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Hello everyone. Thanks to all my regular readers, on and off readers and silent readers for all the support you have given to me and the ff.
Let’s go straight to the epi.


A big hotel is shown and as we move in we can clearly see from the arrangements that it is a lavish 7* Star ? hotel.

@Outside the hotel.
A Lamborghini comes and stops . the door man ? of the hotel rushes to open the door of the car. As he opens the door we can see a beautiful young lady in her mid twenties getting out of the car. She is wearing a beautiful blue coloured one piece , with long Saltillo of silver colour.
The door man wishes her but she without paying any heed moves inside and reaches the reception.
Receptionist: Good morning ma’am.
Lady: Get keys of my room and open it.
Receptionist: Yes ma’am.

After few seconds another girl ? her PA. comes there.
Girl: Good morning ma’am , Miss. Svetlana is on call.
Lady takes the call.
Svetlana: I have a full proof plan for end of the Oberoi’s, but I need more money ?.
Lady: What’s the plan?

Svetlana: I will tell you once I complete my work and I won’t disappoint you this time.
Lady: You better not talk about your full proof plans, you have already failed many times and I don’t have time to waste on you so don’t call ? me next time before you are done with your work. I hope so I made myself clear.
Svetlana: But my money ?.
Lady: You are just my puppet so do as I say , otherwise you know what I can do.
(She says all this with extremly dangerous voice.)


Ani Soums enter the house ? and greet dadi.
Dadi: Aacha Anika take these boxes and go to the room on first floor (she directs Anika to a room by her hands and takes Soums away with her.)

Anika takes the boxes and moves to that room as the boxes are many and they hid her face as she was moving ahead she hits some one and both trip and fall with all the boxes on them.
Well the other person is none other than Shivaay who again shouts
Shivaay: Who the hell is this now .
Anika gets up and so does Shivaay.

Shivaay: Tum phirse . Tumna kyaa aapni aakhon ko chooti par bheja hai.
(You again , have you sent your eyes ? on holiday.)
Anika: Mena tooh nahi bheja shaayad aapna, aapni aakhon ko bheja Ho.
(Not me may be you would have sent your eyes ? on a holiday.)
Shivaay: Oh really phele tum mujhse takra ti Ho aur phir Mai tumhari wajha Sa girta hoon aur is sab ke baad tumhe lagta hai Ki meri galti hai.
(First of all you hit me and then I fall down because of you and even then you think it’s my mistake.)
Anika: Ji sahi kaha aapna.( Yes you are right.)
Shivaay: And may I know how?

Anika: Kunki Maina toh boxes pakda Thai magar aapki aakhon Kai saamna toh kuch nahi tha na billu ji.
(I was holding boxes but there was nothing in front of your eyes ? billu ji.)
Shivaay: Hye don’t call me that.
Anika : Jo bhi kahna hai baad Mai khya Ga abhi mujhe bohat kam hai.
(What ever you want to say, say that later right now I have a lot of work to do.)
Anika began collecting the boxes and Shivaay left from there.

Om is busy doing his work when a voice is heard.
Hello Mr.Zulfi Singh.
Om turns and finds Ishu standing there and says
Om: Hi ? Miss. Latterpattar.
Ishu: Ohhhh anyways nice name after all artists need to be creative.

Riddhima comes to meet Om
Riddhima: Hi ? Om.
Om: Hello Riddhima.
He says while side hugging her.
Om to Ishu: Ishaana meet her she is my girlfriend Riddhima and Riddhima meet Miss. Ishaana my new friend.
Riddhima and Ishu greet each other.
Om: Riddhima you remember na today you have to come to function in evening.
Riddhima: Yes Om, I remember.
Om nods and looks at Ishu who is busy seeing around the gallery so, Om asks her
Om: Ishaana why don’t you join us in the evening ?.
Ishu: Hmmmm but what will I do being with you two on your date I don’t want to disturb you both.
Om: It’s not any private date but a family ? function at my place.
Ishu: Today evening????
Om: Yup! Why what happened?
Ishu: WO actually Omi ( Om smiles ? hearing her call him with different names.) today I have to accompany Ani di as she has organized her first event.
Om: It’s ok Ishaana, no problem ?.
Riddhima: I don’t believe it ? that you are refusing invitation for Oberoi’s party.
Om: It’s ok Riddhima.
(Om is impressed by Ishu’s style and her genuineness.)
Ishu who hadn’t observed what Riddhima has said now understands what she told a while ago.
Ishu surprised: Omi you are an Oberoi.
Om: Yup, why ?

