Part 2
Next day in OM

Annika and shivaay in their room

A- did you talk to her?
S- no, i was a little busy yesterday so couldn’t make it.
A- i was thinking, why shouldn’t i try to talk to mummyji because if you talk you will get angry as always and mummyji might get hurt and i don’t want that.
S- do you think she will listen to anyone?
A- atleast let me try.
S- your wish but i know she is stubborn as she was 15 years before and only my anger can handle her.
A- but i don’t want that you two get into an arguement
S- your will; i am busy right now just tell me these things in the night; after that i will see to it that what i have to do, okay.
A- okay, bye; love you.
S- love you too.
Shivaay pecks her lips and goes.
Annika heads towards pinky’s room for a talk regarding ansh dreams.
A- mummyji
P- oh annika come here.
A- good morning mom.
P- good morning, that’s good you came here, see i have got an admission form for ansh of the same university where shivaay pursued his business study.
A but, mom ansh don’t want that.
P- ya, i know he is just interested in that stupid singing; but, if he want he can carry this as a hobby like shivaay does cooking but he must pursue his studies because after shivaay ansh will be the face of oberoi’s if he will not study business how will he manage the business.
A- mom ansh told shivaay clearly that he will not become a part of this buiseness and will be pursuing a career in singing only even i and shivaay is okay with his plans.
P- oh no no, this is not possible what will the world say that the grandson of oberoi is doing such a pity job and what about our oberoi empire who will take care of it?
A- mom shivaay is there for that and even ved(omkara’s son) is taking interest in business and pursuing his career in that only after shivaay he will take good care of our oberoi empire then what is the problem?
P- the problem is that he is not shivaay’s son he is omkara’s son that omkara who didn’t ever gave a shit to the company and now you want to give it to ved the company which is made of my son’s blood and sweat.
A- shivaay don’t have any problem with that then why you?
P- because he is a fool he can’t see that they are using them but i will not let them do whatever they want i will do what is correct and will not let anyone take my grandson’s right to anybody else at any cost.
A- at the cost of your grandson’s dream, mom will you be able to afford that?
P- ansh is small right now he is unable to understand what is right and what is wrong.
A- but ansh is big enough to choose his career and you are pressurizing him.
P- you are too fool like your husband and cant understand the power game but i understand it well.
A- mom but ansh?
P- no more arguement; this is the form you give it to your son and ask him to fill it and submitt it.
A- i have no heart to crush my son’s heart.
P- fine then, i myself will give it to him and i will also tell him that there is no other choice for him and he have to do it.
A(in mind)- shivaay was right she is a difficult person and can’t be handle with love when she is in this mode now only shivaay and his anger will make her understand.


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