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As Prachi keeps on unwrapping the gift she finds many colourful boxes.

“ Ranbhir, what sort of a gift is this?” shouts Prachi.

“ Oh, my chikchiki got angry, ha? U should do some hard work if u want such a precious gift.” Says Ranbhir.

“ Ranbhir, if I don’t like the gift, then u shall see what I will do to u.” saying this Prachi opens the last box and finds a pen drive.

“ seriously  Ranbhir? U gave me a pen drive?” asks Prachi.

“ Look what is in it.” says Ranbhir.

Prachi sees the video of moments of her’s and Ranbhir’s since the day met.

“ When we first met, we didn’t like each other. we used to fight. We didn’t even like each other’s presence. But slowly we tried to understand each other and became each other’s support. And in this process, I befriended u without wanting  to befriend u, I liked u without wanting to like u and unknowingly, unexpectedly but fortunately I fell in love with u. u are the best thing happened to me in my life Prachi Arora.  ” says Ranbhir to which Prachi gets emotional.

“ when u met me I was a play boy, a flirt whom everyone used to like but u made me a complete man to whom not only love but respect is also given now. U said that I did a lot for u and u are not worthy of me. let me tell u now, we both did so many things for each other that we are very much perfect for each other.” concludes Ranbhir to which everyone applauds.

All the women inside looks at Prachi for her answer. All the men outside also wait eagerly for the same. All the women sign to Prachi to let Ranbhir inside unaware of Prachi’s decision.

“ here so many women want Ranbhir inside, but the decision is mine. And my answer is……….. I am impressed Baklu.” Says Prachi.

As soon as Ranbhir hears this, he runs inside. Prachi runs towards him and hugs him tightly. Everyone applauds.

“ ok, congratulations Ranbhir. So, the desperate dulha was successful in impressing our dulhan… unlike Abhi.” Says dadi looking at Abhi to which everyone laughs.

“ ok, who is gonna try next?” asks dadi.

Everyone pushes Aryan forward.

“ me?” asks Aryan.

“ why? Can’t u do this for Shahana? Or do u want to impress someone else?…”  dida was about to say something to Shahana about Aryan but the latter stops.

“dadi, we are recently married couple. Please don’t try to ignite fights between us.” Says Aryan.

“ ok.ok” Says dadi.

“so, what are u gonna do for my sister?” shouts Prachi to which Arhana blushes.

“ I can’t do anything for her.”replies Aryan shocking everyone.

“ what?” asks Dadi.

“ yeah, because in front of whatever she has done for me, whatever I do is small.  But there is one thing I would love to say to her. She supported me, loved me and accepted me the way I am. Though I had hurt her many times due to misunderstandings or lack of my maturity, she forgived me whole-heartedly. She gave me hope, when I lost all hope. And never left me alone.  She is the best thing happened to me in my life and she is the one whom I trust the most. I thank you whole-heartedly for ur selfess love, support and trust. And I promise u the same till my last breath. I love u Shahana Aryan Khanna.” Concludes Aryan to which emotionally applauds.

“Hmm, u went on sentiments. So, Shahana ?” asks Dida.

Shahana nods in approval to let Aryan in. As soon as Aryan comes inside they share an emotional hug and Aryan kisses her. Mishti and Shashank’s turn gets over. Abhi also impresses Pragya. Vikram and Mr. Srinivasan turns also gets over. Now Ishaan,Sunny and Purab are remaining.

“so, Sunny u haven’t married yet. So whom are u gonna impress?” asks Dadi.

“ I choose Kiara, dadi. But the thing is I am not gonna impress her. But she will have to let me in.” tells Sunny.

“ what?” asks Kiara.

“ yeah,if u allow me inside then I consider that u are still my friend and I will forgive u for hiding the truth from me.” says Sunny.

“ this isn’t fair bhai.” Says Shahana.

“ hey, u r my sister. U should be supporting me. well, u are Kiara’s sister too but still u knew me first.” Says Sunny.

Before Shahana could speak Kiara speaks.

“ Well, I thought u had forgiven me.” says Kiara.

“ sort of. But still I a little upset. If u do this for me, then I will completely let it go.” Answers Sunny smartly.