Ishu: So Ani di is preparing for your family party ?.
Om: Who Ani di?
Ishu: Anika Sinnnnnnn
(She realised that she was about to utter the surname so she composes her self and said.)
Ishu: Anika your event organiser is my Ani di only.
Om: Oh so you are her sister and Soumya.
Ishu: Ani di , me and Soums I mean Soumya are sisters.
Om: Ok, so let’s meet in the party ?, girls.
Ishu: Ok Omi bye, catch you in evening then.

Someone enters Oberoi’s house ? and runs and hugs dadi.
Person: Hi ? dadi I missed you so much ?.
Dadi: Are Prinku tu aagayi.
(Prinku u came dear.)
Yes guys she is none other than Priyanka Singh Oberoi.
Prinku : Dadi I have not come alone I have brought some one with me.
Dadi: Who ?
Prinku: Look there dadi.
she says pointing towards the door ? .
Dadi looks there and finds Malika at the entrance who comes running and hugs dadi and she is followed by Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR). ASR takes blessings from dadi by touching her feet and then hugs her.
Dadi: Finally you two got time.
ASR: Sorry dadi actually I had some important meetings to wind up.
They have some light talk.

The same lady calls her PA .
Lady: Go get my chopper ready I need to leave soon.
PA: Ma’am your chopper will be ready in another five minutes.
The lady signals her to leave by moving her first two fingers.

Shivaay, Anika, Soums and Rudra reach the place and Shivaay excuses himself to attend an important call and he goes to the other side , after ending his call he turns to leave and just then a girl ? passes by
Shivaay: Hi ? Miss.Ajnabee ?.
The girl ? turns and forwards her hand for a shake hand and says
Girl ?: Hello Mr. Oberoi.

Shivaay: So finally I found you.
Girl ? giggles and says: Or may be I came here to meet you.
Shivaay: Leave all that but I think now I have a right to know your name isn’t it.
Girl ?: Definitely, so I will ? introduce myself I am Ishaana.
Shivaay: Ishaanaaaaaa( he wants to know her surname but before that from back some one calls her.)
Anika: Ishu aacha Hua tu aagai.
(It’s good that you came Ishu )
She sees Ishu with Shivaay so questions Ishu
Anika: Toh iss baagad billa ka saath kya kar rahi hai .
(By the way Ishu what are you doing with this cat.)
Ishu giggles: Di he is the one whose car ? I mended that day.
Anika: Ohhh
Shivaay: Ishaana how do u know this girl ?.

Ishu: Actually Mr. Oberoi she is my sister.
Om comes there and says to Shivaay
Om: Meet Ishaana , Shivaay she is my new friend.
Shivaay: Om I have already meet her.

At the other end where two wild animals were left together did not wish to leave an opportunity to tease each other.
Rudra: Vaisa Sumo wrestler tujhe lagta nahi hai Ki tujhe paatla hona ka kuch tips laina chahiya.
(By the way Sumo wrestler don’t you think you need some tips to reduce weight.)
Soums: Mr. Peanut sized brain tumhe nahi lagta Kai tumhe laadkiyon Sa kaisa baat karni chahiya uska liya classes join kar laini chaahiya.
(Mr. Peanut sized brain don’t you think you need to learn how to talk to girls .)
Rudra in his lady killer style: Mujhe, aur wo bhi laadkiyon se baat karna Ki training laina Ki zaroorat hai , are you mad ? Sumo, laadkiyaan mujhe par maarti hai .
(Me!, are you mad ? girls die on me and you are asking me to take classes so that I can learn how to talk with girls.)
Soums: Oh really.

