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Shivaay was in deep thoughts. Something was going through his mind and was disturbing him.
(Sequence after Karan was shot.)
Karan noticed Aradhya shooting at Shivaay and as Shivaay was near him he pushed him away and in the process his feet hits a box kept on the floor and he slips due to which the bullet hits him near his collar bone and due to the jerk he falls away.
Shivaay who fell down was the first to notice it shouts dragging everyone’s attention towards the scenario.

All look at Karan who fell on the floor hitting his head hard on the concrete floor.
Abhigya: KARANNNN…
AniIshSoums: BHAIYU….
Abeer: KARAN….
Prinku covers her mouth in shock.
Shivaay runs towards Karan and puts Karan’s head on his lap.
When he took Karan in his lap his gaze went to Aradhya.
Aradhya wasn’t angry but she smirked back at him with a victorious smile.
Shivaay’s self though: Her smirk, something was wrong with it. God knows why she smirked…….

Chain of his thoughts was broken by Rudra who pated him on his back.
Rudra: Bhaiya chalo na. (Let’s go bro.)
Rudra: Bhaiyaaaa.
Shivaay: Hmm
Om: Kahan khoya Hua hai tum.
(Where are you lost.)
Rudra: Anika Bhabhi Ki yadoon Mai.
Shivaay: What???
Om hits Rudra on his head and says
Om: Nothing this man is mad.
Shivaay: No he said…
Om: Leave it na. (He signs Rudra.)
Rudra: Yupp! Let’s go.
Shivaay: Where?
Om: Let’s go to meet Karan Bhaiya he has returned home.
Shivaay: Oh ok.
They leave.

After two days Karan was discharged from hospital although he hadn’t recovered completely but he was much better than before.

Karan was feeling bored and was sitting on his bed and making weird faces as no one allowed him to get up even from his bed doing work was something far off thing.
Abeer, AniIshSoums enter.
Anika: Bhaiyu what are you doing?
Karan: Bhangda. (Dance.)
Anika: Okay then I will do gidda. (Another dance form.)
Karan: Shut up.
Abeer siting besides Karan says
Abeer: Relax guys, what’s the matter.
Karan: I am getting bored.
Abeer: Okay, so what shall we do.
Karan: Let me go to office.
AniIshSoums together: NNNNNNOOOOO.
Abeer: Oh god, just once go outside and see I am sure the entire traffic would have stopped hearing you three.
Anika: Whatever.
ShivOmRu enter. All look at them while Karan looks behind them in hope of seeing the face that he was willing to see from long but he gets disappointed.
Rudra: Hi Bhaiya aap kaisa ho aab.
(Hi bro how are you?)

Karan: I am fine but I am bored.
Om: Really I thought some kind of party was going on here.
Ishu: Very funny Om.
Om: Okay then laugh.
Ishu: Haahaa happy.
Om: Why should I be. You laughed you must be happy.
Karan: Guys stop it it’s such a lame topic.
IshKara: Okay.
While on the other side Abeer is highly irked with Shivaay’s presence and glares him like he will kill Shivaay by his eyes only and Shivaay looks other side to avoid his glare. Well Anika is also in no good terms with Shivaay but however she gives him a care free attitude, which irritates him. Karan who noticed this chuckled on Shivaay’s condition.
Rudra: Bhaiya ignore this long hair creature.
Karan looks at him and nods.
Karan: But I am getting bored guys.
Rudra: Okay then I will say a shayari for you.
ShivOm: Nooo.

Rudra: Why?
Soums: Because Mr. Protein shake, we don’t want to get a headache.
Rudra: Oh really Sumo. Even if you have a headache it’s no harm, you see as your head is totally empty.
Soums: Oh really my head is empty. You know what according to a study conducted by Cambridge institute, Massachusetts 70% of boys think that….
Abeer interrupts: Stop it Encyclopedia. No one here is interested to know what research did Cambridge do or NASA did.
Soums: Big B but this idiot.
Abeer throwing a pillow on her: Stop it moti.
Soums angrily: What did you say.
Rudra: Oh please Bhaiya don’t say this already this long hair specimen and Bhaiya keeping eating my head saying this.
Soums: Head…
Abeer: Kuch bhi ho Jaya ya moti head ko nahi chodagi tab tak jab tak yeh sab ka head ko hilla hilla ka hell nahi kar degi.
(What ever may happen this girl won’t leave head till she doesn’t shakes our head and make a hell out of it.)
Karan: Relax bro.

