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Hollo guys thanks guys for ur response , i think you guys enjoy this story if not pls comment, i can stop this OS , since I expect review to continue my OS. Thanks Prabha , Sree, and others if I missed you sorry ,ur encouragement is big for me . So let us start


ishana- but Mona y did you send message to us ??

Mona- di there is the reason in it ..guys just tell me really r u happy

dadi – yes, we r having a peaceful life.

Prinku – yeah that’s the matter u r having peaceful life not happy life !!!

Saumya- means?? We should have peaceful life right!!!

Mona- no Somu not only peaceful, but every body have right to live a happy life.

anika- what r u trying to say , say it correctly

Prinku- bhabhi u I’ll not understand now k we will give u guys a challenge

Pinky- what challengs ah

Prinku – u guys tell ur partners that u have dreams , u want to fulfill ur dreams, if they react positively ok , but they make fun of you or doesn’t listen to you then we will do the things we have mentioned in the message .

Jhanvi- k challenge accepted.

Mona – k but one thing is sure if you failed in this challenge we will do what we have mentioned in the message then don’t blame us

Oberoi ladies nodded

Next morning

Shivika’s room

Anika – Shivay I want to talk to you

Shivay- ya tell me Anu

Anika – Shivay I had a dream to own a event management company , now Ansh also grownup big so I would like to start up my company for that I need ur support will u support me???

Shivay – Anu r u alright, Ansh is just small kid , he s not grownup he needs u every time you r very important for him now and me also pls don’t start now .

she was about to tell something

just then Ansh comes there & says “mummy will you help me in this project , I have to submit it tomorrow pls ”

shivay looks her & say ” I said u right go & help him “.he leaves from there

Anika realised what Prinku & Mona said was right,  She determined to accept her defeat & message.

Ishkara’s room

Ishana – Om I wanna talk to you

Om – ha tell me ishu

Ishana- Om before marriage I used to work in a research centre right, after marriage I am unable to join now I have received order for rejoining in the centre can I join now??

precap – plan

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  1. Hi siddika
    How are you sorry i couldn’t reply in your previous updates as i was busy due to diwali festival. You are going great as this is something new nai soch and i am loving it keep it up.
    Please don’t stop as it is nice story something different empowering women.
    Will be waiting for next update
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hi da
      Yeah I’m fine, Thank you Medhangle thanks for ur concern da , really happy for your support

  2. ItsmePrabha

    hola..this is what happens when we let men take decisions on our behalf..after men will be men right..? excited to know what that message contains..i love this new concept..keep it going yaar..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you Prabha , keep supporting da

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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