Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 62

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At night,

Guest room,

Om comes there, Gayatri saw him and smiled,

Gayatri: I thought you forgot, I was going to remind you.
Omkara: I don’t have a weak memory, I remember everything.
Gayatri: For how long will you act like this with me? I am your mother after all.
Omkara: Please, I have no interest in your talks. Take this (he gives her an envelope, she checks it, and is happy seeing the cheque) and now stay quiet till the wedding.

He is about to go but Gayatri’s words stop him.

Gayatri: Do you really love her?
Omkara: No, I don’t love her, I am marrying Ishana for her money (Gayatri smiles) What do you think about me, you think I am your son, so I would be like you, no, I am not. I know, I met Ishana for money, but when I got to know her, I realized life is much more than money and luxury, she changed me and made me a better person, and that’s why I love her so much.
Gayatri: You have really changed a lot. Ishana has got into your head. But with time, you’ll realize that it’s her name and fame that attracted you and not her heart.

Om looks at her with anger filled eyes but controls himself.

Omkara: A woman like you, she’ll never understand love and relations.

He leaves from there.

Outside the room,

Om comes out and is shocked to see Shivaay there.

Omkara: Shivaay…you…
Shivaay: What is all this Om? Why did you give your mother that cheque?
Omkara: Shivaay… (Om tells Shivaay everything, Shivaay is shocked)
Shivaay: I cannot imagine, how can a mother make a deal like this with her own son?
Omkara: Sometimes I feel like I am not her son, that is why she behaves like this with me.
Shivaay: But I am glad that you love Ishu truly. And I know you’ll always keep her safe and happy.
Omkara: I will never let anything bad come near her.
Shivaay: But Om, don’t you think Ishu should know about all this, I mean…
Omkara: I know Shivaay what you mean to say. But I want her to be happy during our wedding, she should not worry about any such matters. And don’t worry, after the wedding, I’ll tell her everything.
Shivaay: As you think.

They both smile at each other and leave.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was smiling looking at her ring,

Ishana: I did it, I am finally committed and that to the right person for me. I always ran away from commitments, but Om, he changed me and my thoughts, he brought back my lost trust in relations. I am lucky to have him in my life.

She was lost in thoughts when her phone beeped, she saw a message from Om, he was waiting for her in the lawn. She quickly got up from the bed and walked out.

In the lawn,

Ishana came there and was looking for Om, she was walking when Om held her hand and took her to the other side of the lawn, where a gazebo was beautifully decorated with lights, the entrance was decorated with orchids, in the center was an aisle with a cloth covering it. Ishana was mesmerized by the beauty in front of her.

Ishana: Om, what is all this?
Omkara: A surprise for you.

They walked towards the aisle, Om removed the cloth.

The aisle revealed the painting of a girl dancing, her white Anarkali flowing with the graceful moves, her Jhumkas swinging with the music, her eyes telling a beautiful tale, her hands and legs reciting her own story, her angelic beauty that would make your heart skip a beat, her bright smile that hid all the pain in her black eyes, she was lost in her own charm……she was none other than ISHANA.

It was the same painting she had seen on the road, when she had encountered the mysterious artist, her new unknown friend and now her would-be husband.

Ishana couldn’t believe that Om’s hand had such magic that could make a mere painting come alive, she felt like the luckiest person in the world.

Ishana: Om, this is so beautiful.
Omkara: Well, not more than you.

She hugged him and he hugged her back.

Soumya’s room,

Soumya: I am so happy, finally Ishu got her happiness, and I am so happy that Om jiju loves her so much.
Rudra: They were meant to be together and so destiny brought them closer.
Soumya: So, you believe in destiny and all?
Rudra: Yes, I do. What about you, do you believe in destiny?

Soumya put her hands around Rudra’s shoulders, Rudra looked surprised at her, she moved closer to him, Rudra looked at her, she then slowly closed her eyes and moved closer, Rudra too closed his eyes, their lips met and they were lost in each other, after sometime they moved apart, both were smiling and looking down.
Soumya (whispered in his ears): I don’t know about destiny, but if destiny brought us together, then I am thankful to her.

They looked at each other and smiled.

