RiKara FF – Tujhe Bhula Diya (Chapter 2)

                          Chapter 2


“But Mom, how could you say this? You were, are and always will be my strongest support yet you..” said Om hurt.

“Supporting you was my biggest mistake. I supported you, mistrusted Tej, and did what not for I was blinded by you. For someone like you, I mistrusted my husband, my everything, my Tej.” Jahnvi said, disgusted.

“How could you take his side, Mom? Have you forgotten what he did to you? To me? To Rudy? To Prinku? To US?” Om said, confused and angry.

“No I have not and I neither will. I accept Tej and I had issues with our marital life but now they are over. We have talked and solved our problems and now I realise that he had always been an innocent soul. It was Svetlana who forced him, who blabkmailed him. Had it not been so, Tej would never have even thought of devorcing me. I had been a fool to see the way you saw the situation and think like a fool. I was so wrong. I am glad our issues have been solved and I won’t ever let him go, again.” said Jahnvi. She entwined her fingers more firmly with that of Tej’s and Om cringed at the sight.

It was enough for Om to take. His mother was the most important person to him, next to his brothers and to see her side with the person he hated the most, who made not only his life but the lives of each and every member of his family, nothing less than a living hell, was making his blood boil like anything.

Unable to control this time, he marched towards his father and gripped his collar tightly. “How dare you manipulate my mother?” Turning towards his mother, “I know Mom he has forced to behave like this but don’t be afraid. Your Om is here. There’s nothing you need to be afraid of.”

“Om! Leave your father at once! How dare you hold his collar? How dare you talk to him like that? Don’t forget who he is!” Jahnvi lost her cool this time.

Tej did not try to protest. He did not put any effort to remove Om’s hand off his collar. He just stood there, as a mere spectator, like the other family members. He just wanted to see how deep this goes, how far the mother-son duo could carry on with their melodrama.

“I have not forgotten who he is and I never shall. How can ever forget the b*stard he is! Tell me, how can I?” Om chuckled.

A beautifully manicured hand landed on his face.

“Oh My Mata!” Pinky exclaimed.

“Badi Ma, how could….” Shivay tired to speak this time, to take Om’s side. But Om raised a hand to stop Shivay and he did. He knew Om needed to handle it on his own.

Om lifted his face and a deep cut was seen on the corner of his lips, the effect of Jahnvi’s heavy rings.

Jahnvi regretted her deed but the milk was already spilt. There was no turning back from this. They already were too deep into this. But she knew she had to do this. All his life, Om had done whatever he could, to make her life a bit better in his own little ways. And now it was payback time. She needed to do this for him. There indeed was no turning back.

Tej, on the other hand, was amazed at the fact how amazing an actor his wife was. Had he known this, he wouldn’t have to wait this long for what he wanted to achieve. Nevertheless, as the saying goes ‘it’s better late than never.’ Indeed, it was true.

Unknown to others, for Gauri, who was hiding behind the pillars, it was all very confusing. Somehow, Jahnvi’s actions did not seem to justified. Something was definitely wrong. But what? Nothing seemed to flash in that small brain of hers.

She looked around to see that the servants had already started gathering though they managed to keep themselves out of the Oberois’ sights.

She mustered up all the courage she could and stood among the Oberoi clan but maintained some distance. She tried to read the reactions of various people of the family to get even the slightest hint she could for all the happenings of the previous minute was very suspicious and confusing to her.

When Om lifted his face with a hand on the cheek on which his mother had slapped him, Jahnvi delivered the last few sentences of her script. “You are a disgrace to me, to your father and to the family. I cannot live under the same roof as you. So leave the mansion right now or I will.”

With that, Jahnvi turned her heels and went up the stairs, tears rolling down her cheeks. If not others, she and the Almighty knew that whatever she did was for the betterment of her son.

Tej smirked and went away as well. He realised besides being the great businessman the world claims him to be, he could definately try out his luck as a script writer for dramas. He knew he would be successful even then.

The rest of the family retired when Om stopped ShivRu as they tried to control him.

All were gone. Only Gauri and Omkara was left.

Never had she seen her Omkaraji so vulnerable.

I am really sorry to be late guys. Hope you are able to forgive me. Tell me how it was.

Thank you.

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