Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-9)

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Sanky keep holding ragu hand while roaming.. Ragu thinks he is soo sweet wish every girl get like this guy who understands heart.. A car comes to pick them, sanky greets driver (anna)and ask how is he? He replies im fine sanky,how are you? Sanky replies im fine Anna, she is ragini my would be. Anna greets her, she also greets him. All reach marriage home. Ragu goes inside,Sindhuja see her asks her where she was shomi was called her. Ragu goes to call shomi, Laksh see her thinks till when you will be with sanky ill see.. Sindhuja see Laksh and think he is full of attitude,can’t he see me he looks so cute but doesn’t have eyes… Sanky comes in and see Sindhuja looking at Laksh.. He thinks ragu should know this and goes towards Sahil’s room. But Laksh stops and asks where you’re girlfriend?Enjoying out huh?

He replies she was not well so we both went to hospital. He asks sanky what happened? He replies she didn’t travel so much distance till now that too in bus. Laksh say ok, take care of her.. Sanky goes to Sahil’s room, sindhujakeep seeing Laksh thinks im falling for him.. Ragu who is standing in corridor see Sindhuja and smiles.. Sanky comes there and hugs her asking see you’re sis..

Ragu shows granny I coming da please leave.. Sanky asks her to wear any Indian wear.. She replies shomi packed bag. Sanky asks her if she needs help to wear sari tell him? she tells my friends will help me now bye..ill text you. He goes.. Laksh see them and thinks they are going to far I want her before you get her sanky . Friends see sanky and ask him where were you? He smiles. All start teasing him don’t become her fan soo much ? sanky tells them she wasn’t feeling good so I took her out nothing else.
Laksh talks to his friend, tells him I saw a hottie here she is soo hot but she is Sanky’s girlfriend. His friend say him you went there for marriage do it don’t think about revenge and all. He replies Sanky made me fail my target now he won’t get ragu. He smiles.. And see sindhujaseeing him thinks who is she from that time she is seeing me..ill see you babe now im busy ragu.

Ragu comes down with Kavya and tell her see Sindhujafully lost.. All there friends join them and they all go to Kavya’s anu to ask about pyjama party.. Ragu asks her about it? Kavya anu nods yes.. Ragu and her friends plan for going out but Kavya’s anu tell no outing. Then they move to plan something. Sahil friend see them moving together and think something gonna happen for sure. Girls discuss plans and think this should be known by guys,ragu asks Kavya please don’t inform this to your hubby ok? Kavya start chasing behind ragu, sanky who was talking with anu come there .

Ragu collide with him and start running again, Kavya come and complain Sanky see her keep irritating me. Sanky say I won’t come between you both ,im going from here. Ragu goes down, sanky is speaking with anu and come down. All his friends think he became busy with ragu, but when he comes there they understand. Kavya come down and search for ragu ,she see her. But Laksh come between them, ragu hides behind him and say him bro pls don’t tell her im here pls.. He gets shocked when she call him bro … Kavya goes out searching her, ragu thanks him and goes from there.

At ragu’s home..
Anu and shomi are discussing..
Anu: Don’t worry within 15days ragu will say ok for marriage.
Shomi: How do you know?
Anu: Bcz Sahil asked sanky to propose ragu and sanky was also thinking about it
Shomi: Then she will call me for sure
Anu: Why?
Shomi: Till now she didn’t take decision without my opinion.

Anu: Oh ok. Love makes this rules go upside down don’t worry
Shomi: Challenge if she call me telling about this proposal then you should be prepared to do anything. Else I ll do whatever you ask me to
Anu: Ok lets see..
Shomi goes to bring tea and snacks for them. Think if ragu didn’t call me than.. But my daughter will call me.. I know her.. Anu thinks ragu will ask her I know her but I want her to be happy because she is giving me my daughter also,..
Ragu calls Shomi ..
Ragu: Shomi we are going for party , we won’t go out in home in we will arrange everything.
Shomi: Ok take care ? if you are going out let me know ok
Ragu: Ok Shomi ?? take care ? love you shomi?

Ragu cuts call and go to terrace thinking of seeing view. Sanky is there with his friends, they call her. She goes to them. Manu ask her planned for party? She says no bro we got permission but we can’t go out. They say ok. She goes but Sanky comes near her and ask no plans really? She nods no. Sindhujasee them talking, ragu also see her and signs sanky ill text you. Sindhujaasks who was that guy? Ragu replies my friend he is helping me with maths. Sindhujaasks shomi know? She replies Shomi know,she only asked me to take his help. Sindhujathinks something else from friend I know and ill tell this to Shomi. Ragu goes down with her and gets busy..
Sindhuja calling shomi
Shomi: How are you? Got settled?
Sindhuja: I’m fine, ya got settled
Shomi: Ok thank god.