Abeer: Whatever.
Karan: Why are you so angry?
Abeer glaring Shivaay says: I need not to find reason for being angry when reason itself comes to me.
Shivaay gives an awkward look.
Karan changes the topic and says: Guys please think what to do as I am hell bored now.
All settle down and begin to think what to do to cheer Karan up.
When Abhigya enter the room followed by Prinku, Tej and Jhanvi & Shakti and Pinky.
Karan smiled widely seeing Prinku and an unknown happiness reflected in his eyes.
Prinku saw him and smiled back.
His condition is like the song that plays in BG for a while.
Dekha tughko toh pyaar Hua,
Aankha saalat gayin,
Neeyat lipat gayi,
Dil mera kuud pada.
His trances got broken by a tussle going on between Abhigya.
Pragya seemed highly irritated while Abhi is saying something to her that is increasing her irritation more. And both Tejvi and Shakti and Pinky are just giving them ‘they are impossible look’.
Let’s see what’s happening.
Anika: Papa what happened.
Abhi laughed and proudly said: That washer man came.
Ishu: So..
Abhi continues: He called your mother Aunty.
And he begins to laugh again, while the rest give them confused look.
Pragya: You shut up. You are flying so much as he called me aunty and you Bhaiya. Idiot fool god knows what he thinks of himself. Khud kabaar ma taang latka kar baitha hai aur mujha aunty bol raha hai. Aur tum tum kis angle Sa Bhaiya dikha ussa.(That idiot fool he is himself at the age of dying and is calling me Aunty. And you from which angle do you look like his brother.)
All burst out into fits of laughter.
Something strikes Abeer’s mind and he says something to Rudra who was standing near him, Rudra smiles and nods and goes towards the switch board and dims the light all look here and there. While Abhi doesn’t stops even then and says

Abhi: You are aunty.
Pragya gives an annoyed look.

Abeer kneels down in front of Pragya and begins to sing.

Abeer he brings his hand towards her: That’s right baby
Aunty ji this one is for you

Pragya gives her hand in his being confused and Abeer sings further:

Abhi bhi hai jawani

(He swings Pragya and makes her have a round, while the rest smile.)

Zara si hai purani
Hai phir bhi jawani honey ji

(He leaves Pragya and then taking her pallu brings it near her head but then throws it away and it lands at her back, while he continues.)

Sharm bhula ke

(Then he swings his waste in form of a thumka.)

Haa Thumka laga ke
Karo na thoda manmaani ji

Rudra joins him and rounding his hands in a circular motion on Jhanvi’s cheeks sings:

Abhi bhi tere gaal gore-gore

Then Abeer and Rudra point towards Abhi and Tej respectively and sing:

Laakhon dilon pe dale dore-dore

Then they point at themselves and continue:

Dekho deewane huey jaa rahe hain
Aadhe umar ke bhi chhore-chhore

Om goes to Pinky and waving his hand on her open hair sings:

Ha baalon ki safedi se pheeka kab hua hai Roma…aa..aa..nce

Three of the boys sing together with their respective partners:
Aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
Aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
C’mon get up and dance

Three of the boys dance along their respective partners showing some great salsa moves, while the girls cheer:

Dil tto chhichhora kawara vaara vaara jaaye
Funky adaaon pe mara mara jaye baby
Kaliyan kanwari tajurbe se bani Aunty

Abeer glaring Abhi in fake anger and rounding around Pragya sings:
Jitna puraana ho sona sona sona
Kyun na phir bhi rahega woh sona sona sona baby

Rudra to Jhanvi while he rounds around hera:
Aur nasheeli ho wine puraani aunty

Abhi, Tej and Shakti sign something to girls and they nod.
Anika goes to Abeer, Ishu to Om and Soums to Rudra. Three of them pull the boys away from Pragya, Jhanvi and Pinky and pointing at them sing.

