Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 7

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Its night,

All head to sleep to different rooms.Arnav had gone out with Raman.At 11 when all were asleep he enter house keeping cat steps.Suddenly small light gets on.Arnav looks for the person and finds Shalini standing there keeping her hands on hips.Arnav bites his lips and slowly runs to his mom and hugs her sideways.

Shalini:Arnu…..What is this? This is the 3rd consecutive friday that you are reaching home late.
Arnav:I am sorry ma….I went to meet my old friends.
Shalini:Whatever…Come eat your favourite aloo puri.
Shalini:No excuse
Shalini makes Arnav eat the whole thing and smiles seeing him eating for her.After he eats a few.She asks him to stop.
Shalini:Now Go and Sleep…One min.

Shalini handsover a bell which can be hung around neck.Arnav smiles and goes to his room.

In the middle of the night…A bell sound is heard.Ishu gets up and again sleep off.Khushi gets up scared and goes out and sees a person coming towards her with a bell hung around his neck and keeping hands straight to the body….Khushi gets terrified and starts to sweat heavily.

Khushi runs back to the room and sits there scared…She thinks of calling Ishu but she was sleeping peacefully.
Khushi(to herself):How can person sleep so peacefully after hearing such big noise….!
Ishu gets up irritated and gets surprised to see Khushi sitting in her bed covering herself in blanket.
Ishu switch on the light Khushi get scared and screams.
Ishu:Calm Down!
Khushi hugs Ishu calling Ma!
Ishu smiles
Ishu:I am not your mother dear…..Don’t worry
Khushi releases herself from hug.
Khushi:Yeh awaaz kyun? (Why this voice)

Ishu:Nevermind about that……its my brother Arnav….He has an habit of walking in sleep.When he was a kid also he had this habit….Once he had walked to the garden behind and slept on the chair there near the poolside and chachi was scared afterthat….Aarav found this way.This bell makes sound if at all u move slightly.
Khushi smiles relieved.

Next day morning,

Aarav and his gang are tuning and waiting for Ruhi….Ruhi enters in a navy blue plain floor length Kurti and a greyish pant with open hair…..Aarav gets lost in her………..Janam Janam plays.He moves closer to her and stands right infront of her.She feels irritated.

Aarav:Ah….U look so beautiful today.
Ruhi:Thank you….But dont start flirting with me now
Aarav:If I am not flirting then?
Ruhi:Then…Sorry I am taken
‘CHOTU’ A voice made Ruhi’s eyes shine bright….She search in the direction of the sound.And sees Ishu (Ruhi doesn’t know Ishu)
Ishu enters Practice hall
Ishu:Chotu! I will come to pick you today
Aarav:Why di?
Ishu:After stay back we have to go to Nani’s place.
Aarav:Oh my god Nani is coming today right.
Ishu:Arre ah chotu…Ok so I am going Khushi is waiting for me.
Aarav:Bye di.
Ruhi’s eyes was brightening all the time Ishu said ‘Chotu’.
Ruhi(excitedly):Do they call u chotu at home?
Aarav(confused):Yah sometimes…
Ruhi thinks of asking something but,
Ruhi(to herself):Arre bhuddu this flirt cant be the same guy…..Duniya mein todi na ek hi chotu hai (In this world there is not only one chotu)
Ruhi laughs to hide the real fact
Ruhi:Chotu for a BIG guy like you ??
Aarav stares at her……
Ruhi walks from there….Aarav holds her hand twists it and pulls her closer….She screams in pain

Aarav:If u want me to leave say the real reason
Ruhi:Ah….It hurts
Aarav:Say fast
Ruhi:First leave me I swear I will say u the truth.
Aarav:Acha…so it was all a lie ah?
Aarav leaves her…Ruhi holds her hand and looks at him angrily……She touches his nose and runs away….He smiles.
Aarav:u will for sure one day…..!

*I hope I have done justice to Rurav…??

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  1. Good episode…make episode little bit long…and try to add all pairs for an episode…today Raman was missing….

    1. Veronica

      Thnkz ishan and from next epi I will make sure all get an equal chance

  2. Kumud

    Awesome and funny

    1. Veronica

      Thnk you kumud

  3. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that arnav does sleep walking.loved khushi bonding with ishita.loving adi ishu sibling relationship. Rurav scene was cute.aarav lost in her beauty n janam as bgm was romantic. Waiting to know when ruhi will find out that aarav is chotu n how she will react

    1. Veronica

      Thks jasmine

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