One more chance to hold you twinj FF part – 20

One more chance to hold you twinj ff episode 20

Kunj sleeping Peacefully on bed with babies ??

Kunj gets up due to his mobile notification sound

Kunj – who messages me now huh and this siyappa queen till now didn’t come out of washroom I wanted to do more romance but she ran to washroom ?? she could have taken me also inside I would have helped her in taking bath but no she went alone

Kunj’s Mobil beeps again

Kunj checks Mobile

Mahi  messages?  Is it her new techniques to irritate me by messages huh let’s see what she sends he opens her messages

Mahi messages –

Mahi – ??????

Mahi – ?????

Kunj – why you sent me your face ? bahut darawani hey baba I’m scared ????

Mahi – chup hahaha twinkle ney bahuth maara hoga na ???

Kunj – what? 

Mahi – hahaha ??? i know bahuth maari hogi kal drink kar key mene usse ye idea diya tha ??? good happened with you

 I’ll be happy now looking at those marks

Kunj read her message  and thinks

Kunj – this kamini gave idea to twinkle like drink and beat me huhu mene iska kya bhigada yar har waqth  aishe karti hey… But my siyappa queen was drunk but didn’t beat me but made love to me ❤? hehe mahi plan flops meri dushman

Kunj messages her

Kunj – hehehe ???

Mahi – besharam biwi sey maar kha key pagal ho gaya hey kya


Kunj – you mad girl nothing happens like that my beautiful wife is not mad like you she don’t listen to you..Marks dhek na hena tere ko besharam ladki.. Marks came but not that you think of

Mahi – hein? 

Kunj – when your best friend comes you ask her only ok now bye bhootni..  And dont you dare to give any ideas like this to my wife. . You kamini ???… Bye now don’t disturb us ok.. Chal hatt

Twinkle in bathroom realizes she didn’t brought her clothes

Twinkle from bathroom – kunj

Kunj – yes twinkle come outside yar from 1 hour you are taking bath and you didn’t took me inside huhu

Twinkle – shut up

Kunj – hmm now come outside what are you waiting for mey kya aarthi ki thall key sath  tumhara welcome karu kya… Mujhe bhi nahana  hey yar come outside baby

Twinkle – oh na ek problem hey

Kunj – what? 

Twinkle – see there on couch my clothes is there please give it to me

Kunj – hehe you forgot it no worries baby come outside like that only I don’t have any problem

Twinkle – kunjjj please baba give

Kunj – ok wait

Kunj goes to couch and takes her saari in hand and smirks he put it there only he take out something from wardrobe and gives it to twinkle

Twinkle opens it and shocked to see it (it’s s*xy bathrobe)

Kunj – hehe now wear it and come out soon

Twinkle – kunj you brought this for me

Kunj – nahi mujhe pehen na tha na isliye laya tha.. Then what yar for you only

Twinkle – kunj dont waste my time give me my clothes

Kunj – you don’t waste my time ok wear it and come

Twinkle – kunjjj

Kunj – twinkleeee

Twinkle – ok fine but don’t you dare to touch me now

Kunj – aa tho sahi dhekenge you escape from me huhu now see what I’ll do

Twinkle comes outside wearing it she is looking very cute and s*xy her hair is still wet and water droplets falling on her lips

Kunj stares at her romantically and comes near to her twinkle goes backwards and stops by wall and comes further and locks her in his arms blocking her way..

Kunj looks at her from top to bottom twinkle gets shy and looks down kunj pulls her close by waist he keeps one hand on her chin and make her to look at him

Kunj – looking s*xy ???

Twinkle – leave me kunj

Kunj – why I’ll leave you now has he kiss on her cheeks

Twinkle – kunj side I have many works to do

Kunj – I’m also doing my work baby don’t disturb me got it he nuzzles his face in her neck and give her love bite twinkle clutch his shirt

Kunj looks at her lips twinkle closes eyes giving him permission there lips met first they kissed slowly twinkle bites kunj lips kunj get shock

Kunj – now you see siyappa queen what I’ll do and y I’m feeling my shirt is loose he looks at his shirt and get shocked twinkle tore his shirt kunj looks at twinkle.. Twinkle bited her lips

Twinkle try to run from there kunj hold her hand and pull her back

Kunj – now where you will run haa you tore my shirt.

