Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl asks Deepa to stay till Rachna’s wedding. The door bell rings, Gunjan stops Seema and asks Gunjan to go. The door man asks is it Rachna’s home? Seema says that it is going to change in few days, but till now it is hers. The postman gives her a gift. Gunjan asks her to open it, it was a beautiful necklace. Shayl thinks who sent such a beautiful gift, someone must have mistaken it. Rachna says she knows it has been sent by the one, who made me open the door from morning. Gunjan says it isn’t only me, it’s from me and Mayank. Rachna says it is not good, but excellent. She calls Mayank and thanks him for his gift. Mayank was skeptic about it, Rachna says this necklace even suits me a lot. Shayl takes the phone and asks Mayank why he bought such an expensive gift. Seema says that a brother must give a diamond to a diamond sister. Mayank thinks this means Gunjan bought this gift. Seema takes the phone and says she is proud of him. Mayank says he is busy and will talk to them later.

Mayank thinks he said to Gunjan that he will give the gift which he can afford. He calls her. Gunjan goes out to attend it, he asks what she wants to prove, he forbids her to buy that necklace. She says that she wanted to give Rachna something she would love for a lifetime. He disconnects the call, in anger for she did what she wanted to.
Mayank comes to his boss, and says he is ready to take the responsibility of Culture Village Project. He asks won’t his wife dislike it. Mayank says he will give his best to the project. The boss says he knows that he won’t be disappointed. The boss tells his PA that he has put a hurdle in Banaras Hut by giving this project to Mayank.
The lady Gunjan helped meets her, and gives her the Prasad. Gunjan talks to her, and feels determined about fulfilling her mom’s dream.

The choreographer appreciates dadi’s dance. Dadi tells him the next is her daughter-in-law. Gayatri excitedly heads to go, but Dadi brings Rachna in the centre. The choreographer takes Rachna’s hand and dances. Mausi tells Bittu to go and dance with Rachna. Bittu comes in the centre, and asks to dance with his fairy. The choreographer says that till her partner comes, she must practice with him. Bittu says that he is her partner, Rachna agrees. The choreographer gives instructions, while Rachna dances with the eager Bittu.

KT arrives. Dadi takes Bittu along and says that his brother will dance.

Gunjan takes Mayank’s bag, he thinks he must tell Gunjan about the project. Golu comes to tell Gunjan that some people have come to meet her. She asks Mayank what he was going to tell. Mayank asks her to get done with the guests. Gunjan comes down, the press was there and asks her about the new development. Gunjan wonders what new decision. The journalist asks Mayank how much his professional life will affect his personal life. He says they are two different things. On reporter asks his about cultural project? Gunjan was shocked. Mayank says he will give his 100 % to the project and wish his wife her best. They ask Gunjan about it. She says she will just wish her husband luck, excuses herself and goes back wiping tears. She turns back, then Mayank does.
Rohit comes to appreciate Mayank. He says that why should he sacrifice his professional life, and must stand one step ahead your woman. Seema asks what they were talking about. Mayank tells her that he got promoted, and is doing a project just like Gunjan. Mayank comes to Gunjan in the room, and asks is she annoyed. He says he will return her necklace money. Mayank says that this was an important opportunity for him, he couldn’t lose. He asks her to talk to him, but she says she will get him tea. He holds her hand.

He asks her if she isn’t happy about his promotion. Gunjan asks does it matter. He explains that he didn’t do anything wrong. He asks why he can’t fulfil his dreams. She says she was late in realizing that their dreams aren’t one either. Gunjan comes to Akaash. Akaash asks her did she tell him that she is leaving Banaras Hut. She says that she isn’t leaving the project, she is sad that Mayank didn’t tell her about the project. It is her self-respect not to compete Mayank if he wants to.
KT and Rachna dances together. Mausi says that this is such a beautiful couple. Gayatri also abides by that appreciation, Dadi following. Bittu dislikes, and stands up. He shouts at KT to go away from fairy, as she is only his. Rachna and KT are shocked to hear this.

PRECAP: Rohit tells Gunjan that this is all her mistake that Deepa wants to do a job. Mayank comes to tell Rohit that Gunjan is his wife, and no one must make fun of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nonsense…………………..

  2. Writers are ruining this show. This is a thoroughly STUPID story with Bittu. I am turning off this show, just when RACHNA & KT are getting married, they bring back KT’s wicked mother & aunt. REALLY,!!!!

  3. Yes they are completely ruining the moment that was suppose to be so special between Kt and Rachna. Someone please straighten out Bittu and kick the mother and Aunt out of the house. Mayank is such a jerk, I hope he comes to his senses and drop out of the project.

  4. Kt i hope you saw my comments to yours the last time?my fears are now coming to play its either the writers make bittu confess to the atrocities of the mom and aunt by exposing them that he was asked to do all he is doing,or KT and grandma should hear them make their evil plan and send them out of the house,the whole problem i saw coming when the aunt entered into the house and was in KT’s studio without anyone stopping her,if this is not done quickly hummmm am sorry so many fans will be disappointed

  5. Please don’t spoil the story like the ek muthi aasman. Such a beautiful story and the writer spoilt it.

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