sindhuja:: Shomi who is sanky?
Shomi: I didn’t tell you right,he is ragu’s would be
Sindhuja:: She said he is her friend
Shomi: Ya im thinking of getting them married early as possible
sindhuja: Ok Shomi.. Bye granny is calling me…
Sindhuja thinks ragu gets everything she likes,she is princess of our one thinks of me . Everytime ragu will be asked what she wants if she say she will get more than that. I just hate you Ragu..from childhood I was never enjoying granny’s love or aunties care. Its belongs only to you na. Now also you are getting sanky without even thinking about it..
Ragu is sleeping,Sindhuja comes there and see her,Then sleeps next to her on bed. Sanky comes to ragu’s room at midnight and wake her up,Sindhuja see him and act like sleeping. Ragu and sanky go out, she asks why you waked me up? He replies I wanna talk with you…then slowly put his hand on her waist and pull her near him. She asks what? He replies will you come out with me she nods ok. Both go out to a farm,, she asks r u not sleepy? He tells im not, she says im sleepy da…

All friends are waiting out,she asks what you all doing at this time? They all say ssshhh, ragu ask aunty permission to go out please.. Ragu tells them im sleepy now bye.. SSindhuja comes out and see everyone planning something…she thinks there might be some special thing happening.. Ragu tries to go but Sanky catch her hand to stop her,she gives him an angry stare. He leaves. Friends ask her to plan something please.. Ragu say them I wanted to visit temple in morning. Sanky and Sahil understand her and ask her to go and sleep.. Sanky and Sahil tell tomorrow we all going to temple ok? All ask why dude? Sahil tell in name of temple roaming dude… All say ok sleep early,should wake up early na. All go to sleep…

Laksh is standing alone on terrace.. Thinking ragu called me bro,I can’t think bad about her. I can’t hurt Sanky if ragu is not my target. What shall I do. He remembers how Sanky’s became reason and how lecturer caught him while he was copying in exam, how he was debarred for 1 year. Then how Sanky got job just because he didn’t Waste a year in his studies…then think about his love failure which happened just because he couldn’t complete education before his girl. How her parents said him you’re not capable of passing a exam then y u r expecting us to give our girl… Then he thinks I should harm ragu else sanky won’t be able to understand what I went through, but I can’t think of harming her also why? I’ll see some other way for it….
It’s morning..
Ragu comes out after bath in bathrobe,see her clothes and thinks how shall I carry these heavy dress ? she call shomi,
Shomi: What happened? Sounding sad
Ragu: How can I wear such dress
Shomi: Its your bestie marriage you should look beautiful..
Ragu: My bestie not mine na
Shomi: If it was your then your aunty would have selected more heavy dresses,so that you look like a princess.
Ragu: Which aunty?
Shomi: Sanky’s anu
Ragu: Why she selected? You used to select my dresses na
Shomi: After some years she will be your anu.
Ragu: Shomi you are my shomi forever no one take your place
Shomi: Ok now don’t get angry. Just wear those you will look beautiful.
Ragu: Ok Shomi bye take care? love you ?
Ragu gets ready in red and white gagara, she looks for Bindhu. She goes out of room, sanky see her and think I wanna be alive till marriage but this girl will kill me. She see him but act like she didn’t notice him and go from there.. Her friends are in a room,she comes there. All ask her whether its her or Kavya’s marriage? Why she get ready like this? Kavya tell them her would be here na so… Every one start pulling her leg..she smiles and tells them it’s his anu selection what I can do? Girls say ohhhh! ????

Sanky comes there calling Kavya,tells her come by 8 bcz we have to reach temple by 9. She nods ok,he leaves. Kavya ask ragu what happened? She tells im with friends..not with him.. Girls go out.. Boys are coming from other side. All go for temple. Girls keep pulling ragu’s leg, they all keep laughing while walking boys think what happened to them. Then Sahil tells them mostly they planning for party.. Boys start thinking about party. Manu asks if we see how they gonna party? Sahil tells ya it’s good idea but how.. They try to find..
All go inside temple, ragu see sanky and think till he come and talk with me I won’t talk. They all pray.. Sanky think how to talk with her,from morning im dying without talking with her. Pandith call Sahil and Kavya,all others get busy seeing temple. Ragu gets tapu’s call
Ragu: Hi da when are you coming?

Tapu: Today before afternoon da.
Ragu: Come before party ok
Tapu: Yeah ill be there
Ragu: Bring some western simple dresses da
Tapu: Ok I have packed everything. I’ll be there.
Ragu: Ok bye. Safe journey ?

Sanky comes near her and pull her to corner of temple. She asks what? He replies what what? Can’t you speak with me? She nods no. He asks why? She says him bcz my friends will tease me. He tells ok you are so cute feeling like returning your gift. She says shut up . He asks where you girl partying? She says at top floor da,gets msg from friend asking where r u? Ragu goes. Sanky goes to his friends and say they are partying at terrace hall. They all plan to fix a camera to know what gonna happen there. Sahil comes and tell anu called we should go back home. They’ll leave.

After reaching Manu and Kiran go to fix camera in hall. Then they all lunch, Kavya’s anu tell them tonight girl will party na boys can go out if they want. Boys tell no aunty we are busy. Girl go to their rooms,start planning what to wear. Tapu arrives just then,ragu hugs her and tell I was missing you soo much. She asks show me Sanky first then talk with me anything else. Ragu takes her to Sanky room and show him .
Tapu: Hi im tapu
Sanky: I’m sanky
Tapu: She said me, congrats bro.
Sanky: Thank you ?

