The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part 11

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Even though Siddharth was physically present at his office, he was mentally absent, what Tanu said yesterday had really affected him negatively, was that what she thought of him? Did she see him as a bad brother? Did she mean every word she said or was it the alcohol speaking? He tried blaming it all on the alcohol, but he knew better, what she said was what she felt, she was just not bold enough to say it when she was sober, the alcohol just helped her pour out all her feelings, what is it that I haven’t done for her? What exactly haven’t I done right? he thought, he was told that he cared more for Pragya than he did her, but what Tanu didn’t understand was that, both she and Pragya were polar opposites, Pragya was very reserved and she was very shy, she never loved to socialize with people,

while Tanu was an outgoing person, someone who always loved to be in the spotlight, it was always difficult for Pragya to fit in when they attended any social events, including weddings we’re it was only close family and friends, she always kept to herself, and being smarter than the people present there did not help, because no one wanted to be stuck with some smarty pants, Tanu on the other hand could easily fit in, all she had to do was to flash a fake smile at people and before you know it they will be flocking towards her, while Pragya would silently stand in a dark corner all alone looking and feeling out of place.


Back home Tanu knew that she had messed up real bad, her father stopped caring about what she did, it was clear when he said, ‘it’s your life, do what you want to do with it, I don’t care, but when you find yourself in trouble, don’t come crying to me. ‘ She didn’t care if he stopped caring, to her he stopped caring since the doctor told them that her mother was Pregnant, to her he stopped caring when Pragya was born, so she could careless what he thought, but she needed Sid, he was her only brother and she did care about him and what he felt, she needed him to side with her, Pragya could get all their father’s love and care, but not Siddharth, Siddharth was her brother and it will always be like that.


Even though he didn’t want to show it, Raj was worried for his oldest daughter, this jealousy and envy towards her sister was slowly turning into something more lethal and he feared what will happen because of this, he prayed that Tanu could see that she was loved by everyone and he hoped that this jealousy and envy which was slowly growing into something more deadly, wouldn’t lead Tanu to do something which might destroy the whole family and most important ruin her.


Abhi finally found Sid’s office, he didn’t know what to expect, this family was full of surprises, they sure did things differently, taking in deep breaths, Abhi knocked on Sid’s door, it was strange to him that Sid didnt have a secretary or a personal assistant, didn’t he need any help? Or maybe he loved working alone. Abhi knocked on the door for a second time, this time louder than the first, hearing a faint come in, Abhi took in another deep breath and slowly opened the door.


“Good Morning. ” Abhi said to a disturbed looking Sid.


“Morning, who are you? And what can I do for you? ” Sid asked Abhi, he was in no mood to see anyone to today.


“You hired me yesterday. ” Abhi replied trying so hard not to sound sarcastic.


“Oh, sorry, it’s you, kelvin right? ”


“No, it’s Karan. Karan Sinha. ”


“Oh, yeah, how did I even hire you? ”


Confirmed, this family consists of crazed people, Abhi thought, keeping his thoughts to himself, he replied to Sid’s question saying, “you asked me some weird questions and said I could start working today. ”


“Oh, okay, but what are you doing here, you work for my dad, not me. ”


“He asked me to come to you saying you tell me what I am to do. ”


“Oh, do you have a college degree or something? ” Sid awked suddenly.


“Why are you asking for that now? ” Abhi asked, yes he was shocked, why he was shocked, he didn’t know, after all that’s the right thing to do Siddharth had to hire someone who was qualified for the position, not just someone who is not made out of plastic and can lift weight.


“Are you going to answer my question or not? ”


“Um no, I only have a high school diploma. ”


“Oh, looks like I thought wrong, looking at you I wouldn’t think that you don’t carry a degree with you, you sure do look intelligent, anyway I think I can work with a high school diploma. Can I have a look at it? ”


“You don’t want to see it. ”


“Of course I do, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to have a look at it. ” Abhi didn’t mean to say that out loud, but looks like Sid hard a sharp hearing sense.


“Okay, here goes. ”


“Why are you so embarrassed, I am sure your results can’t be that bad. ” Sid said, it was as if he was trying to make him feel better.


