one in front of the family, right! ?


Everyone:- yes, full on Romance!


Dadi (palming her ears) :- bachcho… I am here only!


Vansh:- c’mon , dadi! You are our cool dadi and not the typical dadi!


Dadi:- ye bhi sch h!


(Every one laughs…..and share a family moment)


Aryan and angre suddenly…………



That’s all!


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