Love Directed Me Chapter 8

Sanskar was driving his car all lost in thoughts about swara and his past with her. His eyes were still moist and red. It has been 23 hours but he reached the outskirts of Kolkata which will actually take 25 hours of journey from mussori to Kolkata. Yet he reached before hours as he drove in that speed. He didn’t care about himself, his health. He didn’t drink a drop of water from the day he came to know that she’s missing.


(Presenting my next stupid poem? this was written as my 3rd poem)

It was always you

Who promised to be ‘WE’

But today you broke it.

O’my love you are making

Me go mad for you

Taking my life all away

I don’t know where you are

But please please don’t go far

Make me bright like a star

And remove all the dark(pain) in me

You are the only one,

Who makes me feel I’m not none

I feel like hell being in hell

Without you, my love

Come back to me

And as promised make

It as ‘WE’!…..


(Wrote his feelings in form of poem hope u will like it)

Sanskar’s POV ends.

He was totally out of sense while suddenly he saw a small girl standing in the middle of the road.

He tried to apply sudden brake as he was driving the car fastly. He immediately applied the brake before his car would hit the small girl. By then a constable came and took the baby in his arms and handovered the girl to her mother. Sanskar came out of the car.

” Come out Mr. What the hell are driving? Wait I’ll call my inspector”. Constable yelled at him.

Sanskar was about to say something but the constable left. Sanskar rubbed his temple in fractuation.

A tall, body build man suited with police uniform stood before sanskar. Sanskar’s held was held down so the man couldn’t see sanskar’s face.

“Hello, Mr. Don’t have eyes? What if something had happened to the child?” The man started shouting with anger.

Sanskar looked at man hearing his voice. Both meet. The young man who was angry, his face expressions changed into a soft one.

“Laksh” Sanskar whispered with different emotions.

“U go, today the duty is over” Laksh ordered the constable, he left.

“Sanskar” laksh came near him.

Sanskar hugged him tightly, laksh too hugged him. It was a long hug and they broke the hug.

“Sanskar how are u man? Where is swara, she didn’t come?” Laksh asked in excitement.

Sanskar’s expressions changed.

“Swa…..swara she” Sanskar stammered and was gulping in his tears.

“What happened?” Laksh asked with concern.

Sanskar told him the whole matter.

“I… I really don’t know… Where… She is” Sanskar said in a broken voice.

Laksh immediately pulled into a hug while sanskar sobbed in his arms. Laksh felt bad seeing his childhood best friend crying and he also felt pain as swara was his best friend too. His eyes turned glassy yet he controlled himself.

Laksh broke the hug and cupped his face.

“Com’mon sanskar what happened to you? Where was that sanskar who used to be so strong when he decides something?, Where is the one who don’t go tierd of going through things?”. Laksh questioned.

Sanskar smiled sadly.

“He had a huge support to face everything, but now is left with nothing” Sanskar answered blankly.

“We’ll find her very soon” Laksh wiped sanskar’s tears.

“By the way how did nikhil knew that swara got accident?” Laksh enquired.

“I… I don’t know he told me this but i didn’t ask him how?” Sanskar sniffs.

“Hmmm” laksh hummed thinking of something in his police trained brain.

“So u r going to orphanage at this time (looks at his wrist watch) 2:00a.m?”

“What to do?” Sanskar blankly replied.

“Come let’s go to my house then tomorrow we both will go to orphanage” Laksh said and dragged sanskar with him nit waiting for his reply.

Laksh sent off his police jeep and sanlak went through sanskar’s car. Laksh was driving.

“I didn’t know this much happened i came here before 5 months, i searched for you both but didn’t find u. Then only i got to know that mom, dad and dida passed and u left some where” Laksh said driving the car.

“Hmm it happened all of a sudden” sanskar said.

“And i became ACP” Laksh added.

“If swara was there she would be really very happy” Sanskar said

While laksh smiled sadly.

Soon laksh stopped infront a house. He parked the car and rang the bell.

A girl opened the door with having a smile on her lips.

“Laksh” She said and then looked at sanskar.

“Sanskar bhaiya u, Please come in” the girl invited him inside with a big smile on, sanskar smiled in confusion.

Sanlak went in. Seeing sanskar’s confused face laksh said.

“U both wanted me to get married na? So she is my wife Ragini. We got married 3 months back”. Laksh smiled.

“K but my name….” Sanskar was still confused.

“Bhaiya laksh ji used to show all ur photos and tells ur masti so i know u as well as swara di” Ragini chirpped.

“That’s nice ragini but please don’t call me bhaiya” Sanskar requested.

“Y?” Ragini glared at him.

“She is 2 years younger than us sanskar” Laksh said removing his cap for his head and his shoe.

“Ok call me whatever you want” Sanskar smiled.

“U both wait I’ll bring something to eat” Ragini said and went inside the kitchen.

“Come sanskar I’ll show you ur room” laksh said.

Sanskar went and laksh gave one of his dress and asked sanskar to fresh up.

Sanskar freshen up himself and changed his dress. Raglak came in with 3 food plates. All ate and later Raglak left. Sanskar switched off the lamps and went to the balcony.

He sat on down on the floor inhaling the air.

He closed his eyes.


It’s going to become a year since I left Kolkata. I’m birth place. They land in which I was born, the land which made me build my own company, the land which gave me my love, the land which I got married and the land which took my family’s death too.

After my family, I had only my swara with me. Y god y? Y did you separated me from her? U already know how much I felt bad for leaving her but now u separated me from her. I don’t know where she is? How she is? Please help me find her.

(Sanskar’s POV ends)

Thinking all this he went to the bed and slept. After sometime laksh came into his room and kneeled down before sanskar’s bed. Laksh smiled sadly seeing his friend who was used to so strong whatever happens has been broken so badly.

He looked at sanskar’s face which had tear marks. His eyes turned moist, he couldn’t see his best friend in this way. Laksh caressed sanskar’s hairs all lost in thoughts of how to find swara.

He suddenly felt a touch in his shoulder. Laksh looked up and found ragini standing. Laksh stood up, gave a last glance to sanskar and left the room. Ragini too looked at sanskar and went behind laksh.

She saw laksh standing in the hall looking at the sky through the window.

“Laksh ji” Ragini called him softly.

“Hmm” laksh answered without looking at her.

“Don’t worry we’ll find swara di soon” Ragini said making laksh to look at her.

“I have no doubt on that but till then sanskar…What about him? I can’t see him this way” Laksh said wiping his tears from the corner of his and left.

Ragini looked at his disappearing figure and looked at the sky. She folded her hands for prayer and closed her eyes.

“Please God, help us to find swara di soon. I can’t see laksh ji and sanskar Bhaiya like this” she prayed wholeheartedly and left.


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