Yeh toh bataa are o re o re
Aunty bulaaye mujhe kyun re kyun re

Boys pushing the girls slightly and in attitude sing:
Aunty bulaane mein jo mazaa hai woh
naam pukaarne mein no re no re

Om along with Ishu pulling up some salsa moves sings:
O kamariya jo dekhi toh bachne ka nahin ka chance
Aunty ji, aunty ji, get up and dance

Rudra teasingly to Soums almost holding her waist and pushing her a bit sings while Soums glares him:

Patli nahin jo kamar teri teri toh kya

Then Abeer to Anika:
Ab bhi lage hai gadar badi badi baby

Om to Ishu showing his hand around his lips in form of a smile:
Smile abhi bhi hai million dollar aunty

Then the boys go back to their respective partners and pulling their husband’s and daughter’s along sing taunting to the three husband’s, Om drags Prinku as well:

Hai na woh tera jo hubby hubby hubby
Lagne laga hai tera daddy daddy daddy

Abhi, Tej and Shakti give them shocked expressions and ‘what the hell’ look, while the ladies laugh seeing their expressions.

Abeer continues:
Bitiya jo teri woh behan lage hai aunty
C’mon get up n dance…

Now girls glare them but then just pass a smirk and sing pushing the boys slightly by their shoulder:

Paani mein jaake munh dhole dhole
Chhede kyun mujhe badtameej chhore

All the boys holding girls from their wrist and pushing them in such a way that they take a spin sing:
Dhone se badtamiji jaati nahi
Chhedenge yunhi tujhe chhore chhore

Rudra drags Shivaay to the floor.
All sing and dance together to the last few beats:
Haan baalon ki safedi se pheeka kab hua hai romance
Aunty ji, aunty ji, get up and dance!
(Aunty Ji, Aunty Ji)
Aunty ji, aunty ji, get up and dance!
(Aunty Ji, Aunty Ji)
Hey Aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance

Everyone was happy but Oberoi’s were shocked and the most shocked amongst them was Om, who had got a 440V jhatka due to Tej’s changed behaviour.
Karan who was seeing them clapped and smiled wholeheartedly.
All laughed at what they just did.
Everyone settles down.
Pinky: Karan beta how are you now.
Karan: I am fine aunty.
Pinky smiles and said.
Pinky: Thank you….
Karan cuts her: Please don’t say that and moreover I am like your son na and mother’s don’t thank their son.
All look on and pinky nods smilingly.
While Abhigya feel proud of him and AniIshSoums smile at him.
Abeer patting Karan says: Beta bohat sanskari ho Gaya ho.
(Dear you have become very mannerly.)
He receives a punch in return on his stomach from Karan.
Abeer’s mouth turns like a balloon.
Abeer: You idiot control your hands.
Karan: And you control your mouth.
Abeer: Whatever.
Dadi enters the room all smile and greet her. While Abhi, Karan and Abeer touch her feet. She blesse them.
Dadi: As all is good now. So I think so we should not delay in Karan and Prinku’s marriage.
All look at Shivaay.
Shivaay: WHAT???
Rudra: Are you okay this time.
Shivaay to ignore further awkwardness and weird attention says: Yup!
Abeer tauntingly: Obviously, otherwise he would have got to know.
Shivaay looks at him a bit horrified as he was warning him openly.
Pragya: Stop it Abeer.

Abeer just nods.
Dadi: Okay. Then we will call the pandit ji tomorrow.
All nod.
Anika: Dadi you missed an amazing moment right now.
Dadi: Why?
Soums: Right now mom and dad were fighting on some silly issue and then we all danced.
Abeer pats her head as she again reminded Abhigya of their fight and she gives an oops expression and bites her tongue. All look at Abhigya with pleading face but where was that going to help.
And as expected both began again but this time not alone.
Abhi: I already told you that you have become old but you never heard me right.
Pragya: Oh really. As if you are Hritik Roshan.
Pinky: All these men always consider themselves young and us old. They never value us.
Jhanvi: Right.
Pragya: True.
Abhi: What true and right.
Dadi: Aare stop it. Abhi you haven’t changed till now.
Rudra: Uncle aadmi hai koi detergent ka packet thodi hain Jo change ho jayeinga.
(Uncle is a man not detergent packet that he will get changed.)
All pat their head while ShivOm pat Rudra’s head.
Rudra: Ouch stop it guys.
Shivaay: First you shut up.
Dadi: Relations are like this inly with some nok-jhok but they shouldn’t turn into big fights. Always remember that. Ishqbaazi should always be there.
Pragya: Let it be dadi. These men do not value us.
All ladies agree.

