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Beintehaa 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain sees Aaliya talking on phone with someone with her back turned towards him. He identifies her, goes and touches her from behind, says he searched for her for the whole year. She says she does not have any place for him in her life and tries to move out. He stops her, says I love you and hugs her. Aaliya gets emotional but does not him. He says our relationship cannot break as it is made of love. Jhoka hawa kaa aaj bhi…. song plays in the background. She also hugs him tightly and they both cry emotionally. It is just Zain’s dream. He gets conscious and realizes it is his imagination. He says himself that he is dreaming from 1 year that she will forgive him. He then gets a call from his employee that dhaba lady wants food to be picked from dhaba and cannot deliver it. Zain says he will go himself and asks dhaba’s address. Aaliya seen behind Zain buying vegetables. She senses Zain’s presence there.

Zarina thinks how can Aaliya go missing, where did she go and why. Bilal comes and gives her a doll and says he did his work. She asks him to provoke Fahad against Zain. He says it is a good idea.

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Shaziya calls servant and asks her to massage her. Bilal hears that and starts massaging her from behind. Shaziya says she is doing very good massage. She gets a call, opens her eyes and gets annoyed seeing Bilal massaging her, asks how dare he to touch her. He says she told him to massage. She asks to bring 5 glasses juice as a punishment. He goes. She says he massages well. Bilal gets Fahad’s call who asks him to accompany him to Hyderabad.

Zain reaches Aaliya’s dhaba. Servants forcefully make him sit and asks what he wants to eat. He says he came to taste food for mass marriage. Zain looks at the whole dhaba and is surprised to see Usman’s pic there.

Zarina shows her shopping items for kids to Surayya. She even shows a doll. Surayya says even she had a same kind of doll in her childhood. Zarina says she remembers everything. She then plays a clown sound in doll. Surayya gets afraid and asks Zarina to stop her. Zarina smirks and throws doll, asks Surayya if she did not forget her childhood incidents till now. Surayya is still afraid. Zarina asks her to relax and goes in to bring servants. Bilal watches the whole drama and asks Zarina why was Surayya shouting. She says nothing, but she knows a lot can happen.

Servant sees Zain watching Usman’s pic and says he is Usman Abdulla, Mumbai’s hotel owner and says his owner thinks with this pic she can become rich like him and starts badmouthing about Aaliya. Zain asks what is her name. He’E says her name is daayan/wamp and says she prepares tasty food though and goes in to bring food. Zain gets a message and is amazed to see Aaliya’s name in it.
Precap: Zarina gives a parcel to Surayya. She opens it and is shocked to see her childhood handkerchief in it.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Plz a little fast

  2. Zaara patient ho jao, abtak 5 nai hui.

  3. Bahut saad hai aliya ke Liyeh

    1. She meant be patient

  4. I don’t understand how zain imagined aliya in the same clothes that she is wearing in today’s episode. Cvs needs to make them meet ASAP

    1. But in epi she not got that clothe on but I agree with u

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