Twinkle nodes in yes innocently and gives smile

Kunj – you are becoming so wild

Twinkle – haan tujse seekha  mene

Kunj – acha ji

Twinkle – haan now leave me you also go and take bath

Kunj – leave you no ji.. After this you thinking I’ll leave you it’s not happening ji… He lift her in bridal style and throw her on couch slowly and comes on top of her he side her hair and kiss all over her face and gives love bite on neck and twinkle caring his back and moaning his name kunj gets up from her after sometimes twinkle looks at him lovingly she gets up and stand on couch and pull him by his shirt collar and caressing his bare chest kunj untie her robe and it falls down kunj lift twinkle in bridal style and walks to washroom closing door

He makes her stand under shower and looks at her wet body and curves he grabs her lips and they wildly and kunj enters her twinkle moaned his name louder kunj does it fast and twinkle too mosns and enjoying his sweet torture…

After spending there romantic moments twinkle comes out of washroom and gets ready in beautiful saari and looking very beautiful she is drying her hair in front of mirror remembering there romance she shy like anything

Kunj comes out of washroom and see her shying.

Kunj – no not again I can’t control myself

Twinkle – shut up sadu shameless sab kar liya phir control nahi hotha if I leave you to do you do that only whole day

Kunj – like you won’t do anything siyappa queen look here at my back you scratches it fully…

Twinkle – huhu you also did

Kunj – acha ??? show me

Twinkle – chup besharam

Kunj pull her in hug

Kunj – thank you twinkle I’m so happy for everything now no problem and fight between us we will stay like this only happily whole life.. I promise you I’ll not hurt you again.

Twinkle – I love you too baby and I promise you I’ll never leave you again and I’ll be with you always.. Sorry kunj i seperate you from your baby

Kunj – no twinkle no need to say me sorry I was wrong at that time so you did right

Twinkle – sorry na i hurt you souch these days always torturing you and taunting you after knowing you changed also I behaved with badly but what to do I couldn’t control my anger n said so many harsh words to you

Kunj – arey bass baby you are not wrong ok now leave it and remember one thing twinkle I love only you no one can’t take your place in my place that rupali bhabhi of your was behind me and when I denied she made me look bad in front of your brother so he hated me that time and we both continue our hate journey and that turned problematic to you

Twinkle – now leave it na…. Everything is clear now… And I know you love only me I trust you and I love you only and you are only mine

Kunj – and you are only mine baby

And kunj lips about to kiss twinkle lips ???

But suddenly twinkle pushed kunj he fell on bed

Kunj – what the

Kush woke up and crying

Twinkle sit on bed taking him on her lap

Twinkle – shh baby see mumma is here only don’t cry bacha

He was still crying bit

Kunj comes there

Kunj – bad timing beta can’t you wake up after 10 minutes… Dad Kissing mumma know you cried and disturb us next time don’t do this ok

Kush looking at twinkle crying more and points finger at kunj like complaining

Twinkle – chup kunj we are so lucky that they left us till now to do romance and you are still telling him only

Kunj – oh tho hey ?? we are so lucky they are good babies and see this choti siyappa queen still sleeping totally went on you always sleeping acha hey

Twinkle – shut up give me kush milk bottle now kunj gave her feeding bottle she keeps it in Kush mouth but he didn’t drink and touch her chest and tap on it

Kush – ye… Ye

Kunj – oh you want that only I also want ?? he comes near to him while twinkle push him

Twinkle – shameless man don’t do it in front of my baby what it think about us na

Kunj – what he think that dadda loves mom hena Kush

Kush holdings small towel and give to twinkle and gesture her to cover her and give him his milk like always she do

Twinkle make him lye on her lap and Kush put towel on him covering him and twinkle

Twinkle – see kunj he telling me to cover ithe dont wanted you to see it

Kunj – like I don’t know how it looks tell that naughty baby that I saw everything first and I also have right on you

Twinkle – chup besharam

Kunj smiles at her

Tanu woke up and looking at her parents and showed hand to kunj gestures him to take her

Twinj  smiles at her kunj take her in arms and plays with her twinkle admiring them

Twinkle – ahaa ahha kush no

Kunj – what happened?  Why you screaming

Twinkle – your naughty son bite me there and pinching there

Kunj – haa ???? acha hua badi keh rahi thi mera beta vo hey ye hey haha ??