“If only you knew. ” Abhi mumbled.


Once Sid opened Abhi’s file, he was beyond shocked, now he understood why he was so embarrassed, he looked up at Abhi and only saw that he had his face in his palms, causing Sid to burst in laughter.


“Now what, please tell me you didn’t take a picture? ” Abhi said remembering what happened in Raj’s office.


“Why would I take a picture? ” Sid said wiping a few tears which came out of his eyes due to his non stop laughing. “But to be honest, I have never met someone as dumb as you, dude you are so stupid, I mean no offence, but that’s the truth. ” he said still laughing.


“Well thank you. ” Abhi said, he was a graduate from Havard university, he managed his father’s company and here he is being laughed at and being called stupid, all thanks to Rachna.


“But man, I know people who fail an exam, but you dude this is worse than failing, why did I even hire you? ” Sid asked this question a second time.


“You could asked yourself that. ” Abhi countered annoyed.


“Oh Gosh. ” Sid said catching some air. “You know what, forget about it, when you got here, did you bring the old man his coffee? ”




“And he didn’t create any scene? ” Sid ask Abhi who said a simple no. “You are a keeper, even with these pathetic results, you still keep the job. ”


“Well thank you? ” It was more of a question than a statement.


“And I like you, so lunch is on me, we could be very good friends, I see a bright future for us, now come with me, I will show you your little office. ” Abhi followed Sid behind where he showed him his office, which was not so far from Raj’s, he told him all what he was supposed to do and reminded him of there lunch before he headed back to his own office.

Abhi couldn’t believe what just happened, who hires someone like that, it was like Sid didn’t fear of things going wrong in his company, if it was his he wouldn’t hire Karan, not even as a cleaner, sighing Abhi begun to clean his office making it look suitable for his work.


The day had passed fast for Abhi, his first day at work wasn’t so bad, yes he knew that he worked for a crazy father and son, but they were genuinely good, his lunch date with Sid was not that bad except for the fact that Sid didn’t miss an opportunity to insult him, well he was insulting Karan, but Sid saw him as Karan so yes, he was humiliated because of his results which were not even real, thank God for Rachna. He did what he was supposed to do said bye to both Raj and Sid as he found them together and yes they didn’t miss this chance as they laughed at him again, this time by showing him the picture that Raj took of him, ignoring them he said a quick good bye and left annoyed which only made them laugh more.




At the cafe everything was moving smoothly, nothing eventful had happened yet.

The only thing that seemed to disturb Pragya from doing her work properly was Sid, she was still worried about him, he was upset in them morning, but when she called him during lunch, he sounded jovial, but that didn’t stop her from worrying, she would only stop once she sees him.

Hearing jingling sounds at the door she knew that there was another customer to attend to, but Roshni had that covered has she walked towards the customer. Now why would Roshni walk towards a customer like that.


“Pragya, look who is here. ” Roshni said with a smile. Pragya looked up to see who Roshni was talking about and she was shocked to see Karan(Abhi), who was looking at Roshni with the same shocked expression. “Karan is here, okay I will leave you two. ”


“What happened to her? ” Abhi asked pointing at Roshni.


“I have no idea. ” Pragya replied shaking her head from side to side.


“Whatever. Um… Pragya, I just wanted to apologize for what happened this morning. ”


“It’s okay, I already forgot about it. ”


“Okay, I brought you some chocolates. ” He said giving her a box of chocolates.


“CHOCOLATE!!! Roshni screamed as she came rushing towards the box of chocolates.


“Hey, those are mine. ” Pragya said as Roshni grabbed the box from Abhi’s hands.


“Karan can always get you another box. ” Roshni said as she stuffed her mouth with chocolate, Pragya just smiled at her best friend’s childish behavior.


“Um… Pragya. ” Abhi called her name nervously. “I… Was uh, you know wondering if, you could. ” he cleared his throat and continued. “If you.. You know I am new here and you are the only one I know. ” Roshni found this so funny as she was trying to bite back her laugh.


“Pragya, give him your number. ” Roshni said smirking at Abhi.


