Love? – Episode 18 – gauri tells everything to buamaa.

that day:

gauri brings buamaa to the flat and viren and aadhira immediately recogonized her.

viren and aadhira: buadadi!

they hugged her tight.

buamaa: aadhira, viren! oh my god! you two have grown. viren, last time i saw you, you were 10 and now…

viren: 13.

buamaa: teenager! you are growing too fast. and aadhira, 12 right?

aadhira: yes.

munni looked very confused (she wasn’t born then when buamaa last visited).

munni: mummy? who she?

gauri: buadadi.

buamaa: is this the little girl you were pregnant with, gauri?

gauri: yes buamaa. this is omika but call her munni.

buamaa: hello munni, i am your buadadi.

munni: buadadi.

she hugs her tight.

buamaa: she is too sweet.

viren and aadhira: no she isn’t!!

gauri and buamaa laugh.

gauri: accha all three of you, go to another room. i need to talk to buamaa.

the kids nods and goes expect munni.

buamaa: god bless her.

gauri: oh munni, it’s only five minutes.

munni nods and goes.

gauri and buamaa sit on the sofa and gauri starts to tell buamaa the truth.

gauri: i know that whenever you are around buamaa, om and family acts like they love me lekin sach mein they hate me. ever since i came into the house as om’s wife, all i received was pain. i would get insulted. even anika and bhavya’s kids would insult me and my kids. anika bhoojal and bade bhaiya loved me but now……. now i don’t think bade bhaiya loves me anymore.

buamaa: matlab?

gauri: a few days ago, anika bhoojal got shot. i don’t know that how the gun came next to me but i know that i didn’t shoot her yet everyone thought i did.

buamaa: i believe you gauri. you would never do such a thing.

gauri: i know buamaa. and then when i got insulted at hospital, i went to the mansion to get my kids when riddhima patel was there.

buamaa: that idiot?! continue.

gauri: she is om’s only love. he cheated on me. he always loved riddhima. i….. i gave my life to om. i could have achieved something if i didn’t met om, if the kaali thakur drama didn’t start but no! and you know, riddhima showed me the divorce papers which had his signatures.

buamaa looked absolutly shocked.

buamaa: what?

gauri: yes. she told me everything i had to know and i asked her to call om to the mansion. om came and i signed the divorce papers and left him forever.

buamaa: very proud of you.

gauri: lekin even more struggles started. i am only staying here if i promise to pay 27,405.04 Rs. and i am finding it impossible to find a job. munni’s school fees are 28,300 Rs. i don’t know about viren and aadhira but theirs are going to be more expensive. i don’t know how to handle all of this.

buamaa: relax gauri! i am here. i’ll help you.

she hugs gauri tight.

precap: buamaa makes gauri realize her talent

so what talent?

and if you are wondering about that handsome idiot om, he is going to come after the next chapter.

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