Twinkle – totally went on his dad

Kunj – vo tho hey

Kush goes to kunj and busy in playing


Twinkle – chalo babies I’ll make you ready now chutu sa baby ka naming ceremony hena your small sister’s naming ceremony

While both babies smiles

Twinj makes them ready both looking so cute

Next scene

Mahi and yuvi having romantic moment

Mahi – what do you think about twinj

Yuvi – what? 

Mahi – means everything become good between them and they become one again

Yuvi – yes and you only said that they are one now by saying twinj

Mahi – whatever my friend should be happy always

Yuvi – same here

Mahi – what happened at night in there room I wanna know

Yuvi – besharam kahi ki why you wanna know

Mahi – arey fpr fun I told twinkle to drink and beat him maza aayega

Yuvi – hehe my friend kunj very well knows how to handle his siyappa queen and you don’t give her any idea like this yesterday see what siyappa twinkle have done she beat rupali but it was fun for me bechara kunj was controlling her and rupali condition was worth watching

Mahi – hehe I was to scared ki twinkle usko maar hey na dey but she took plastic knife to kill her

All comes outside

Rupali was hiding from twinkle being scared ??

Twinkle – see sadu you better be away from that rupali if she talk to you.. You don’t reply her I’ll reply got it

Kunj – ok my possessive darling.. You don’t worry by mistake also now she won’t come to us ??

Twinkle – haa you handle babies I’ll help mom and jeevika bhabhi

Kunj saw yuhi coming

Kunj – twinkle listen your friend mahi want to see marks I gave you and you give me

Twinkle – what?  Shameless man

Kunj – oye you tell it to your friend see she message me at morning and asked about marks she thought you beat me but she doesn’t know what happened shall I tell her which marks you got and where

Twinkle – chup ho javo na kya bhol rahe ho that mahi and you always fight

Mahi – he starts it twinkle tell him and did you beat him yesterday ?

Kunj – I’ll tell

Twinkle – shut up you come with me mahi if you be here you both will start fighting again..

This people don’t know how to behave in front of babies ???

Look they listening everything they learn this only huhu

Yuvi – acha haa twinkle we don’t know anything you teach us how to behave hena kunj

Kunj – haan yar twinkle will give YouTube channel now in that she will teach how to behave with babies and all

And about last night’s stunt too she teaches

Twinkle – chup ?

Kunj – arey i was telling about rupali matter that how to teach lessons to rupali kine people what you thought dirty mind

Kuvi  and mahi laughs on her

Twinkle – mahi in which team you are why laughing with them haa dont talk to me

Mahi – arey listen babes she runs behind her

Rocky handling his small baby which is in no mood to listen him and teasing him

Rocky – please wear it you look good

Yuvi and kunj laugh on him Rocky look at them and makes faces

Kunj – are you expecting her to speak to you and listen to your every request

Yuvi – haa he asking baby permission

Rocky – chup it’s tough to handle small babies your twins were also like this dont you know oh you don’t know anything about them you were not there na…..

they become silent for sometimes

Rocky just said he didn’t realize what he said for change he felt sad for kunj and was sorry

Rocky – I’m sorry kunj

Kunj – it’s ok why you saying sorry yar and this twins are more ziddi now also twinkle and I’ll be tired and they won’t stop teasing us especially this kush and this tanu to not less but she sleeps most of time

Rocky – haan just like my twinkie she is also same always sleeping and when gets up she just want everyone to take care of her only and if someone tries to take her thing she don’t leave them..

Kunj – now also she is same always wants to sleep and about her things and her man she takes much care and we know what she will do to them… Yesterday live example

They all laugh


Rocky – that rupali deserves it.. She always finding situation to sunavo twinkle and wasn’t listening anyone but from now may she she will be away from twinkle now

Yuvi – ladaku twinkle

Kunj – my wild cat she is ???

Leela maa and twinkle standing at door and listening them twinkle standing with angry pout and leela laughing

Kunj turn and see twinkle

Kunj pretend like he didn’t saw her

Kunj – chup dono koyi meri biwi ko kuch math bholo.. She is very innocent girl and she doesn’t know meaning of fight too

Yuvi – what happened to you suddenly?

