Note For All SwaSan Fans n RagLak Fans n For SWARAGINI FANS !!! By Goldie !!! MUST READ !!!

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Hello SwaSanians n RagLakians..

Guyz Plzz Its A Humble Request to Both da Fandoms..Plzz Keep Ur Enmity,Ego;Frustration fr Eachother Aside fr Sometime n Join Hands to Have Our Fav Show n Fav Couples..This Time its Time to Show #SwaraginiFan Power nt SwaSan or RagLak..Plzz Try to Understand..If We Keep on Fighting st this Crucial Point of Time too den We will Loose Our Fav Show n Couple den Kya SwaSan n Kya RagLak ?? I knw Some Fans of Both da Fandoms Wont Agree wid Me n Will Bash Or Bad Mouth Me bt I DNT CARE coz Right Nw I CARE IS ABT MY FAVOURITE SHOW #SWARAGINI..n Nthing Else..So M Requesting U All too Support Us in Saving Our #Swaragini n Our Fav Couples..

U cn do this By TRENDING on TWITTER as #DontEndSwaragini #LoveSwaSan fr SwaSan Fans n #DontEndSwaragini #LoveRagLak fr RagLak Fans n Tweet to @ColorsTV @sharmarashmi20 @rajcheerfull n By WATCHING SWARAGINI THIS WHOLE WEEK FRM MON TO FRI AT 9:30pm n INCREASE DA TRPs as Much as Possibe..Coz this Week’s TRP is really Important n it will Decide da Future of Our Show n Couple..So Plzz Its An Humble Request to Join Hands n Save Our Show n Show #SwaraginiFan Power..Pllzz..I HOPE U WILL UNDERSTAND da IMPORTANTANCE of Our Unity at this Crucial Point of Time n Will Be United in Saving Our Show n Our Fav Couples…* FingersCrossed*..Dnt Loose Hope at All even if U Get Worst News abt the Show..Jst Keep Trending n Keep Watching n Keep Trying Our Best..If Our Love n Dedication is True fr Show den It will Aurely Make Us Win n Miracle will Happen in Our Favour.. *FingersCrossed* #HppingForTheBest..

And Plzz Sign da Petition n Save Our Show n Our Fav Couple..We cnt Let them Go Soo Easily..So Plzz Save da Show n Show dem #SwaraginiFan Power 🙂 n Sprd this Petition to all Ur Frnds n SwaSanians n RagLakians too :).

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  1. Why should we support u….BTW we know how much ms.Goldie hate raglak n their fans
    We are not intrested to save the show n BTW it was karma for rs the way she had neglected raglak n their fans…#letthe showend

  2. Mahjabeen

    Thank you goldie thank you soo mch for sharing twitter link…nd yeah pls guys unite for swargini nd save it frm gng off air…plsssssssss guys pls trend abt ur pairs on twittter to rashmi mam…pls save our show

  3. Dear Goldie ,
    We know how much you love raglak n their fans…so stop showing ur precious concern towards us?…in fact you know we are happy that the show is ending?… know its karma for rs who ignored raglak n their fans?….
    You remember once u called us a dog so wanted to say u : every dog has it’s day….
    Goldie dear remember we said that if we don’t get raglak we would make sure that the crap ends early…you know what we proved it??….n we r happy?
    Love from,
    J ?

    1. well said dea.RS always praises swasan if trp incresases n always ignores raglak.nw she shud knw tat swasan may increase trp bt raglak fans has the power to shut the show..

      1. Swaragini

        U r right….

    2. Very well said…

      1. A.xx

        i agree as raglak got little importance and namish said in the interview it didn’t make any difference to him as he was hardly in the show as they neglected his character and gave him little scenes. but a little raglak is better than no raglak..
        i seriously love the whol cast be it amar,varun,namish,teja,roop…
        so let’s try to save this as after all of raglak fan demands rashmi has no choice than to give the fans what they want as no raglak scenes and no importance for them has made the trp’ low..
        the show also did go a little off track as 1 by 1 each character turned negative and this was also said by Namish….
        somewhere it is the channel’s fault as well as they keep delaying the show and pushing the timeslot back to give it to another show and they give maha episodes which no-one really likes…xx

  4. Yes swaragini should not go off air

  5. I m a also a big fan of both couples.plz save our swaragini.

  6. If we save the serial then also raglak won’t get importance so it’s better to go off air!!!! Raglak fans I’m telling you our raglak won’t get any importance so don’t save it and vote against it!!!

  7. It’s better to go off air coz now there is no proper story line.. Nor did the makers gave importance to any character other than swasan… I too loved them but due to swara I started disliking that couple… N goldie ji as they said v all know how much u hate raglak n its fans so better u shut ur mouth… In ur ff also ragini is negative only so stop showing ur fake concern…. Even namish is not happy with his track….. N they hv only showed negativity in the show… Not a single positive thing so better to end with respect rather than after getting insulted….. N u too should now stop it… It’ll be better for u….. I hope u got it…..

  8. it’s better if this show goes off air…raglak have no importance they have been side lined

  9. 1.Sit properly in front of a stone…
    2.Use glue n fit a Rashimi mam picture there..
    3.close ur eyes tight..
    4.join ur hands
    5.Now pray !!
    6.better not to open eyes for 30 seconds at least…
    thnk u … ;-*

    1. anonymous(raglak)

      yaar too funny/ but r present situation is like that

    2. Bela

      Arrey also put bhog in the form of laddoo or fruits. Zyada sahi lagta hai.