Just then Manu comes there and see tapu gets shocked. He asks how come you are here? She replies it’s my friend wedding and goes from there. Sanky asks you know her Manu? He tells she is same girl bcz of whom I can’t join hostel. Sanky asks she is your girlfriend? He replies yes,but we are speaking from 4months. Sanky and he go out.
Tapu show ragu dress and ask her which will wear? She replies select na. Tapu select and give her, ragu goes to get ready. Tapu thinks I should face this Manu here,I’ll make him jealous and admit that he loves me for sure. Ragu comes out after wearing dress, its upto her knees so she asks Tapu shall I wear shocks? Tapu replies no babe only girls party ok, you look hot ? she asks her to shut up.
At 7pm.. All girls gather at hall. Boys are having dinner and think after 15min party will start. Tapu welcomes Kavya and tells she is first girl in our gang getting married let clap for her.. All girls clap. Boys come to room and start laptop then connect it to scree. They see girls clapping and think did they miss anything.

Tapu ask them what shall we do know? Girl say lets start party then play games… Tapu say ok then let begin with Kavya and ask her to pick a chit and do whatever it’s written. Kavya comes does so. Then others.. Then comes ragu she picks chit and say I can’t do this. Tapu read it and tells she should dance that’ll ? all ask her to bur she keeps saying I can’t. Kavya ask her at least for me.. Ragu says ok but tapu will join me. Tapu say ok ill .

They both go and change to mini skirt and transparent whit shirt.. They start with “Crazy Kiya Re” then “Zara Zara Touch Me” all boys are shell shocked after seeing them dancing so se… Girls clap for them.,,.. Then go to change.. After 5 min they come in common western wear,Kavya hugs both of them thanks everyone. Ragu and tapu think if any guy had seen like this that’ll…Kavya tells ragu don’t worry only we have video and it won’t be shared, then slowly say in her ears” if Sanky had seen you like this then he would have told we will get married now only. Ragu hits her with book which were kept on table.

Sanky comes to boys room,he see’s screen playing girls party video and ask them to shut it off. What you people can’t give them there privacy? Boys ask him to join but he says them if don’t disconnect ill say this to them. They say no we will switch off. They think if Sanky had seen ragu and tapu dance it would be good he missed and now asking us to switch off. Sanky goes,boys think when he said why simply to hurt him. Sahil also goes be with Sanky, he thinks of telling him about ragu but doesn’t say him. After a while everyone start going to their rooms. Ragu texts sanky..
Ragu: Hi had dinner?

Sanky: Ya before you people start your party.
Ragu: Angry with me?
Sanky: How can I be angry with my jaan
Ragu: You didn’t talk with me from morning
Sanky: Bcz you’re busy with friends…
Ragu: Ok. In party I and tapu danced .
Sanky: Which songs?
Ragu:Crazy Kiya Re & Zara Zara Touch Me
Sanky: What?
Ragu:what?? What?
Sanky: Bcz our boy did some research on your party..
Ragu: What???
Sanky: They had kept camera in hall.
Ragu: What I had wearing transparent white shirt and mini skirt.
Sanky: What?
Ragu: It was girls party na..
Sanky: Ok leave..
Ragu: You saw us? Like that?
Sanky: I had gone out for some work.
Ragu: Really… Promise???
Sanky: Promise jaan..
Ragu: Ok .. But all have seen us like that?
Sanky: Ya what can be done?
Ragu: Don’t know..
Sanky: Was your dresses so transparent?
Ragu: Wait ill send you pic..
Sanky: Ok
Ragu: Sends pic..
Sanky: What you were wearing this dress?
Ragu: Its bad dress na?
Sanky: No not that you are looking…
Ragu: Shut up.. Ill tell my friends wait
Sanky: Don’t tell darling please
Ragu: Why?
Sanky: Bcz I have scolded them..
Ragu: You???

Sanky: Why?
Ragu: You don’t know 5 Sanskrit words what you will scold.
Sanky: Ok.. Now don’t say this party matter to friends or elders please..they won’t do it again.. Please darling..meri jaan..
Ragu: Ok I won’t say but they won’t do it again ok.
Sanky: They wont ill see through that please.
Ragu: Ok bye …
Ragu thinks all have seen me like that, what will they think.. Sanky was not there but all have seen us. Ragu hugs pillow and sleeps..

Precap: Manu trying to talk with ragu, she angry stare and goes from there…
Thank you for your comments.plz let me know your thoughts regarding this part..

This is a special message to Mayra. “ hi I’m pooja’s sister. She asked me to continue arshu’s love story I couldn’t continue bcz I wanted that sTory to be in RAGSAN form. I’m just changing names of fiction till ragu’s children birth then I’ll write it as my story which my sister also wished for. Pooja is fine with this changing names. She wanted to continue story but she can’t bcz of exams and personal life. I wish you don’t have any problem with it”

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