Tej: It’s nothing like that. We value you ladies.
Jhanvi: How much?
Abhi: How can we measure that.
Pragya: You need not to measure that just need to express that.
Anika: Right mom.
Ishu: Yes papa we agree with ma.
Soums: Okay papa, Tej uncle and Shakti uncle express your love today. Propose them.
All smile while
All men shout: NO.
Abhi: You have gone mad girl.
Rudra: Aare come on guys.
Tej: Shut up Rudra.
Rudra: Aare papa how can you say like this being father of super amazing, super handsome lady killer. Come on I will give you training. It’s so simple.
Abeer: Yes even I can help. It’s really simple.
Karan: Shut up both of you. You only know how to trap girls and flirt with them.
Both Abeer and Rudra give ‘what’s the difference ‘ look.
Karan: But true love needs to be expressed in a different way.
Om: Mohbaat kuch alfazoon Ki mohtaaj nahi hai,
Yeh toh na maapa Jana waali kashish hai,
Vo saugaat hai Jo bayaan nahi Ki ja Sakti,
Aur Vo ehsaas ha Jo sirf mehsoos kiya jata hai.
Ishu looks at him lovingly and gets lost in his words and smiles happily.
Rudra and Abeer get confused.
Abeer: Ehsaas aur Kashish ka toh pata nahi par Mia aur Sammy mast thi yaar.
(I don’t know all this but Mia and Sammy were amazing.)
He smiles sheepishly saying about his Ex-girlfriends. Karan hits him on his head.
Tej excuses himself as he receives a call, he comes back and says to Jhanvi.
Tej: Jhanvi get that Mehta’s file ready once we go home tomorrow we have a meeting with them.
Shakti to Pinky: Get my suit ready.
Abhi: Okay on that note Pragya why don’t you get some coffee.
All the ladies look on annoyed, while dadi and kids give ‘inka kuch nahi ho sakta’ look to the three mad husbands.
Pragya, Jhanvi and Pinky get up and begin to move while the husbands follow asking for a reply. Rest look on.
After five minutes the ladies come back hell irritated followed by their husbands, who are still chanting their respective wives name. In irritation Pragya sings looking at Abhi.

Pragya with annoyed expressions and pointing at Abhi sings:
Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
Kyon dekhte ho mujhko yun besabron ki tarah
Abhi looks at her shocked.
Jhanvi too joins:
Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
Kyon dekhte ho mujhko yun besabron ki tarah
Tej too gets shocked.
Next Pinky to joins shocking Shakti:
Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
Kyon dekhte ho mujhko yun besabron ki tarah

Jhanvi continues:
Kya mere deewane ho nahi nahi
Kya koi parwaane ho nahi nahi
Kya mere deewane ho
Kya koi parwaane ho

Pragya singing and dancing along:
Kaam kya hai mujhse itna keh do ji zara
Bol de pyar hai khaamosh kyon hai khada
Hum agar hote toh bol diya hota

All the three ladies together:
Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
Kyon dekhte ho mujhko yun besabron ki tarah

Anika opens the curtains behind which is the windows on which reflection of three of the ladies could be seen and then Pragya continues:
Khidki pe meri kyon rakhte ho ankhiya
Karte ho kyon tum meri hi batiyaan
Karte ho kyon tum meri hi batiyaan

Jhanvi sings further:
Khidki pe meri kyon rakhte ho ankhiya
Karte ho kyon tum meri hi batiyaan

Pinky continues:
Mere liye aate ho nahi toh geet gungunate ho
Mere liye aate ho nahi toh geet gungunate ho

All together singing, giving irritated expressions as till now neither of their husband’s were ready to confess:
Baat kya hai dil mein tumhare tumko hi pata
Chhod de yeh sharam tu paas usko bula
Hum agar hote toh bula liya hota
Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
Kyon dekhte ho mujhko yun besabron ki tarah

Saying so the three of them got highly enraged and began to leave, while all the kids gave their respective partners glares filled with anger.
Three of the men held hands of their respective partners stopping them.
They point to the bangles the ladies were wearing in their hands and then folding it lightly behind their back and twisting it they pass a naughty smile to their partners and sing:

Haathon mein kyon hai yeh sone ka kangana
Tumko pehnaake le jaaunga angana

Then they put pallu on the heads of their significant other, while they smile and hit them slightly in response:

Sajani banaaoge haa ji haa ji haa

Three of them go on knees on seeing which the rest hoot aloud, while Om is in a condition that he may faint any time seeing what Tej was doing:

Jaan bhi lutaaoge arey haa ji haa ji haa
Sajani banaaoge jaan bhi lutaaoge

Then they forward a flower to them, while kneeling only and sing:
Aaj hum kahte hai tumse pyar ho Gaya

Haath yeh thaamkar kaha pe tu hai chala
Apna bhi shukriya kar diya hota

They round around their respective partners and continue:
Hum aage peechhe dolte hai bhanwron ki tarah
Hum dekhte hai tumko yun besabron ki tarah
(All the ladies blush and smile. While the men continue proudly dancing around.)
Kya mere deewane arey haa ji haa ji haa
Kya koi parwaane arey haa ji haa ji haaji haa
Kya mere deewane ho kya mere parwaane ho
Aaj hum kahte hai tumse pyar ho gaya.

Singing this they all leave the place in opposite directions along with their partners. While all the kids give blank expressions except for the Singhaniya’s and Abeer as they knew how much Abhi loved to sing for Pragya.

After two minutes. Abhigya come back and share a hi-fi with dadi and so do Pinky and Shakti.
Abhi: Kya lagta hai ma, khan tak jayenga.
(What do you think ma, how long can they go.)
Dadi: Aab toh inki rail gaadi paatri par chad hi chuki ha. Aab toh lamba hi chalenga.
(Now their train has come on track, now they will go really far.)
All: Hmmm.
Kids are still hell confused.
Ishu rounding her arm around Abhi asks
Ishu: Which track and which train are you talking about.
Abhi holds her arm and replies.
Abhi: Train of their Ishqbaazi.
All of them look at each other, while Shivaay is just looking at Om and then he goes to him and places his hand on his shoulder. Om looks at him and Shivaay could clearly see a layer of tears in his eyes. Om just hugs him tightly.
All smile and for the first time even Abeer smiles seeing Shivaay.
Undoubtedly however Shivaay may be but as a brother he was best and even Abeer agreed with this and smiled at their bond.
Om: Shivaay, papa.
Shivaay nods.
Although no one had noticed but dadi, ShivRu and Ishu noticed that Om called Tej as papa and all of them smiled.
Rudra makes a cry baby face and complains
Rudra: Guys how can you do an O BRO moment without me.
Om chuckles while Shivaay extends his hand and Rudra hops in. Three of them hug each other. Anika unconsciously smiles seeing Shivaay and admires his concern for OmRu.
After a while
Om: Guys moment nikal Gaya.
Pehla emotional tha aab awkward ho raha hai.
(Guys moment ended, first it was emotional now it’s getting awkward.)
Shivaay nods.
Rudra: Itni jaldi. (So soon.)
But they part away.

After sometime all leave, to their respective places as Karan had to rest and they asked him to take care.
Shivaay excused himself as he got a call.

Anika was passing by when Shivaay saw her. He directly goes to her.
Shivaay: Anika.
Anika turns to him and looks angrily.
Shivaay: I know what I did earlier was wrong and trust me I am repenting for it but please if possible try to forgive me. I AM SORRY.
Anika was shocked hearing to him say sorry on his own without anyone pressurising him.
Anika excitedly and forgetting everything pulls his cheeks and says
Anika: Waah! Billu ji aaj apna khud hi sorry keh Diya.
(WOW Mr. Cat today you yourself apologised.)
Shivaay was really happy seeing her back to normal but that didn’t mean she forgave him.
Shivaay holding her hand that’s still on his cheeks says innocently
Shivaay: Did you forgive me.
Anika: Hmmm. Okay.
Shivaay: Hye I am not pressurising you.
Anika got another shock of her life with what bagaad billa spoke.
Anika: Am I dreaming.
Shivaay: Please Anika I am not kidding.
Anika: Okay okay. I am not sure but it will take time.
Shivaay smiled at her.
Shivaay: At least we can be back at our previous terms.
Anika gave him confused look.
Shivaay forwarding his hand says: Friends…..
Anika smiles and accepts it.
Anika: Friends.
Both smile.
Then they leave the place.

OmRu were sleeping in Shivaay’s room and IshuSoums in Anika’s room.
Shivaay comes to the balcony-cum-pool side.
He is looking outside, when Anika come out in her balcony. She is wearing a beautiful simple white Anarkali. (Similar to one which she wears in IB.)
Was that Anika or some angel. She looked beautiful then ever in that white Anarkali, more beautiful than she would have looked in any other dress. Her flawless face was glowing in the moon night. God knows how does she manages to look so fresh at this hour of the night as well. But she looks just so beautiful.