Kunj gestures him to look at back yuvi see twinkle

Yuvi – haan yar Rocky how you can tell like this about your sister she is very innocent like baby and she is same as kush and tanu baby she is twinkle baby

Kunj – saale oh sirf meri baby hey aur thi overacting bandh kar

Rocky – but you both still saying ki vo ladaku hey

Kunj – hum kab yar mey mey tho  aisha kyu bolunga vo meri ek lothi biwi hey

Yuvi – ha ek lothi like hum sabke pass 3-4 biwi hey

Twinkle- stop this drama you sadu sarna i listened everything ?? I listened everything who said what

Kunj – acha simply I done drama then.. Ok said what is wrong in it we just said the facts only.. Leela maa you only tell we decribed twinkle correctly know

Leela – yes 100% right

Twinkle – maa tum bhi huhu sadu I’ll see you later

Kunj – now also you seeing me only

Twinkle gestures tanu to pull kunj hair

And tanu does she pull his hair

Tanu – kuku abhhhhh

Kunj – leave me tanu dont do it…

While kush pulling yuvi cheeks

Yuvi – ahaa no please it hurts

Twinkle – good kush and tanu

Leela – kush tanu no leave them they look at twinkle

Leela – say them to stop twinkle puttar you teach this to your babies haa ki usse maaro isse maaro so bad twinkle. First only they are very naughty and you teaching them this all

Twinkle – huhu maa you scolding only me haa look at this people first they teasing me

Kunj – aur daanto maa isse mere bacho ko bhigad rahi hey

Twinkle – aww sadu

Leela – stop it and Rocky you can’t handle her give my grand daughter to me I’ll make her ready

Rocky – maa I’m trying ok

Twinkle – yes I’m seeing what you tried still she is in her nappy only

Rocky – arey she not letting me to do anything

Kunj – haa so we waiting for her mood

Twinkle – haa sadu tera muh dhek key uska acha mood jaake sadu mode on ho gayi hey

Kunj – apna chehra math dhikayi yo siyappa mode on hotha hey

Twinkle – you

While baby started to cry

And looking at her crying kush tanu too started crying all look at there face

Leela – all because of you people don’t know how to handle kids huhu go out now I’ll handle her and kunj and twinkle take care of your babies

Kunj – this two are same like siyappa queen start crying every time

Twinj consoling babies

Usha maya alisha with manohar and bebe enters taneja mansion

Usha maya Or alisha making faces and behaving like they are very Royal and others are not in her level

Maya – oh twinkle invited us to this house look at this it’s so small and so unclassy

Alisha – yes di and I’m feeling so hot looking at kunj

Kunj gave her angry look

Kunj – why you all come here

Usha – you tho forgot us na after coming to wife home why you go her behind every time haa she isn’t good for you can’t you see how she tortures us

Kunj – yes I didn’t forget anything mom I still remember how you seperate us and how you tortured her and how you made me to go against her filling my ear against her everything I remember you giving me some drug to increase my anger so my temper always high and on right time you fill my ears against her so I can torture her and you were successful and also I remember when I was in pain when twinkle left me you didn’t cared about my pain and all just cared about yourself and forcing me to marry alisha and in your own world always

Usha – kunjj

Kunj – please stop

Maya – see mummy ji that twinkle

Kunj – dont you dare to take her name from your dirty… I’ll forget you are my bhabhi just get the hell out of my sight before I do something

Alisha – that twinkle invited us here

Kunj – ok now she invited you guys and im insulting you guys now go from here please don’t spoil our happiness.. You three go from here

Twinkle – kunj i invited them

Kunj – why so?  What’s need of it twinkle

Usha – abhi thak koyi paani thak nahi pucha huh go and get water for me

Twinkle takes water and comes while usha smiles like anything

Because twinkle listening her orders

Alisha – get me some juice

Kunj – poision dhu ?

Twinkle – juice peene idar thak aayi thi and how you think that I’ll listen to you

Dear mummy ji dont fly thinking I’ll listen your every order just giving izzath because your my husband mom and also aap ki age ka izsath kar key

Now dont create any drama here no one listen you just go and sit and enjoy with everyone leave this ego

Usha makes faces but can’t do anything she just goes maya ans Alisha following her

Twinkle – I said mummy ji to go not to you both I have work for you guys

Alisha – what?

