Would you like to watch the bride swap track in Ishqbaaz?

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Ishqbaaz is a story of three brothers, Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta), Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo). The three are the combination of mind-soul-body. Shivaay is an arrogant business man, Omkara is an artist who takes decision from heart and Rudra is flirty handsome boy. The current track of Ishqbaaz is focusing on Shivaay and Annika’s love story. According to news, Tia will be swapped by Annika and Shivika (Shivaay-Annika) will get married but producer Gul Khan said there won’t be any track like that. There is already many misunderstanding between Shivika and this bride swap can bring more misunderstanding, which viwers may not like. But even after all this after marriage we will surely get to watch Shivika romance and viwers will love it. So what is your POV?

The current track also shows Rumya (Rudra-Soumya) marriage and their growing love and Omkara-Priyanka’s past. Omkara’s lady love will enter after the Shivika marriage. Ishqbaaz stars Nakuul Mehta as Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Kunal Jaisingh as Omakara Singh Oberoi and Leenesh Mattoo as Rudra Singh Oberoi in the three main leads and Surbhi Chandna as Annika, Nehalaxmi Iyer as Soumya Tendulkar opposite Nakuul Mehta and Leenesh Mattoo respectively. Share your views through comment section.

hehehehe, guys this is Neeti only????. Actually I wanted it to look like a real poll, so it was type if that. Sorry for eating your heads but I want to know how many of you are interested in the current track, as the bride swap track will lead to new misunderstandings and again Ani will get insulted which I hate. In Tv shows girls always have to sacrifice and I hate that thing, now share your views, feel free, no limits, just wr8 what’s in your heart. And I wanted to ask this from many days, will you all be my di/friend ☺☺☺ plzzzzz….!!!!!???????? I am only 13 BTW.
ok bye, love u all, tc (take care)-Neeti

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  1. Priyali

    no yaar. bride swapping has been done 100 timess.. can we pls have something new?? like cld be groom swapping this time

    1. Exactly. And it would only add on to the already huge pile of misunderstanding between Shivaay and Anika.

      1. Ayath

        no bride swap guyz…….its a forced marriage

    2. Neeti

      so Gul mam was, r8 there won’t b bride swap, I thought she was lying bt the promo, wwwwoooooowwwwww?????????, there won’t b bride swap???? bt it is a forced mrg???

      1. Priyali

        neeti di. can u send me a link of d promo pls??

    3. Exactly bride swapping has now became old . Add something new yaar

  2. I just won’t old anika n Shivayback with their nok jhok n romance

  3. No yaaaar jabarjasthi shadhi cccc promo instagram

    1. Neeti

      can u plz send me the link?

    2. Yes neeti according to spoiler there will be forced marriage

  4. Samm

    it could be great if there was no wedding without consent from both sides. but i guess that won’t happen anytime now, right?

    and neeti, you don’t have to ask to be like a little sister or friend to me 🙂

  5. Wedding promo out …no bride swap.

    1. Neeti

      I wanna watch it

  6. Ayath

    yea guyz its not bride swap….actually its a forced marriage

    1. Neeti

      mjhe v dekhna hai!!!

  7. No bride swapping I want bridegroom swap it will be interesting to watch

  8. Nansshivika

    But we can do nothing.its conformed bride swap is going to happen.insta photos are there and gul too replied tat ” bride swap will be watched by many it rates good.”

  9. Nansshivika

    I just don’t want bride swap.let see.but gul statement made me mad

  10. Neeti

    I am such a buddhu, I myself can’t decide what to vote, so I chose can’t say??? as the promo says it’s a forced mrg, bt if there was a bride swap, I couldn’t have decide???????

  11. Neeti

    ye log mjhe keh rhe hai, thanks for voting, bnya to maine hi hai???

  12. Neeti

    the promo is out on Tv also, bt as I was in schl so didn’t got to knw

    1. Ayath

      neeti……I saw it on insta

  13. Search ishqbaaz recent instagram videos u will get to c

  14. Nansshivika

    Guys I too watched it. Is m so happy.don’t know why Shivay is forcing her but they both know they r marraying each other tats all I want.I am on cloud9

  15. Mujhe bass,Tia aur Daksh ke pardafash ka intezar hai,vo b jaldi..thik shaadi ke baad..

  16. Sat

    Here you go with the link
    For All those who asked

  17. Instead of love rather hatred will start now on amid Shivika..will anyone post spoiler for the Tia n Daksh reavealation?

  18. Samaira20

    Yeah….there is gonna be forced marriage…..maybe shivaay got to know the truth of tia….or he got to know the truth of daksh and wants to save anika from daksh’s cheap thinking…..i m happy that the marriage is from shivaay’s side else anika would have been blamed for marrying shivaay for money……

    1. ShriyaT

      Shivaay didn’t got to know about tia or daksh but he only thinks that daksh is a cheap guy so he wants to save anika from that..so he marries her forcefully

  19. Guys there won’t be a bride swap but there will be a forced marriage where Shivaay forces Anika to marry him. I am on cloud 9 bcoz its SHIVIKA’s marriage. I want them to marry with full respect & blessings. But still it’s okay. So Guys get ready & start ur shopping now 4 SHIVIKA’s marriage.

  20. Yeah we don’t want any bride swap because it is seen in many. Serials .we just want shivka to be something different

  21. ShriyaT

    No bride swap….shivaay forces anika to marry him.. i just wish their misunderstand ing clears fast..and roumya i love them…bas ishkara ki kami hai..?? love Shivika,,Ishkara,,Roumya❤

  22. No bride swap please….. i started watching this serial for the last few days only. i found it very interesting. brothers bonding is awesome…. and ofcourse their love stories too.

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