His thoughts get disturbed and guess how????
Abeer enters the scene and Shivaay literally curses him and begins to look at other side and says to himself ” ya na toh khud niklaga, na hi mujha ussa dekhna da Ga”.
But to his good luck, Abeer leaves without even seeing him and Anika stays back there only.

Anika looks at Shivaay and he also looks at her pretending as if he is seeing her for the first time.
Anika asks him through her fingers and actions ‘WHAT?’.
He nods back in ‘NOTHING’.
Both smile and look at each other silently yet relaxingly.
After nearly twenty minutes Shivaay receives a call and he pick it up and his expression changes to utter tension. On the other hand Anika gets a little worried. Shivaay cuts the call and begins to think something,Anika looks at him and again asks ‘WHAT?’, but gets the same reply ‘NOTHING’. But this time Shivaay leaves the place.
Anika thinks that it maybe some business problem and decides to ignore.


Aur aaj ek raita phela hai, any idea which one???

Sorry guys I know I am hell late but was too busy today. But I will try my best to be on time.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off
Shivika ?……

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    Naino ki to baat naina jaane haiSapno ke raast rena jaane haiNaino ki to baat naina jaane haiSapno ke raast rena jaane haiDil ki baatein dhadkan jaane haiJispe guzari woh dil jaane hai..Hum deewane ho gaye hai aapkeHum to bas itna jaane haiTu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janamTu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janam..Nazare ye aapki karne lagi hoshiyariaKahi kare de na ye.. mere liye dushwariaNazare ye aapki karne lagi hoshiyariaKahi kare de na ye.. mere liye dushwariaHusan ki baat to husan hi jaane haiRoop ke naaz to roop hi jaane haiSahi galt to darpan jaane haiJispe guzari woh dil jaane hai..Hum deewane ho gaye hai aapkeHum to bas itna jaane hai..Tu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janamTu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janam..Sukhe patton ki tarha thi meri ye zindagiOsa ki bundon ke jaiseJab se mujhpe tu geeriSukhe patton ki tarha thi meri ye zindagiOsa ki bundon ke jaiseJab se mujhpe tu geeriRuh ki baat to saans hi jaane haiHonton ki khwaishein pyaas hi jaane haiKyu jogi ho jogan jaane haiJispe guzari woh dil jaane hai..Hum deewane ho gaye hai aapkeHum to bas itna jaane hai..Tu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janamTu mera hai sanamTu mera hum dum..Tere sang jeena ab sathon janam..??????????

    1. Surbhi behana humare likhne ke liye chand alfaz ko chod diye hota wese hi powerhouse aapne naam ki shaan badati rehti hai yese specular fiction likhle samjh hi Nahi aata bole toh kya??? N guys madhouse me Nahi aapaa rahi WhatsApp noor jahan ke nakhre dikhara hai my all chats vanished ….so….per u no what shivi tu jitne bhi raite phelati hai na woh bade mast hote hai and tere tarah hi sweet bhi per I guess tu na alien hai becoz yese out of the world moments sochna then unhe words me mould karna ….tu her cheej me awesome hai awesome Nahi super se uper….
      Writer friend sissy ideas ki factory student motivator kya Nahi hai tu I love u meri jaan ….meri behana ….n at last whole madhouse akhil itni jaldi uper ka ticket Nahi katana ….tum behane mar Nahi daloge mujhe…
      FF ke liye…?????????????????????????????????????

  15. Chandini

    Hi sweety I know I am late excuse me for that…and coming to the epi elders dance nice thought yaar where do you get such ideas…seriously you are awesome and I was just imagining om’s reaction on seeing tej???you always rock..keep going bye lov you dear??

  16. Mrunal

    so…. happy…
    my rock star is back in her Normal mode…
    this is u..
    loved this epi to the core….
    specially the songs part…
    and I’m happy u didn’t dragged shivika’s fight…
    hope u will unite then soon….

    love u my certified crazy buddy…?

  17. Shivika22kapoor

    Mrunal sorry dear my net is not working at all and pm toh khul hi nahi raha SO SORRY will try some other day. SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

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