“What? Why? ” Pragya asked her friend. “If he wants my number he would ask for it. ”


“Karan, wants your number, poor boy is just feeling so shy to ask you, look at him blushing. ” Yes indeed he was blushing, it’s rare to see a grown man blush and that’s exactly what Abhi was doing.


“Do you want my number Karan? ” Pragya asked him softly.


“You are the only person I know here. ” Abhi tried to explain, he didn’t want to be to direct and scare her.


“Do you want her number, yes or no. ” From happy to see me, to you annoy me so much, yes Roshni’s mood suddenly changed, it was clear in her question.


“Um yes, I would like to have your number. ” Pragya simply smiled at him and got a pen and paper and wrote her number there giving it to Abhi, the atmosphere suddenly changed to awkward, they both were unable to look at each other as Roshni looked at both of them still devouring Pragya’s chocolates.


“Talk already. ” Roshni said, they were beginning to annoy her.


“Roshni don’t you have to check on the apple pie? ” Pragya asked her, indirectly telling her to leave.


“Fine. ” Roshni said with her mouth full of chocolate and left.


“I don’t think you will find any of those chocolates. ” Abhi said breaking the awkward silence.


“I guess so. So how was your first day at work? Do you like the place? ” Pragya asked curious to know what he thinks of her fathers company.


“Well, the place is neat, the people there are nice, kind people, but the Mr Khurana and his son – they scare me. ”


“Why? What did they do? ” Pragya asked a little curious, she knew her father was strict when it came to work, but Sid was fun, nothing scary about him.


“To be honest Pragya that family is full crazed people, I don’t know about the mother, I have only met her once, but if she is married to that man and raised such a son, I assume she also has a loose screw. ” Abhi kept talking without even noticing the change in Pragya’s expression, while Roshni stood quietly laughing behind Pragya. “Those people are crazy, I wonder how they managed to build such a successful company, I really don’t know how they did it, because to be honest, they are not normal. ” Abhi said.


It was like this day was just not his as Sid stepped into the cafe. “Hey baby girl. ” Abhi looked at Sid with wide eyes.


Noticing his shock Sid cleared the misunderstanding. “Oh Karan, meet my baby sister Pragya, Pragya he is dad’s new assistant. ” Sid did the introductions.


“I know, he said a lot about you. ” Pragya said bitterly, it was clear she was angry.


“Ok, are you done? We need to go home, and smiley, can I have some of your delicious cinnamon rolls. ” Roshni disappeared into the kitchen smiling like a goof, while Pragya angrily glared at Abhi. Sid didn’t seem to notice as he was busy looking towards the Kitchen, once Roshni come with his cinnamon rolls, Pragya took her bag, said bye to Roshni and left the cafe.


“Hahahaha.. You fool, you just ruined your chance with the girl. ” Roshni said laughing at Abhi.


“I swear I didn’t know anything. ”


“Well, sort this out, you can bring her more chocolates. ”


“So that you can eat them. ”


“Sorry, I was only trying to help, now please leave, I am about to close. ”


Abhi left the cafe thinking about what just happened, he had ruined his chances, why did he have to be so stupid, getting into a cub, giving the driver directions to his house he couldn’t stop thinking of how he was going to talk to Pragya the next day, not thinking of anything better to do, he gave Rachna a call.




Rachna : Did you get the girls number.

That was the first thing she asked him when she picked up the phone, she never even bothered to greet him.

Abhi : Well hello to you too, I am doing fine thank you for asking. *he replied sarcastically*

Rachna : Did you get her number or not? If not hung up before I start insulting you in every language on this planet.

Abhi : Yes I did, but there is a problem.

Rachna : What problem?

Abhi : I insulted her family.

Rachna : How did you manage to do that? Abhi, how could you?

Abhi explained to her what happened, and instead of helping, she just laughed at him, why was everyone laughing at him today.

Rachna : Dude you are on your own, don’t involve me in this.

Abhi : Rachna please.

Rachna : no, my only advice is that you do something creative, different to earn her forgiveness, good luck and bye.




Just like that she hung up on him. Sighing Abhi paid the driver his money got out of this taxi and begun to walk to his small house feeling like a sore loser. How was he going to face Pragya the next day.


The end.


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