Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The family comes to the location, looking for Gayatri. Bauji asks how Gayatri could have come here. KT asks his Mausi if she is sure his mother would have come here. She says yes, as we used to work here. Mausi throws her handkerchief and Rachna recognizes it as hers. Shayl calls Gayatri.

There Gayatri runs at the site of blasts. A stone hits on her head and she fells down. The men were arranging for another blast. Mausi says where she has gone, she said about coming here. Shayl hears her and asks what does this mean. She says that this is where blasts take place. Gunjan brings her bangles, Kt goes to the site of blasts; everyone stops him even the Mausi.

Gayatri struggles and stands up within the blasts. She says that she won’t lose being so close to your goal; nothing will happen to you. KT runs into the blasts, everyone was worried. Bauji asks Gunjan to go there and stop the engineers. She goes to engineers and tells them that two of their men are there. The engineer says that after two minutes there will be a bigger blast, no one will save there. Rachna begs him to stop the blast. The signals on the intercom are weak. KT watches blood on a rock, stops by it and touches it. He heads to the front. Gayatri was crying, and asks God to save her. She goes to the dynamite, KT follows. The engineers give a positive signal to each other. KT calls his mom, and runs forward. Bittu and everyone ran towards the site. KT reaches his mom, and there is a huge blast at the site. They all stop in a shock. As the dust storm passes by, KT appears holding his mom.

He calls his mom’s name, she comes to consciousness. Everyone runs, while Dadi caresses. Gayatri cries that she doesn’t want to live, seeing his happiness die. KT says that she is also his happiness. She looks at him, caresses his face. He asks how she can leave like this. Shayl and Dayal exchange looks. KT says that he won’t let anything happen to her, and will live with her always. Shayl and Dayal are worried.
At home, the doctor takes a leave from KT. Dadi asks is he in a big pain. He says that it does pain, but what is more painful is that he could not take care of his mom. IF it was just a bit later, his family would have dispersed. KT says to Rachna, that you are my love and this is my family. I cannot forget this truth. Gayatri holds her hand, and says that Dayal would never give his daughter.

Shayl says that it isn’t important to own every truth of the life. KT says this is his responsibility as well, how can he leave his mother in this age and his brother in this condition. He says that he knows his mother has a past, but he can change their future. He also wants to live with the love of his life. KT asks Dayal not to ask him to chose between the love and his responsibility.

Dayal asks what does he want. KT says that he wants that his mother, brother and Mausi lives with him as a family. He says that he is sure of it that he can take up the responsibility of all. Gayatri thinks that today will be the revenge day, your daughter will bear the pain of a broken engagement. Dayal says that it is time for our decision. Dadi tells Dayal to think with a cool mind. Dayal says to Shayl that she said, they will never find a guy like him; you were so right. He says they could never find a guy like him for their Rachna. Dayal says that he now believe this relation; an obedient son can only prove to be a good husband. A son who didn’t back up from even sacrificing his life for his mother, with whom he never lived; is the one who can only prove to be a good husband.

Dayal says to Dadi that he has no objection on this proposal. He comes to KT and says that he is proud of him for what he did today. KT bends to touch his feet, while Dayal hugs him. Dadi congratulate Shayl, while Rachna hugs Rachna. Dadi says that there must be a wedding soon. Dayal agrees too. KT and Rachna exchange looks.

Mausi asks Gayatri that all of their plan went wrong. Shayl comes to Gayatri. Mausi gets her attention to Shayl. Shayl takes Gayatri’s hand and says congratulations to her. Gayatri says that you can never be my KT’s mother-in-laws. Everyone is shocked. She says that you will always be my best friend, as you were before. She smiles, while Shayl hugs her. Gayatri thinks that this time I failed, but I will never let this wedding take place. Gayatri says to Shayl that they will get a daughter into the family.

KT congratulates Mrs. Tripati to be. Rachna leaves tear-eyed. He comes behind her, and asks are this the tears of happiness. Rachna says that you never care for me, when you jumped into the blast scene; and when he said he doesn’t accept her father’s bet. She asks could you have lived without me? KT holds her hand and asks would she have liked if he would not have done any such thing. He says that you are an irreplaceable part of my life, and we both are reflections if each other. He says that he loves her more than anything in the world. He further says that all the wishes come true, looking at the broken stars. She looks up, he kisses on her cheek.

PRECAP: Mayank boasts of looking so handsome. Gunjan comes with Mayank to the conference, the guard stops Mayank out on the door for not having a pass. Gunjan gives the presentation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh gorm this lady here to stay….I wonder how long it will take everyone to understand her intentions smh

    1. Hello !!! Read this….i’m so disappointed….

      in tonight’s episode with Kabir’s mother Gayathri (Rudrakshi Gupta) entering a construction site where a dynamite would be set for a blast.

      Kabir (Piyush Sahdev) would enter the site at the nick of time and will save his mother who would get trapped inside the site, with blasts happening at all directions. There will be an emotional moment between the mother and the son, and Gayathri would use the opportunity to the fullest advantage in making her son emotional. Kabir will then get his mother home, and will decide and tell his Dadi that he will not send his mother, masi and brother Bittu (Harsh Rajput) out of the house.

      In the episodes to come, there will be more drama set up by the masi of Kabir. She will prompt and urge Bittu to get closer to Rachana (Mahima Makwana) and fall in love with her. Her game plan would be that if Bittu would fall for Rachana, Kabir being the sacrificial brother would sacrifice his love for his brother and will stop his marriage happening with Rachana.

      Meanwhile, Rachana will start developing a brotherly affection for Bittu and will start to take care of him with all kindness and would treat him like a child.

      Will Bittu really fall for Rachana? Will Kabir get to know of this game plan? What will happen to Kabir-Rachana marriage?

      1. omg……not good. Why these mothers on these shows always seem to not care about their children’s happiness?

      2. Kristelle…. I knew hat it will have a problem with Bittu ! I think that she will brainwash Kt against Rachna by telling him that Rachna seduced Bittu……………

  2. That was so sweet when Kt kiss rachna , I didn’t see that coming

  3. Rabirian Fans

    Awsome episode.

  4. Rabirian Fans

    Naina202 – I m disappointed too.

    1. yeah……..i hope there will be no drama like the track with vihaan……

  5. All I can say is that if they should take that track this show will lose a lot of viewers. Right now I don’t like what is going on on the show and that’s why they are not doing too well on the TRP, so the writers must not make that mistake.

  6. Rabirian Fans

    Naina 202-Kt’s mom says,She will never let wedding take place. Drama bahut hogi.i think kt and rachna separate soon.

  7. Why doensn’t anyone understand gayatri intentions she is a horrible mother she doensn:t cAre abuot kt

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