Shivika’s room,

Anika was sitting in front of the mirror, she was removing her jewelry, Shivaay saw her and Anika saw him staring through the mirror,

Anika: Shivaay, stop staring at me.
Shivaay: Why should I? You are my wife, I have rights to stare you.

Saying so he moved closer to her, he put his hands around her waist and rest his chin on her shoulders, they were looking at each other through the mirror.

Shivaay made her face him, and lifted her face, he moved closer and pulled her nearer, they were very close, they looked at each other, Anika was blushing, Shivaay placed his lips oh hers and started sucking her, she was lost in him, they were enjoying each other’s taste, they were lost in each other, after few moments they moved away.
Anika moved away and was about to go, but Shivaay held her hand and pulled her towards him. He then lifted her and Anika looked at him,

Shivaay: Not today, you are not going away from me.

He moved towards the bed and gently placed her on the bed, Anika was breathing heavily, she looked the other side, Shivaay sat closer to her, he moved her hair to the side and touched her bare back, shiver ran through Anika, she closed her eyes as Shivaay kissed her back, he then moved towards her neck, he was kissing her softly, he made her face him and then kissed her eyes, ears and nose. She was loving his touch. He then kissed her lips, and unhooked her blouse. They were lost in each other.

Next day,

Shivika’s room,

Shivaay and Anika were sleeping hugging each other, Anika opened her eyes and looked at Shivaay, he was sleeping peacefully, Anika smiled seeing him,

Anika (thinking): How much has he changed me? I never thought that I could get this happiness in my life. He came in my life and changed it completely. He made me the old Anika. I am lucky to have him. I love you Shivaay. And I promise you, I’ll always keep you safe and happy.

She remembered about Tannish and the person he was talking about. She decided that after Ishkara wedding, she’ll solve the matter for once and all. She then got up, kissed
Shivaay’s forehead and went to the washroom.

Living room,

The workers were all busy doing preparations for the sangeet, that was in two days, all of them were busy with work.

Jhanvi was standing near a pillar, she was lost in her own thoughts,

Jhanvi (thinking): I know, after whatever you did with me, I shouldn’t care for you or think about you. But I cannot stop thinking Tej, I know we have many issues in our life, but we never stayed away like this. Where are you? It is our Ishu’s wedding, our Ishu, the little girl has grown up now, and she is getting married. I know you love her a lot and she, she may not accept it but she loves you too. We may have our own problems, but we all love each other a lot. But where are you, you never went away for so long? Please Tej, please come back, we miss you and we need you.

Some unknown place,

A man was tied to a chair, he was completely tired and drenched out of energy, but he was still breathing, every breathe was taken with great effort.

A lady enters the room, she smirked seeing him.

Lady: Who had thought the great Tej Singh Oberoi would be in such condition ever (She laughs) I pity you (She holds his mouth and makes him look up) but I HATE YOU MORE (she removes her hand, Tej looked at her with anger)
Tej: You have taken enmity with the wrong person, I am Tej Singh Oberoi, I won’t spare you.
Lady: Rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya. You are going to die soon, but you won’t leave your Oberoi ego ever.
Tej: I know my family, they’ll come for me.
Lady: Family? Really? Which family are you talking about? In the past years, all you have given them is pain and sadness, and you think that they love you and will come for you. You know nothing about what a family is.
Tej: Says someone who killed her own husband.

The lady gets angry while Tej smirks.

Lady: Let’s see, who saves you. (She leaves)

Tej (thinking): I know I have done wrong with my family but I also know that we love each other and cannot stay away from each other. Being away from them for so long has made me realize how important they are for me. I know my mistakes don’t deserve forgiveness but I have to apologize for my deeds. Jhanvi and Ishu, I have given them so much pain and that’s why God punished me like this, I deserve this. I am sorry Jhanvi. I am sorry Ishu. But please save me, please.

That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    It’s good that atleast billuji knows about omkie’s mom.. Warna aage kuch gadbad ho sakti hai.. Loved all couples moments.. Finally yeh toh pata chala ki tej kaha hai par yeh nhi pata ki kiske paas hai.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. ❤

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much ❤❤

  2. Fenil

    fantastic chapy !! lovely couples moments !! Loved it !!

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you dost ??

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