O Gujariya 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

O Gujariya 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shaurya shouts at Kabir..Kabir is quiet…Vaibhavi awakes Natasha …Natasha is drunk tells she is happy to see Vaibhavi…Shaurya tels Mr jaiswal will never leave them…Vaibhavi tell she has idea to follow her…Ada tells Mr jiswal to wait for sometime..Door bell rings Ada opens the door its Vaibhavi…Ada sees but doesnot find Natasha…Mr jaiswal asks where is Natasha…He tells all lied them…Vaibhavi tell that she gone museum bt dint find Natsha there…Vaibhavi tells she searched Natasha everywhere outside but did”nt find Natasha…Mr jaiswal gets angry…asks Vaibhavi to tell the truth..Till that a voice comes from inside..All went inside the room and sees Natasha sleeping in the room and gets shocked….Ada thinks…(..Ada cries..tells that is soo worried about Natasha..till Kabir slowly places Natasha in her Room.)..MR jaiswal tells how Natasha came in the room..Vaibhavi tells may be when she gone home to take food…
SAMar tells Ada is not picking up the phone ..Kabir tells he will go and check is everything is alright or not..Shaurya shouts at Kabir saying..All happened because of him tells that he should had think before taking Natasha…Samar stops both of them..Vaibhavi tells Ada..all were worried for a small thing…Mr jaiwal comes..Vaibhavi tells she have to go as have to do project work…and goes . …Mr jaiswal asks Ada she dint liked the girl..Ada says yes she dont but have to balance due to project work…Ada goes by telling she have some important work..
AT night Mr jaiswal calls Prof Rao…tells that he wanted to know information about Vaibhavi..Mr rao tells she is the daughter of airforce pilot..Prof Rao asks what happened…Mr jaiswall tells all…Prof Rao tells Vaibhavi is not innocent as she looks..tells Vaibhavi is soo complex..Mr jaiswal tells Vaibhavi is smart and cunning tells..He dont want Natasha to influenced by her…Prof Rao tells dont worry he will teach Vaibhavi a lesson..Mr jaiswal tells thankyou and keeps the phone..
Next day Natasha thinks about kabir and smiles..touches his hand and gets happy but realises his father and gets up..Natasha tells she is shocked..Mr jaiswal tells dont worry…Mr jaiswal asks when she came home..Natasha thinks she dont know..Till that Natasha”s mom comes and stop Mr jaiswal tells that she has to go to college…Shaurya shouts at kabir…tells he is responsible..for all what happened on other hand Ada shouts at Natasha..she tell it was fun..Shaurya tells if anything wrong happened ??He tells Vaibhavi helped them..Kabir tells she helped because she is Shaurya”s friend…Shaurya tells to behave..Shaurya tells what is happenning between him and Natasha..Kabir tells he dont knoe Natasha tells she is in love with Kabir…Shaurya tells he is tired hiding kabir”s all mistakes..asks when he will end all this…Kabir shouts enough tells who asked shaurya to come between..tell he will leave the life he want..AND goes…Natasha asks Ada how Vaibhavi helped her..Ada tells alll….How Vaibhavi talked to Mr jaiswal..Natasha says wow…tell Vaibhavi helped her very much..Samar asks Natasha how is she..Vaibhavi comes..Natasha thanks Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi smiles and says ok..Ada and Samar looks at each other….Ada..Samar..Natasha..and Vaibhavi goes in canteen and eat sandwhich..Baliram comes and stops Vaibhavi to eat Sandwhich..Natasha asks what happened..Bali tells two people eat Canteen food and get hospitialised…Vaibhavi thanks him..Shaurya comes and announces that canteen food is not good…Everyone gets angry and tries to beat the manager Shaurya stops them and tell to come and complain principal All goes…shouting…Bali tells Vaibhavi that Mr rao called him…Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi she is soo intelligent and smart soo he is giving him a assingnment..tell to became a IAs officer she has to handle the public..Vaibhavi tells she understood and goes Mr Rao tells her to wait tells that it is not a hand written exam.tell to be careful..Vaibhavi tells she has waited for this oppurtunity for the whole life..tells she is ready,,,,,

Precap:Vaibhavi asks Shaurya what students want He tells a compensation of 25lakhs

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