Ishq Mein Marjawan – Dil Ki Khubsoorti – Episode 7


The episode starts with Aarohi coming home broken-heartedly after witnessing the sight of the intense eyelock between Deep and Tara in the rain. She unconsciously moves to her room without noticing her father who was calling out to her. After going to her room, Aarohi goes towards her dressing table and opens the drawer in it to find a beautiful maroon colored mouth organ kept inside it. As she picks it up, Mr. Kashyap comes nears the doorstep of her room and calls out, “Rooh!” Aarohi is shocked for a moment, leaves the mouth organ back with a thud and looks towards her father. Mr. Kashyap had been holding that day’s newspaper in his hand and inched slowly with it towards his daughter. As he came close to his daughter, he pointed out that day’s headline towards Aarohi. Aarohi was shocked to see it.

Deep’s Residence, Singhania Mansion

Ravindra Singhania holds out the newspaper to his son Deep, “See this is what I warned you about! These reports about you misbehaving with that girl in the beauty pageant will leave a deep impact in tarnishing your image” Deep “Dad, Deep Singhania has never bothered about his public image because he knows his beauty will in itself create a beautiful image for him no matter whatever he does” after saying that he slowly turns around to leave. Mr. Ravindra Singhania says disappointedly in a louder voice from behind, “Do you think your beauty will last forever?” Deep’s feet stop for a moment. He clenches his fists hard in anger. Mr. Singhania realizing his son’s rising anger goes near him catches his shoulder from behind and tries to compose him saying, “Deep, what I meant was….” Before he could finish, Deep angrily shrugs off Mr. Singhania’s hand from his shoulder and shouts at him, “I know what you meant Dad! I know! You mean to say that with the onset of old-age, my beauty will slowly start to diminish isn’t it? But let me make it clear to you that Deep Singhania is one of the world’s best make-up artist and BEAUTY is the most precious gem for him in his life, so being the best make-up artist, he will try anything and everything with his hands to retain his beauty!” Mr. Singhania was freeze-fixed at his position hearing his son’s anger-filled words.

Kashyap House

Rakesh Kashyap asks Aarohi, “So this is what you had been hiding from me since yesterday?” Aarohi, “There’s nothing like that Pa! I just did not want you…” Rakesh Kashyap cuts in saying, “….get worried? Right?” Aarohi looks down unable to keep eye-contact with her father. Rakesh Kashyap sways the newspaper in his hand taking a deep long breath and catches his daughter’s shoulders saying, “Okay fine, I understand that you did not want me to get worried so you hid about the whole incident from me but what was the need for you to participate in the beauty pageant in the first place when your ambition is to become a renowned cyclist not a model?” Aarohi nervously looks away once again. Soon, Rakesh Kashyap spots the maroon colored mouth organ in the open drawer next to Aarohi and then reads through the newspaper deeply once again. After reading the newspaper deeply, he understood Aarohi’s reply even without her saying it. He gasps around on realizing the real reason behind Aarohi participating in the beauty pageant, then looks back sternly at Aarohi and says, “I know what you were trying to do Rooh but remember that now we are way far away from the Singhanias!”

Singhania Mansion

Deep realizing that he had been overreacting calms down himself and turns back to his dad saying, “I’m sorry Dad! You know what beauty means in my life right?” Mr. Ravindra Singhania leaving out his built-up breath, “I know Deep, I know and I curse myself now for not having stopped your love and passion for beauty turn into an OBSESSION for beauty!” Deep, “I’m fine even if it is called an obsession but I will not change it for anybody because Deep Singhania has always got the most beautiful things of this world in his life!” Ravindra Singhania, “But what about these reports Deep?” Deep, “Don’t worry about them Dad! Today’s reports bashing Deep’s anger towards an ugly skinny looking woman would soon turn later into Deep having found the most beautiful woman in his life!” Ravindra Singhania, “Who do you mean?” Deep, “Ms. Tara Raichand!”

Kashyap House

Aarohi looks back towards her drawer seeing her father making his statement while looking at the mouth organ, goes near it, takes it out in her hands and says, “I know Pa that now they are way far away from us…” then she slowly takes out a long chain from her drawer, puts it through the mouth organ and hangs the mouth organ around her neck where she had once hung the lamp locket (the chain containing the lamp locket was now around Tara’s neck) and now this (pointing towards the mouth organ around her neck) will always remind me that I am NOTHING in front of DEEP SINGHANIA! Once she finishes saying that, Rakesh Kashyap looks sadly at his daughter.

The scene freezes on the faces of Aarohi and Tara with the chains of lamp locket and mouth organ around their necks on the two sides of the screen, while the face of Deep in the middle.


To be continued.

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  1. Harsheeee

    sorry i read it late , it was again fab ,the emotions u try to convey directly goes into my heart i really start imaging the whole story n that’s the beauty of ur story

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