O Gujariya 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ada”s phuppu comes to Suman”s shop and asks for clothes..scolds Suman that Ada”s mother in law rejected all the clothes….She asks Suman money…Suman says giving money is not their policy….Ada”s father comes in the shop….Suman gets worried hides and somehow gives the money….and they go from the shop….Suman calls Vaibhavi but phone is out of reachable..
In next scene..Vaibhavi..kabir..Ada..samar and Shaurya are worried..outside opreation theatre…Mr jaiswal comes and asks why Natasha was driving soo rashly…Mr jaiswal tells he is warning..tells he want to know the truth…Vaibhavi tells she had an arguement with Natsha so she fight and gone..Mr jaiswal.says no…she will slap Vaibhavi but will not accident…Ada tells actually she also took Vaibhavi her side thats why….Shaurya tells he gave kabir”s car key to Natasha…Mr jaiswal warns Vaibhavi tells that its Second time she is lying If he find the truth…then Vaibhavi will be expelled…Vaibhavi tells she is telling truth….kabir says all happened because of him….Samar tell all happendd because of all of them.all should get punishment..Mr jaiswal says he will check in his own way who is responsible..Mr jaiswal warns Vaibhavi and goes..
Ada meets Natasha and says sorry…Natasha is lyin on bed..tells its okey asks whether she is lookin good without make up or nt….Ada says noo…Samar and Vaibhavi comes…Natasha sees them says that its looking she became a celebratiy…Shaurya and kabir comes..Natasha tells she dont want to see kabir”s face..kabir goes..Shaurya also goes..Natasha says Vaibhavi she did a bad thing listening to her…Natasha tells she dont want Vaibhavi”s friendship..Ada shouts at her Vaibhavi goes…Vaibhavi apologises and goes..Mr jaiswal scolds Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi goes…Suman calls Vaibhavi but she does”nt pickup…Suman os scared…Suman tells the owner that she cannot do the job…The owner scolds her…Suman says okey and goes away…Vaibhavi tells Natasha”s mother that Mr jaiswal misunderstood him…tells that Natasha is desprate…Mrs jaiswal tells they gave all freedom to her..Vaibhavi tells Natasha want love…she got freedom…Mrs jaiswal tells Vaibhavi is crossing her limits and tells that she will complain to Mr jaiswal..and goes..
Samar tells Junaid that they are in hospital..Ada talks to Junaid…Junaid tells he is very angry with him..as she didnt reply the mail…Junaid tells that there is a surprise waiting for her….Ada tells gift are not nececessary….Junaid tells it is important…Junaid tells he want return gift…Ada”s smile …..Ada smiles…..
In next scene Natasha talks to his father Mr jaiswal…cries and tells that from childhood she hide her sorrows…tells that today after crying she felt she wash away all her sorrows…Natasha”s mother comes amd cries and tells that she failed as mother…tells that they Vaibhavi realised that they gave her freedom but not love…she asks Natasha is she a good mother….Natasha lying on bed too cries nodes her head…saying no..Ada calls Vaibhavi shameless…Vaibhavi asks for a chance..tells she didnt did anythng intentionally….Vaibhavi tells she will bear all their rudness…rivalary everthng…Ada says Vaibhabhavi to convince kabir to confess his love for Natasha..then Ashe will think…
Shaurya lectures Kabir…Kabir tells he dont want to listen anythng….kabir tells tells he is scared thats why he is not talking to Natasha…kabir tells he cant say truth to Natasha…Vaibhavi comes and stops him…Vaibhavi tells atleast to tell lie to Natasha…Vaibhavi tells to accept the feelings for Natasha…tell atleast to be a Man and face Natasha…

precap:Mr jaiswal tells NAtasha that VAibhavi is a liar and now only he will call Mr Rao and tell him to suspend her…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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