O Gujariya 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

O Gujariya 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi search for Natasha but doen’nt find…Mr Rao says why Vaibhavi is not picking up the phone…Natasha talks to Ada while two people come and tap her…one boy calls Veer tell that his work is over..Veer smiles….Veer comes to Vaibhavi and tells that he know where is Natasha…Veer says near Hanuman pahadi..Vaibhavi gets shocked..veer says people go there to do suicide…Vaibhavi runs to save Natasha…Vaibhavi calls Call Kabir but he cuts the call…Vaibhavi again searches for Natasha in college but doe”nt find anyone…Vaibhavi asks bali weree is Natasha..Bali tells not to worry he will find…Vaibhavi searches in Canteen..library but does’nt find..Vaibhavi asks bali..Bali says that after 2nd lecture nobody seen Natasha…Vaibhavi thinks.. if Veer was correct…Veer takes a auto and goes to Hanuman pahadi…Vaibhavi sees Natasha from.back..and calls Natasha…but finds that she is another girl..Vaibhavi gets shocked…At another side Natasha comes to college kabir asks where was she…Natasha tells kabir that two people took his car keys..purse and ran…so she went to police station complained and came…kabir tells thankgod she is safe…
Veer comes Vaibhavi is shocked…Veer says very close friendship..that Vaibhavi came here…Vaibhavi tells it was a matter of Natasha’s life…Vaibhavi asks what is his problem..Veer says he wanted to spent 2days with Vaibhavi..Veer blackmails Vaibhavi that he will leak Natasha’s pregancy news…Vaibhavi asks what he want…Veer tells he wanted Vaibhav’s 2 days…Vaibhavi gets shocked…Veer tells he wanted to torture her…spent 2 days he will not even touch her…

Precap::Mr Rao asks Natasha where is Vaibhavi..Natasha tells Vaibhavi went to meet her mother..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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