Twinkle – wait na baba you are so excited to work haan see guest will come now so don’t dare to show your faces to them they will be scared got it.. And you Alisha by mistakes also if I saw you near kunj see what I’ll do to you I’ll hang you here only and you telling you feeling so hot right now you feel more hot

Go and wash our clothes after finishing that clean everything here and

Maya – she won’t do this

Twinkle – you both will do this don’t you dare to stop me in middle other wise you know what I’ll do aap jaake barthan dho

Alisha – ok fine ? where is washing machine

Twinkle – badi aayi washing machine mey dhone if you dare to use washing machine I’ll put you inside washing machine

Javo dhup mey kade hoke kaam karo mere sath bhi ki na ye anh teri bhari all will enjoy function and you both will be working got it now don’t waste time go from here

And kunj muje na evil eyes uthar ni hey tujpe iska evil eye jo padi

Alisha – huh

Kunj – utaro baby bhuri nazar utaro

Twinkle – haan she removed his evil eye and kiss on his cheek in front of Alisha looking at her Alisha Maya makes faces at her

Kunj takes twinkle hand and kiss on it and they go from there holding hand in hand smiling

Maya Alisha burned like anything after see this and goes from there

Twinkle – kunj see there how rupali hiding from hehe feeling good

Kunj smiles at her and pull her cheeks

Everyone comes

Pandith tell Rocky and rupali to name baby

Rt – what name you decided Rocky

Rocky – you all tell what all you decide

Rupali – why they all haa I’ll decide

Rt – haa let her decide in sad tone

Rupali – rani hey vo iss gar ki I name her as rani

Rocky – no I didn’t like it

Jeevika – i think

Rupali – who said you to think about my baby huh tereko tho baby nahi hoga badi aayi naam suggests karne

Viren – shut up rupali is it way to talk. We are not interested in this got it come jeevika

Rocky – viren please I’m sorry from her side please dont go and rupali better you shut your mouth.. Jeevika bhabhi please you suggest name

Jeevika – Rashi ?

Twinj – rashi is good name everyone smiles and kept baby name as rashi everyone told her name 3 times in her ears

When kunj turn comes

Rupali taunts kunj

Rupali – hahaha??? look who came here

Twinkle – you please shut your mouth don’t you dare to come near him

Kunj – please rupali we just doing ritual

Rupali – ha ha ritual karo karo tumko mauka nahi mila na apna bacho ka naamkaran mey unhe naam rakh ney ki.. Naam rakhna door unke pydha hone ka kabar bhi na mila tumhe ??? atleast now you get chance to name others baby

And you both are so unlucky so your babies to.. Apsagun hey vo log aathe hey unke mom dad alag ho gaye…

Kunj- how dare you he raised his hand to slap her but twinkle stopped him and nodes in no

But rupali got slap by leela

Rupali made angry face and goes from there burning

Leela – I’m sorry twinkle and kunj

Kunj – why you saying sorry me but next time if she continues I don’t know what I’ll do her why she takes my kush tanu in everything

Twinkle – haa maa bahuth hogaya abh nahi seh sakti unki kadvi baathey she always curse on my babies what they did in it and always taunt me and kunj

Leela consoles them and assures them she will see her then function continues

Kunj feels bad thinking about her words

That he wasn’t present on there baby naming ceremony

Twinkle understands his pain and thinks something

All enjoys function and kush tanu making cute faces and antics so everyone see them only

Twinkle – dekho kunj sab log mere babies ko kaise dhek rahe and they pulling there cheeks and all

Kunj – let them do why you feeling jealous I’m there to to pull your cheeks

And he pulled her cheeks

Twinkle – aww chodo I’m not jealous but bacho ko nazar lagega

Kunj – shut up twinkle kaishe bathe karti rehti hey

Twinkle – huhu makes pout

Kunj – idiot don’t make that pout now I can’t control myself later don’t tell me

Twinkle – tum idiot bada aaya can’t control myself 24 hrs want to do that only

Kunj – arey you also want to do that only but don’t show it because you are siyappa queen yesterday night you rape me

Twinkle – chup ho javo very lame

Viren – twinkle kunj

Twinj – yes ?

