Only for me myself – OS

hello guys  this OS is based on women’s equality which I wanted in IB actually so this will be based on Oberoi ladies equality

ShivOmRu – where are they ????

TejShakthi – we have searched every were in OM but we couldn’t find them

ShivOmRu- betas have u seen them

Ansh- No

Om –  Rihaan(ishkara ‘s son) have u seen your mom dadi or any one

Rihaan who s 2 yrs old nods “No”

Rudhra – if it 2 bhabhi & sumo it is ok but mom , choti ma, Dadi too where they have gone… Khanna have trap their  phone or not

Khanna- sorry Rudy baba I have tried but phones were switched Off

shivay – whr r them ? God pls show some way

a week b4

OM Mumbai,

Morning 8 ‘o clock

Shivika’s room

Shivay – Anika where have u kept my file

Anika- I have kept it in you cupboard Shivay see it . I’m making Ansh ( who is 5 yrs old) ready for school

Shivay- I’m searching it for 2hrs  that’s why I don’t allow you to touch my things .

Anika – move Shivay I’ll search (searching) yeah it’s here you could not see it properly ah . Ok I made BF today come we shall have BF

Shivay- I’m having meeting today I will see in my office itself

Anika – Shivay it has been long time u have spent time with family pls Shivay come soon today I have to talk to you it’s important pls come soon

Shivay- I’ll try bye Anika bye Ansh

Ansh&anika- bye Shivay/ dad

anika become little sad

Ansh – Mom what happened don’t get worried everything will be alright.. Like dad says

anika laughed at his antics wiped her tears since he is Junior SSO and continued her work .

Ishkara’s room

Ishana- Om whr r u going now we should put vaccination for Rihaan I have appointment today morning @ 9:00 I have said to you already na ..

Om – sorry ishu I forget don’t worry bhabhi or Saumya will come with you

Ishana – but di and Somu is going to temple today with dadi

Om – OK I’ll ask mom

Ishana – Om mom is not in the home today y ‘day she went with dad for a meeting

Om – but ishu I have a very imp meeting it is necessary for my career

Ishana – but Om pls yaar or at least have ur BF& go

Om – ishu u go alone dear I cannot accompany you I’ll make all d arrangements k BF I’ll see outside

Ishana – it’s ok Om I’ll manage bye and all d best

Om – k bye thanks love u (goes outside )

Ishana ‘s tears rolling down to her cheeks  Rihaan see her and wipes her tears .ishu hugs him

Rumya’s room

saumya – Rudy wake up it’s 8:30

Rudhra – why you didn’t wake up me sumo b4 itself it is late I should go open the gym (Rudy is owning A gym

saumya – why r u shouting at me I m trying but u were not waking it is your mistake

Rudhra – don’t start ur fight again I’m leaving now

saumya – but  Rudy listen to me b4 she complete he left the place

Saumya feels hurted

Precap- girls dreams and reali

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Loved it😘😘😘
    My favourite couples IshKara, RuMya and ShivIka 😍😍😍

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks Ruby keep reading

  2. ItsmePrabha

    nice concept..

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

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