We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 25

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? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode25

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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{Please NOTE :
KAPOOR children include : Abhay, Tripthi, Sanskar, Swara, Ragini, Tarun.
SINGHANIA children include : Mayank, Chavi, Bhavik, Jeevika, Laksh, Saanvi..
So the scenes where all of them will be there, they will be mentioned as above. Please do know.}

*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Previous episode : Swanak Scene



Swara : Tarun, are you done? We got to leave. Ragini..
Ragini : Shona.. I need to change and get ready.. Your romance is done, doesn’t mean we need to leave.. See even Bhabhi isn’t there.. I will go get ready.
Sanskar : Ragamma.. But you are already ready..
Ragini : Uffoo Sanskooo.. Am going. Bye..

[Ragini goes to get ready and meanwhile her conversation – Messages, start with her Going-to-be husband.. Her Doctor.]

Ragini : Hey Doctor?..
Laksh : Hey Ms. Kapoor?.. How you? All good?
Ragini : Yup.. All in place.. There and you?
Laksh : Yeah.. All good here too.. So Sup?
Ragini : Nothing much.. Didn’t leave for hospital? No operations today?
Laksh : Leaving in an hour baba.. Have 2-3 operations to do.. And you never know when an emergency case arrives in our profession. You still at home? Who is going to open your Ragz Creation?

Ragini : Yup, will look in it today for a while, then Swara will handle.. Have few other important works to be done.. Hey Listen.. Could you please wait for some more time.. And then leave for your hospital?
Laksh : May I know the reason why am being asked to stay back beautiful?
Ragini : Yes.. Sure.. I am coming over to your place with Swara, Bhabhi and Tarun.. So we want everyone to be there..
Laksh : Everyone? So why am I personally being asked?
Ragini : I just wanna see you and meet.. Okay Will come there in sometime.. Please don’t leave..
Laksh : Sure Sweetheart.. Waiting for you?..

[Tripthi, Ragini, Swara and Tarun leave for Singhania’s place and Sanskar and Abhay leave foe their office and meeting.]


Tripthi (from the door) : Namaste..
Sakshi : Namaste Beta.. Come Come.. Maa, Karan Ji, Priya..
Dadi (S) : Arre Come inside bacho.. Why are you standing there?

[All come and touch elders leg and hug youngsters. Laksh in his room.]
Ragini (without anyone’s notice, texts Laksh) : I arrived.. Can’t see you.. Left already??
Laksh : Naa.. Getting ready to match my would be wife’s beauty?.. Coming.. Patience..
Tripthi : Dadi.. Woh Where are everyone.
Laksh (comes down wearing a Blue shirt, black pant and stethoscope and has few files and coat in his hand) : Namaste.. (He greets everyone and hugs Swara and Tarun and winks at Ragini)
Dadi ( serious?

Swara : Dadi, this is one’s business.. That it will be serious.. Tripthi Bhabhi.. You gave what Dadi gave us to give?
Tripthi : Too early.. I already gave.. Dadi woh actually, arty..
Swara : So Ragini suggested us to call you all..
Jeevika : Oh Ragini suggested.. All are welcome or only Laksh?
Laksh (who was drinking Water, coughs) : Kya BhabhiWhy only me?
Tarun : Karan Uncle.. Beta gaya haath se.. From now only he is supporting and defending his GOING-TO-BE WIFE..
Bhavik : Aage kya hoga.. Bhagwaan jaane..
Laksh leaving.. I am getting late..

Swara : Bhaiyu.. You aren’t getting late.. So sit.. Accha Dadi.. All of you have to come day after tomorrow.. Party is actually from 7.. And there is a pooja at 10 in the morning.. And after that we have small surprises for Papa..
Tarun : So if all could come for mind..
Ragini : Because we want to celebrate it with family and we want Papa to be the happiest person on earth that day..
Tripthi : And you all are family.. I don’t have anyone from my Maayka.. And Swara’s Maayka and Ragini’s Sasuraal is the same.. So if you all come then we it.. Please..
Ragini : And Papa doesn’t have any clue about this..
Tarun : Dadi (sits on his knees near her).. Please do come.. We want Papa’s happiness.. Please.. Please come.. We can’t make him relive his childhood, but we can at least make him feel happy.

[Meanwhile, Sanskar texts Swara.]

Sanskar : Shona.. Listen.. Don’t react.. I and BigB are done with our meeting.. And make some excuse and send Ragini to her boutique and Laksh to the hospital.. And you all stay there and ask everyone from Singhania family also to be there.. We are coming along with Maa and Dadi.. Please.. Tell everyone..
Swara : Okay.. I will do.. By the way.. Anything serious?
Sanskar : Nope Love.. You will know once we reach.. But please send Ragini and Laksh..
Swara : Bhaiyu.. You might be getting late right.. You can leave.. Laadoo, even you leave for your boutique.. We will go home. You have to see the designer’s and direct them.. I will come later..
Tripthi : Swara.. Even we will.. Bhabhi sit na.. Please..
Priya : Sit for sometime beta..
Swara : Ragini.. You go with Laksh.. He will drop you.. It is on the way itself.. Bhaiyu you will drop her na?

Laksh : Yes okay.. Come Ragini.. Let’s leave.. (he gets a call and answers it) Yes.. Dr. Mehra.. Yes am leaving.. Okay Sir.. I will be there in an hour.. Yes.. We can start the operation once am there. (after disconnecting the call) Maa.. I need to leave.. Have an operation.. Ragini come.. Bye everybody.

[Once Riaksh leave.. Swara explains everything to Singhania’s as to why she asked them to leave and asks everyone to stay back.. Sanskar and everyone are on their way.]

Next Episode : Kapoor family talk.. Birthday arrives.. Puja and arrangements.

*Author’s Note : Sorry for the delay.. Are the episodes becoming boring? Please do tell.. Thank you for your love. *

{That’s it for today..}

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