Swayam ; Sharon, I wish this night should never end

Sharon : Why you think so ?

Swayam : These nights are really beautiful when you are with me . Upto your home I can drop you at my bicycle and some times when this cycle stops it’s wind we both will walk like these through the streets enjoying the gentle breeze . I don’t want to miss it dear.

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Sharon and Swayam looked each other’s eyes and smiled

“Shining in the setting sun like a pearl up on the ocean
Come and feel me, o feel me
Shining in the setting sun like a pearl up on the ocean
Come and heal me, o heal me

Thinking about the love we making and a life we sharing
Come and feel me, o feel me
Shining in the setting sun like a pearl up on the ocean
Come and feel me, come on heal me

Tera hone laga hoon ……Jab se mila hoon plays”

Sharon : I think I should go now.

Swayam : Why Sharon ?

Sharon : You haven’t noticed one thing, right now we are standing infront of my home only.

Swayam : Oh Yeah!!! My whole sight was at your eyes only, so rest of things are invisible for me.

Sharon : Swayam , it’s always nice spending time with you. Anyways bye, Good night.

Swayam ; Yeah, Good night Sweet dreams.

Swayam turned to leave but suddenly Sharon hold his hand from back

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Sharon : Until and unless you promise me that tomorrow we will perform dance together , I won’t get a sweet dream.

Swayam : Promise , We will dance together .

Sharon and Swayam hold each other’s hands

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Sharon : I too promise you if we won’t dance together tomorrow then I will never dance .

Swayam : Sharon!! Please don’t make these type of daring promises.

Sharon : I expressed what my heart was saying, Swayam. It’s my heart’s truth, not just a promise. I will get beat for dance when you also dance with me .

Swayam ; Sharon, You are really very special to me .

Swayam turned his lips gently to kiss at Sharon’s soft cheek. Sharon closed her eyes and at the soothing wind her scattered hair was fallen on her forehead.

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Swayam caressed her hair and simply blowed at her cheek and smiled, Sharon opened her eyes and looked at him.

Swayam : I will give it once the sweet dream come true. You need to wait little a bit

Sharon shyly looked downwards and smiled.

Swayam : What ?

Sharon : Don’t be so much lovely, Your smile and words have caught my heart . Now I just can’t wait anymore.

Swayam : Please dear. I want to give the first kiss as very much special to my special girl  and I think tomorrow will be the right moment .

Sharon nodded her head and simply hugged him. Swayam encircled his hand over her shoulder. They both smiled and captured the moment at a selfie

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Swayam ; Bye, I need to leave …

Sharon : Yeah, Swayam

They both look each other througout the way when they were parting from each other …

“Hey bawri yeh aashiqui 

Kambaqt see yeh aashiqui 

Madhoshi see yeh jazb bhi

Yeh aashiqui….yeah aashiqui plays”

Next day 

Swaron made a sizzling dance performance at the stage

D3 pair Shantanu and Vrushika (Swaron) to romance yet again on screen


After the dance competition were over the judges announced Sharon and Swayam as the winner of dance contest. Both of them got excited and received the award for their victory

Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta Media

It was time for them to speak few words regarding their victory

Swayam : What we acheived is our trust over D3 only- Which means Dil, Dosti and Dance. We find these three in each other and that’s what made us together to dance well.

Sharon :  I too agree with his words whole heartedly. I would like to add D3 as much more -Desire, Dream and Determination . I find these three in Swayam and eventually these became my passion also.

Swayam : Our passion for dance and our combined effort worked out today. We are so happy that we received recognition for our work. Thanks to all .

Sharon ; Thanks a lot again.

Swaron then moved from stage for seeking their personal space as they were rounded with so much people . Finally when both were alone at the street Sharon and Swayam looked each other.

Swayam ; Sharon, we did it .

Sharon ; Yeah Swayam, we win  today.

They both hugged each other emotionally

Sharon : Where is the special one which you said yesterday ?

Swayam : Oh ! you are desperately waiting for that , won’t you ?

Sharon : Please if you can’t give then it’s okay . I will also not give .

Swayam : Oh ,No!! Don’t say like that. I think you can first gave it, ladies first.

Sharon ; No ways, promise was yours and first one should be from you only.

Swayam ; Okay, agree my sweet heart.

Swayam cupped her face to kiss at her cheek

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Before he could kiss her suddenly his breath went upwards and he quickly put the oxygen tube beneath his nose and started breathing.

Sharon was shocked and shattered to see this.

Swayam : This is my reality , I have breath problem -Hyperpnea ……Haa….

Sharon ; But you never told this to me.

Swayam : I don’t want you should go away from me , I am ….

Sharon gently kissed at his lips started giving CPR. At a point Swayam felt better .

Swayam : What you did now is really worthy, I don’t have words to thank you .

Sharon : Leave all those thank you and words of gratitude. I gave breath to my heart beat only. Because my heart beat will moan in pain if you will stop breathing. How can it be possible when I am with you as your sweet heart ?

Swayam : Sharon, I really love you a lot

Sharon : I too love you.

Swayam : I was hesitant to tell about my disease becuase I don’t want to lose you. This is not that much serious but it happens some times.

Sharon : I can understand Swayam. By the way let me tell you one thing, finally you made me to fullfil the special one which was in a direct way to your lips. Usually it happens late naa

Swayam ; I am very much happy because my sweet heart give her first kiss to me straightly at my lips. What else I need ?

Sharon : You are unbeatable and very much naughty , that’s what I like in you. But I won’t leave you until you fullfil the promise.

Swayam ; Okay ,okay I will too give it  .Infact directly through lips


They both raised their lips together to feel the warm kiss.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Swaron os was a surprise. Swayam saying that the night is beautiful when he is with Sharon n the cycle dialogue were romantic. Glad that they danced together n won the prize.shocking that swayam has breathing problem.sharon giving him CPR was emotional. Like he wished he got kissed by her like this.sharon promising that she will never leave him was emotional n lovely.swayam kissing Sharon was romantic. Perfect pics.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

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