Viren – both shut up always fighting twinkle tere muh ko thoda rest dey he tell them something and goes from there

Twinj look at each other

At same time both

All happened because of you sadu / siyappa queen

Twinkle – you

Kunj – you

Twinkle – told na you

Kunj – you

Twinkle –  I don’t want to talk with you sadu you always fight with

I’ll go to my room and take some rest

Kunj – want some rest like you only did all work from morning you did makeup and roaming here and there and eating my head only this work you did and you want rest

Twinkle – you are doing too much kunj why teasing me this much haa see what I’ll do

Kunj – what you will do haa you will get drunk again and go to murder someone by plastic knife ? and after that make love with me

Acha go and take rest have good sleep now itself in night I won’t give chance to you to sleep get it

Twinkle – I don’t let you come near me huhu

Kunj – hehe joke do you remember what happened in morning I don’t mind to continue it he held her hand and takes her behind pillar so no one can’t see them

Twinkle – chodo muje

Kunj – kyu chodu.. You were telling something haa you don’t let me touch you haa pulling her by waist and his grip on her waist was tight

He Caresses her cheeks and rubs his thumb on her lips sensually.

Twinkle moans kunj name

Kunj – talking so much nowadays haan he gives quick peck on her lips and kiss on her eyes

Twinkle gives shy smile.

Yuvi and mahi  handling kush tanu and searching kunj and twinkle to give them there babies

Yuvi – ye sahi hey apne bacho ko hum ko dekhe khud romance kar rahe hey.

Mahi coughs

Twinj comes to reality and seperate twinkle feeling shy

Kunj – why you both disturb us haa.

Mahi – huhu you take your babies now

Yuvi – ha they teasing us so much see

They give them kush and tanu they jump on there parents

Twinj take them to there room

Kunj – khel khel key thak gaye dono abh so javo dono

Kush tanu nodes in no and teasing both of them so much

Twinkle takes out some albums and gives it to kunj

Kunj – what is this he keeps his laptop aside he was watching some video

Twinkle – our babies photos

Kunj smiles and takes it

And twinkle sits beside him both looking at photo and admiring there babies and twinkle explaining about When photo taken and how they were at that time and all

Kunj smiling like anything

Twinkle eyes went on kush and tanu who looking at laptop only without blinking eyes and opened there mouth

Twinkle – look at them what they are looking at

Kunj remember something

Kunj – oh god I was watching our romantic videos and didn’t close it


Twinkle – kunjjj off it now look at them how interestingly they looking at it why you made video of it haa

Kunj – dont shout na yar i wasn’t knowing this will happen and Don’t worry they don’t understand anything

He took laptop and off it

Tanu – ku…. Ku dey

Kush – haan hiiii

Twinkle – chup nahi denge

They made crying face twinj looked at each other

Kunj – arey I’ll show you photos haa

Twinkle – no I can’t take risk again.. May your mobile also filled with those photos romantic sarna

Kunj – I’m thinking ki video or photo kyu unge live dhika detha hun sab aishe he pull twinkle close to him she land on his lap kunj kiss on her cheeks

Twinkle – you are becoming shameless day by day kunj what they think about us ha chodo muje

Kunj – close your eyes Kush tanu

But they showed him big eyes ??

Kunj – i said to close

While tanu and kush made louder noise and tell something in there baby language and try to push twinkle from his lap and they sit there

After sometimes

Twinkle – kunj today you looked sad while baby naming ceremony dont be sad I’m thinking to keep our babies naming ceremony again so you don’t miss it

Kunj – so good you think about me but it’s ok twinkle now again you want to do it it’s already done right

Twinkle – but you were not there na so I decided we will do it.. Just a small function

Kunj hugs her

Kunj – i love you twinkle

Twinkle – I love you too baby ??

Alisha maya rupali saw them and burned like anything

Alisha – we have to do something there love increasing again

Rupali – yes I’ll be in your team now we will do something

Maya – haa and one more person ready to help us

Alisha – who? 

Rupali – usha?

Maya – arey not that oldy someone else and she smirks

To be continued…

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