Om and his daughters — 1



rikara’s room:

rikara was sleeping with gauri head on om’s hard chest. just then a cry was heard and rikara woke up.

gauri: go and attend your ladli.

om lovingly rolled his eyes and went out of the bed and went to the cot in their room:

om lovingly rolled his eyes and went out of the bed and went to the cot in their room:

he picked up his angel who stopped crying as soon as she saw her papa.

gauri: kamal hai! she must have wanted to wake us up.

om: arre what’s her fault? look, kitni pyaari hai meri beti. don’t you start complaining!

rikara giggle and om then says: meri aliya, why did you cry?

aliya: i wijlt (want) dadda!

om smiled and kisses his daughter’s forehead. gauri smiles seeing their bond. om went back in the bed and took aliya as well. om carefully placed aliya in the middle and rikara slept either side on queen aliya.

gauri: aliya, you sleepy?

aliya: nksksio (no)

gauri: no? arre meri devil, if you don’t sleep then how will you play with naksh bhaiya and sanjay bhaiya?

aliya hugged the small teddy bear om got her and slowly closed her eyes. she gave a sweet smile as she slept.

om whispering: what must she be dreaming about?

gauri whispering: her prince charming.

om whispering: very funny! no, she is a good girl. she will only dream about her prince charming once she gets a job and becomes something in life then she can dream of boys all she wants.

gauri in mind: this husband of mine is seriously strictkara! bechara aliya.

om whispering: what are you thinking?

gauri whispering: nothing. let’s sleep.

both couldn’t sleep as aliya was looking too cute. at around 6am, rikara were asleep and aliya was awake, looking up at the ceiling. om woke up and saw aliya awake. he kisses her small nose and says: awake? naughty!

aliya: dadda…

om: shh! mama is sleeping.

he caresses her small tresses and aliya closes her eyes. om smiles, kisses her forehead and then sleeps.

so how was this? i think you got an idea of daddykara: STRICTKARA!

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