Rudra: Yes obviously. ( he thinks that she is so silly.)
Soums: Mr. Peanut sized brain saabhi laadkiyon ko tum Mai interest nahi hai because some girls like men with class rather than boys just with swaag.
(Mr. Peanut sized brain every girl is not interested in you because some girls prefer men with class rather than boys with swaag / style.)
Shivaay who is coming there with the rest asks Soums
Shivaay: Like me na Soumya.
Soums replies with a smile ?: Yes bhaada Bhaiya.
Rudra makes puppy ? faces and Soums shows him her tongue ? and a thaainga???.

I know ? guys today’s episode is bit boring and short but I am not well right now, but pinky promise tomorrow’s epi. will be fun and long as well.
A/N: Next episode may be delayed, I am not sure so sorry in advance guys.


So finally done with another part and don’t forget to drop your views or in case want to send any message feel free to do that.

Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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  1. Its not boaring dear……but I want more shivika fight…Post next part asap….and I like it a lot..

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? so much san and I will ? try writing more of Shivaay Anika part.
      Or I should say more fights.

  2. Shivika

    The episode was not at all boring………it was really interesting………but that’s not fair u again left me with a question….who is that lady in zurich ……….what will happen in shivika life…..ooo god……i m eagerly waiting for nxt one to come………believe me ……

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Awwww so sweet of you dear and sorry for the mystery part but what to do ? I am bit to interested to introduce mysteries and Shivaay Anika bonding part I will ? show soon but love ❤ confession is too far .

  3. Nithu

    Shivika…nyce epi dear not boring…nd frm now ill nt b able to comment…till dec 8 u need to spare me…pls…as im having xams…i hope u understand my situation

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s ok nithu di I can surely understand you and no issues ?.
      But trust me I will be desperately waiting for u di, so write your papers well and I am sure you will do wonders and All the very best ? di and rock your exams.
      Stay blessed and take care.
      Now see you after your exams.
      May almighty bless you and give you strength to do well.

  4. It’s jst awesome…… And take care dear……… ??

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? soooo much Akansha for your well wishes and for liking the ff.

  5. Inu

    Superb epi. Its getting interesting now.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? sooooo much Inu and mystery has just begun so stay tuned as more is to come .

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Anah dear

  6. nice waiting for shivika scenes

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? sadia

  7. Awesome It’s not boring…I loved it

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Niriha

  8. Priyali

    Lovely episode Shivika …

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Priyali dear

  9. Anjaly

    awesome episode dear

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? soooo much beautiful

  10. Razna

    its really very nice dii..thank u for such a beautiful episode….and who told you that its boarind????..its really interesting… i loved both shivika and roumya part….and waiting to start their feelings i have also 1 request plz dont make us wait for long..we r eagerly waiting for the next part…so plz update the next one fastlyyy

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? sooooooooooo much Razna dear you made my day and thanks for such a beautiful analysis and don’t worry I won’t make you wait for long and I felt it must be boring because I wrote it in a hurry as I wasn’t well but now it seems that I need to gear up wit another epi as no excuse is going to work here haahaa lol.
      So sweet of you my dear cutie pie.
      Love ❤ you loadssssss

      1. Razna

        U r welcm shivikaaaa and thank u very much for ur love and reply

      2. Shivika22kapoor

        Dear thanks to you for your love ❤ and amazing comments which always boost me to write and love ❤ you cutie pie I hope so ? I can call you that dear

  11. Nansshivika

    Good one dear all scenes are feel good and funny

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear

  12. it was boring!!!!! really!!!! never judge your own episode on yourself itself because you don’t have the right to do so we audience will decide that whether it was boring or interesting and in my opinion the episode was spectacularly spectacular ?????? specially tumhari aankhe chhutti par gayi hai kya ????????? lol shiway ????? rudra and soums you nailed it girl ????

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Ok ji I am really sorry as I wasn’t well and didn’t give it a read on my own so thought it might be boring.
      But seriously I loved your gesture of scolding me and trust me I happy beyond words today, so sweet of you Surbhi di.
      Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo much di
      Love ❤ you loads

  13. Manasvi

    Do.. you know I loved it.. you nailed it..
    Sorry as I was not able to comment on your last episodes..
    But they were simply amazing..
    Loved all the episodes..
    And now waiting for the next episode…
    Love u..
    Take care…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Sweetie pie you don’t need to be apologetic and I can understand ?.
      Thank you ? for commenting.
      Love ❤ you too

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