      1. Kakali

        Ohhh Haaa Belaaaa !!! Goshhh thnxx for reminding meee … background music *nagada sang dhol baaje … ;P

  10. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Thnk U all RagLak Fans fr Ur -ve Comments..I m Glad U took some of Ur Preciousness Time n Commented on My Post fr Bashing Me..M Glad U Showed ur Real Face Agn..Anywyz M Here to Save My Show Swaragini nt fr Listening ur Nonsense…M Nt Internet in Ur -ve Thots..So Keep Blabbering..N Rahi Baath abt RagLak Yes I Dnt Like them bt it doesnt mean ki I become SO insane n Rude Like U Ppl at the da Time of Difficult Times..Anywyz My Job was to Make U alp Understand Rest its All Ur Wish..n Thnks Once Agn fr Commenting on My Post..

    1. right answer goldie and plz guys save swaragini plz plz plz…..

    2. I must say u have wonderful grammar…and spellings are way much better n thnx for the efforts taken to save OUR show (which was only cid and mahan swara with nothing for raglak)?

      1. Huhhh it’s damn correct Raglak never get proper scenes …. m a SWASAN fan n i accept it…coz i love raglak tooo…
        dun know why cvs does all this … why can’t they understand without raglak swaragini is incomplete…
        but think guyzz if d show ever goes off air then we will not even get a single glimpse of our fav ones … !!! so i will never say to go off air d show… !! it’s kinda horrible dream come true… !!!
        n about mahan n cid Swara… i have nothing to say … coz we all know it very well why she become like this … !!!

      2. Hehe… Awesome answer j!!!

        Those who don’t know the spellings n grammar also they’ll stop a show from g
        Off air ???

    3. Swaragini

      They did not bash …they kept the opinion….evryone has their right …I m sorry say but u r rude person….bcz of u people many Raglak fan started to hate swasan … Believe me or not many Raglak wanted to like swasan but they couldn’t …bcz of some swasan fans….nd if the Swaragini doesn’t go off air den also Raglak will nt get d importance…so wat is the use to watch …nd den again the trip will fall nd again show I’ll come to end it’s better dat it ends now…We waited for long time for a proper Raglak track…they tested our patience…after long time we got a track but there also swasan who is…Y always Raglak fans have to suffer…..I wish the Swaragini end soon…

    4. whose face is come in front of all everybody knows that you guys did not consider raglak at all bashing them badly and now requesting to join hands only when u need to increase trp not even single swasan fan said abut the partiality happen with raglak. swsanians see the colors channel do partiality with swragini what about cvs do partiality with raglak track always.

      1. So true dear

    5. U know what u don’t need to make anyone understand anything got it??? N v hv never been rude to swwasan fans it u ppl who hate raglak… Raglak fans never hated swwasan they just wanted a proper track with both the couples so u stop being rude n insane or whatever…. N just b happy with whatever is going on

  11. Priyashini

    Hii guys…. I love both the couples… Even more raglak. As long as love and trust more , everything will last for long. So I hope our love towards the show and the couples will save the show…. Why should our simple ego make misunderstandings…. Leave all that…. Love swaragini.. I am sorry if I meant something wrong.. take care everyone..stay blessed.

  12. Fairy

    Yaaaar dere r so many nonsense shows in colors channel…y dey r endng swaragini!!!ahhh!!!plzzzzzzz dnt end dis show…atleast not for now!!!!! I love ragini/tejasswiii ssoooooooooo muchhhh….. how cn i live widout seeing her……i know she cn do ny other show also bt m very much attached to dis showwww!!! Namish tejasswi varun helly ….i love demmm soooo muchh
    ……if d show ends how cn i get dere interviewsss….speciallly temish ,tevar n heltej ivs… plz rashmi sharma ma’am dnt end dis showwwww plzzz!!!!!!

    1. Dear what will u do even if it goes on.. Teju will never get a proper scene…. N raglak again will b left at the side like always.. So its better shut that off.. It’ll be better for Teju nami n varun. .

      1. Fairy

        Yeah dr….u said it r8 ……bt i jst wish i could see my teju soooon in other show :)…bt still yaaar wl misss temish tevar raglak sooooooooooo muchhhhhh!!!! 🙁 …

  13. anonymous(raglak)

    the thing is even though raglak never got equal importance ,in order to not to loose even that small glimpse of them, we r trying r best on twitter to trend…I will be happy if d show doesn’t go off air .But despite of trending and increase in TRP ……at the same time I won’t be upset(like literally i won’t care) if show ends I personally think temish never got what they deserve in d show.

  14. its a swasan show more then swaragini better they alone save it swaragini serial is nothing to do with raglak writer gave swasan good story good scne and our raglak always bear partiality its swara jasusi more than anything so swaragini isnbot going off air but swara cidgiri is going off air and i really thanks god for it. we raglakians are very hurt the way raglak treated in show. and dear its not ego its called self respect all these year we only demand good raglak track but we got family track swasan track but nothing for raglak after their union even kavya track turn into devrani jethani track so no expection from this partial show

  15. Dear ek baar show baand hoga toh hum uney kabhi dekh nahi payege tejasswii hope b Kar rahi hai ki shayad unke fans show ko bacha lege…….. Aagar hum bacha nahi paye toh fans hone ka kya faayda

  16. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Thnks Ppl Who Supported Me n Ppl who r agnst Me n Bashing Me..All i cn say is M nt here to show Whether M Rude or Good Kind of Person m here jst To Request U all to Save da Show..n Jisse Mera Saath dena hai de warna Baaki sab cn Go anywhr they want..I dnt Care..

    1. U don’t care? Then why such a big essay for not caring???

    2. Now also u r bashing raglak n their fans… I mean it’s the limit okay??? N j said it right yet again…

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