O Gujariya 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi goes into principal’s office but peon tells he is outside..Vaibhavi goes into vice principle offive..Veer is standing with his frnds outside the college..one of his friend..tells what will the girl.do..Veer tells let the girl think that…A man comes and tells that principal is calling him…Into the principal office Vaibhavi tells principal to give a strict to him that he could’nt insult anyother girl…Principal tells dont worry..As veer comes Principal asks why he insulted..vaibhavi triess to say but Veer tells that Vaibhavi already slapped him at the party.Vaibhavi tells it is not true.Principal asks Vaibhavi did he slapped or not Vaibhavi says yes..Principal scolds tells that like school kids they argue fight.Tells not come again..Vaibhavi and veer goes..In the classroom kabir tells Natasha that they will go to Goa for Vacation..Natasha says soo that he can stare foriengers..Natasha tells to go lucknow or banaras…She will go with Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi thinks how Veer blackmailed her..tries to kiss her..Natasha comes and asks what she is thinking..Vaibhavi tells she wanted to stay alone and goes away..Natasha is surprised..As Vaibhavi goes Veer put his foot Vaibhavi falls control herslef..Veer says in Amithab bachan tone “Aaj khush toh bahut hongi tum”..Veer tells they are not nursery kids as to go and compain principal everything..He says now Vaibhavi would have know his power everyone is afraid of him..Vaibhavi says him to stop acting she will remove all his power..tells to remember her name is Vaibhavi singh.
Next morning.Veer goes to his father”s office.He asks why Veer wanted to change college..Veer says that old college crowd was not good Cm tells that already he has failed 3 times.He tells that children are proud of parents..but he is unlucky for him…..CM scolds Veer asks him.what is his problem…As everything is provided to him fame.name..money..Cm gets a call Veer gets upset.. and calls his friends that party is on…On another side Vaibhavi thinks about the argue with veer she did…Natasha comes and shows the CD of Ada’s wedding..kabir tells the wedding which donot happend…Natasha tells she have to go in kitchen to cook something..Kabir tells he will also comes…Kabir goes…Vaibhavi takes the CD…Samar tells he has some work and goes…Vaibhavi sees the CD…She sees the video in which vaibhavi is slapping Veer…Vaibhavi tells this is the best way to teach lesson to the loser Veer…Vaibhavi goes to studio and takes the unedited part of Video…
Cm recieves the video of Veer in which he is insulting a gal…and Vaibhavi comes and slaps him…A man calls him and blackmails..tells that the clip will be reaveled to media…Cm tells no he and keeps the phone.Veer waits near the college with his friends..CM calls Veer and shouts at him…tells that why he has provided him a luxirious life why he always do like this..why he wanted to insult him…Veer tells what he did…CM tells in siddiqui’s daughter’s wedding teased a gal…And another girl slapped him…Veer keeps the phone tells his friends to find out the who was the video grapher in Ada”s wedding..Veer goes to the Video studio and asks about the video…The man tells that already someone took the video..Veer asks whom…The man shows the registor…Veer sees Vaibhavi’s name and throw the register…thinks Vaibhavi’s words…In the class Vaibhavi keeps the CD in a case..Vaibhavi tells she doing right or not…Vaibhavi tells the Veer’s attitude will break after this.Veer comes in college searching for Vaibhavi…He comes and see in the classroom but does”nt find…Vaibhavi parcel’s the gift and says now will enjoy the most…Then Vaibhavi remember that Girls is also in the clip..she cannot play with anyone’s feelings…Vaibhavi runs to stop the man…Vaibhavi finally stops the man and takes back the CD…Vaibhavi tells his father that there are many other ways to expose veer..she tells cannot hurt any other girl…Vaibhavi turn back and sees Veer Standing infront of him and the epsiode ends…

no precap

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for updte

  2. Thanks very muvh for the update
    Loved Veer the bad boy

  3. Really veer s lukng hot and i love his and vaibhavi’s fight……wow… couple fight next to sandhir

  4. niizzzz love u vaibhavi and veer

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