Ek Hasina Thi 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sakshi saying Durga Thakur is coming to ruin us, Rajnath should have understood this, but business is important to him. Shaurya hears this and thinks what will Durga ruin me, I will ruin her, I won’t marry her, I will just have honeymoon, then she will be out of our lives. He comes to her and asks is everything ok. Sakshi says Durga is coming with her dad, your wedding date will be fixed very soon. He says you are the best mum. She thinks why can’t Shaurya see its all Durga’s game, she has trapped all of us. Durga talks to Akash and asks about pandit. He says yes, we hired an actor from Delhi to play pandit’s role, but what was the need. Durga says it was needed, Sakshi’s ego is hurt, we can’t make any mistake now. She says the pandit will come and go.

Akash gets Sakshi’s call. He says I m coming. He tells Durga that Sakshi wants me to come with her to police station to meet the pandit. He leaves. Sakshi and Akash come to the police station and the media gets them. Sakshi gives the statement against the pandit and says she came to make sure the pandit gets strict punishment. Mukherjee greets her. She asks where is panditji and goes to meet him. She talks to him alone. The pandit asks her to save him. She says I came to tell you that don’t tell anything about me, else they will get many proofs against you to make you permanent in jail. He says I supported you and your son, by giving wrong statement in court.

Sakshi says he is a fool and greedy. She says if Durga and Dayal ask you about their kundli, you won’t tell anything about our deal. He says I got it, I will be punished if I tell anything against her. He curses her and says Lord will punish her. He says he did injustice with Payal and Nitya, but she has done many crimes, and she will be punished and regret. He says if the girls were there today, I would have apologized to them. She says Nitya is dead, and even Lord can’t make her alive.

Durga sees Payal happy. Dayal comes to her and asks her why is she upset, you should be happy. He says you won and you will enter Goenka house as their bahu. She says my bets friend is annoyed with me. She thinks about Dev. Dayal says he is not your best friend, he loves you, and I think you like him. Durga says yes, he is very nice, he spreads happiness wherever he goes. She says I m ashamed to hide everything from him, to lie to him. Dayal says you decided to marry Shaurya, and you will face Dev there, how will you manage, how will control your feelings.

She says it won’t be happy for me, I will die 1000 times every day, but my life’s aim is not to get my happiness, but to get justice for Payal and my parents, I can’t get weak, I have to marry Shaurya, and will shake the Goenka Mansion till I don’t ruin them. She says she has to keep her promise to Payal. Sharma is shocked thinking Sakshi will give him shocks. Dev comes to meet him. Sharma gets glad. Akash asks Sakshi not to take stress as pandit will not tell anything. Sakshi says my tension is Durga, she is not going from my life. Sharma calls Sakshi and says Shomik came.

She says make him stay there till I come, find all his details, I want to know who is this, get CCTV footage also. Sharma says its not working since months. She warns him. She tells Akash that Shomik is interested in Payal. Akash thinks who is he, interesting, the more enemies they have, the more benefit to me. Sharma makes Dev busy and waits for Sakshi to come. He asks Dev to fill his details in the form. Karan and Kangana meet and she asks him to talk to Shaurya about them. He is scared. She says fine, I will call him and tell about us. She calls Shaurya. Karan holds his ears and requests her not to tell anything.

Kangana does not tell Shaurya and changes the topic. She says I was thinking to gift Durga, but I m confused. Shaurya says that’s so sweet, buy anything, I m sure Durga will like it. Karan says I will talk to my dad, but promise me you won’t tell anyone. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She says now you chill. Sakshi and Akash reach the mental hospital to know who is this Shomik. Sharma is making Dev busy. Sakshi walks towards Dev.

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  1. Awesme script…awesome acting….beautiful cimnematography..and amazing acting by durgaa,sakshi and dhaurya ( the main rols )…awesome work team ek hasina thi . 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sorry,,shaurya*

  2. Bhagvan ….. !!!!!!if sakshi had walked really to the hospital she might have reached the top of Himalayas till now from yesterday she was walking don’t no when she will reach the hospital……..but the serial is not losing its suspense it is getting interesting day by day….

  3. Why nt precap

  4. if durya marry dev she can be bahu of goenka mansion as a badi bahu

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