O Gujariya 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ada and Najma goodbye all the guest..Kabir comes to Natasha..she is scared because Najma is near..Kabir kisses Natasha gives her ball and tells that DARE is completed..Natasha is stunned…Samar tells bye to Ada…Ada ask Samar if she met Najma..As it is basic manners..to meet elders and go…Samar tells if Ada get annoyed of his any word he apologises…Ada thanks Samar…Both looka at each other…Najma calls Ada..Ada tells wil come in a minute..Samar tells that Khaala(najma) is going to karachi now she will be free..amd he goes…
In next scene Shaurya walks with Vaibhavi as he wanted to drop her at home…Shaurya tells in childhood Kabir was soo close to them..But as he became older He thinks relationship causes clostrophobia..he like freedom..Vaibhavi is worried as her identity reveled..Shaurya asks where is house as he wanted to know if Vaibhavi”s mother is same like her …Vaibhavi tells he cannot meet her mother as her mom may be sleeping ..Vaibhavi thanks and was about to leave..Shaurya stops and tells he want water…Vaibhavi tells it doesnot matter about water but people will think…Vaibhavi tells bye…Shaurya is surprised…Finally shaurya leaves…Vaibhavi sees him and goes…Shaurya comes and doubts that why Vaibhavi dont want to show her home..thinks what she is hiding…Shaurya tells there is only one way to take out “Angry young man” from her.. by knowing her past…Vaibhavi reaches home..tells why she is attracted to Shaurya…Vaibhavi tells no friend…relative can come between her target…no one can come in between her way..If it will be Shaurya may be also…
Next day Vaibhavi comes and sits in Canteen opposite Natasha…tells that she make all.notes…summarize the description..all work is done and give the notes..Natasha stares and tells that she is “really stone hearted”…as Shaurya every girl of college is flat on him..But he likes Natasha but she dont cares…Vaibhavi gets Angry tells..to stop not to interfere in between as it is their personal asks if she interfere between her(Natasha) and kabir”s matter..or asked about relationship..Vaibhavi tells to Concentrate more on project rather than silly talks..Natasha tells she is the weird girl of college as everyone tell in the college also her father…Vaibhavi tells not to talk about father..Vaibhavi drinks water
On another side Shaurya comes to Mr Rao…Mr Rao talks about Vaibhavi says that this she has done top in appenters list..Shaurya tells that good she can also help on Ambunation factory..Mr Rao says Ambunation factory is one of india”s estabilished factory for that have have to check her background..Mr Rao gives Example if Shaurya gets proposal of Vaibhavi he will check her background or not..Shaurya gets shocked Mr rao tell just assume…Shaurya tells he will do his best to find out..Mr Rao tells this time Exam is very tough…Shaurya tells Vaibhavi will top this time..Shaurya goes..Baliram asks Vaibhavi if she gone in any party she just act by seeing Shaurya tells that from next she will surely tell…Baliram gets happy..thinks that Vaibhavi likes her…Shaurya comes at office..tells he want some forms…Ramesh(incharge) brings files…Shaurya checks Vaibhavi”s name..but gets shocked as her dad”s name is missing…Shaurya thinks what is she hiding…Shaurya asks Ramesh why she is hiding Father”s name..Ramesh calls her “jhansi ki rani” as he fight alot…infact with principle…He tells that vaibhavi gave execuse that her father died when she was small..shaurya tells he have find out by anyhow..and leaves..Shaurya checks wall of fame and tells everytime Vaibhavi stands here something is fishy..He is confused thinks to check or not…Shaurya ask about the missing picture to the librarian..Mam tells it was very old controvery..She dont know exactly asks why shaurya is intrested…Shaurya tells whenever he pass near wall of fame thinks about Annirudh chahuhan…Asks if any data or file is present or not..She replies noo all is destroyed..nothing is left…Shaurya tells if she find out anything let him know..He thanks her and goes..Shaurya thinks tells that there is some relationship between Annirudh chauhan and Vaibhavi!!!!!!!

Precap:In the Examination hall Mr Rao snatches Vaibhavi”s paper..Vaibhavi shouts for one minute as she didnt answered last question Mr Rao tells to write an essay on social policy on Slum rehabilitation and submit in the morning

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