All women insist her not to. But Kara gives in and allows him in.

And now it was Ishaan’s turn.

“ so, Ishaan, u are also not married yet? So, which women are u gonna choose to impress?” asks Dadi.

Hearing this Rhea gets nervous. Meenakshi, Mishti and Pragya observe Rhea  and Mr. Srinivasan, Abhi and Shashank observe Ishaan who was also a bit nervous. Ishaan looks at his father  and brother. He decides to listen to his heart.

“ well dadi, I choose Rhea.” Says Ishaan saddening Mr and mrs. Srinivasan. Abhigya doesn’t understand what to do to convince Srinivasans. Shashank applauds. On seeing him, remaining everyone applauds.

“ so, what are u gonna do to impress Rhea?” asks Dida.

“ well, I am gonna narrate a story to Rhea.” Tells Ishaan.

“Story? But Rhea doesn’t like stories.” Says Ranbhir.

“ that’s because u don’t know her. She likes stories. And she is gonna  love this one. ”says Ishaan surpising everyone.

“ ok, go ahead.” Says Dadi.

“this is a story of a prince and princess who met as frenemies.” Starts Ishaan.

“actually didn’t meet. They just talked. Well, they were in modern so they talked through phones. Well, not talked, they used to bicker. It started when the prince unknowingly called to a wrong number and mistakenly asked her out as he was thinking to ask the other girl. The princess got angry and shouted at him. The prince later realized that he mistakenly called to the wrong girl. So, he calls her to apologize. But he again gets shouted at. There starts their bickering and their love story. Miraculously, the prince’s and the princess’s father were friends and they decide to meet each other along with their families. That’s how the prince and princess see each other for the first time. They get closer through their talks. They start liking each other. They get to know that he/she was the one who spoke on the phone. But they find it funny and continue to be friends unaware of their likeness to each other. The prince realizes his feelings for the princess. But the princess had a bad history. She has hurt many people that now even if she is good everyone is not ready to forgive her. But this didn’t change the prince’s feelings for the princess and continues to love her. The princess also realizes her feelings and confesses all her bad deeds to him and proves that she has changed. They confess their love to each other. but here comes the problem when their parents doesn’t accept their relationship due to the princess’s past even though she has changed. The princess thinks of giving up to prevent the prince going against her family. So.. Rhea, what do u think? Should the princess give up? What do u think amma? Should the parents not accept their love? ” asks Ishaan.

Everyone who were drowned in the story, comes out of their trance on Ishaan’s questions. Rhea who reminisces their love story gets emotional on Ishaan’s question. Meenakshi doesn’t understand what to answer and looks at Rhea. After a little silence, a little girl who has come for the wedding asks Ishaan not to leave the story at cliffhanger and conclude the story.

“ I am sorry Sweetheart, but the thing is that the climax hasn’t been decided yet. It will be decided by Rhea’s wedding. Isn’t it Rhea?” says Ishaan.

“ Ask him to come in.” sternly replies Rhea.

Dadi lets Ishaan come in. As soon as he come in Rhea and Ishaan share an eye-lock. Their eye-lock breaks when dadi announces it’s Purab’s turn.

“ so Purab, what are u gonna do to impress Alia?” asks dida.

Alia gets happy and gives an evil smirk to Disha. Sunny observs this and comes infront of Disha covering her. Alia turns her head away. Everyone feels bad for Disha.

Aryan’s pov

“Disha aunty is in pain. I don’t know why I can’t see her in pain. But dad also won’t be able to do this as he doesn’t love mom. And mom will not make it easy for dad.  I have to do something to stop this.”

Aryan acts to fall down and gets hurt. Hearing his groan, everyone comes to him. Purab also runs inside. As Aryan got hurt, everyone decide to stop playing the game and finish the ceremony as soon as possible. After Aryan gets a bit fine, he also joins the ceremony. Alia reminisces the incident and realizes that Aryan has hurt himself deliberately.

Alia’s pov

“what is wrong with this boy? He never acted like this. He believes that his mom and dad are an ideal couple and he loves our romance. And today he didn’t want Purab to impress me, why? And his behaviour towards me has been changed recently. There is definitely something wrong. He is upto something. I have to find out.”









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