It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 34

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Chapter 33

Signing the documents Swara thanked officers for co operation.

Officer- Mam its late night ,let us drop you .

Swara – no ,its alright i will be fine.

Swara walk out from the police station, walking quietly on the deserted road .After ten years she finally got the culprit behind the bars but she didn’t got any peace or satisfaction. Because she knew from the moment whom destroyed her life was her maa and she can never be out from the pain.

Sujata Malik / Raichand / Mary -her maa,her destroyer and her life’s biggest nightmare.She trusted her like every daughter trust her mother blindly but what she got in returned of trust ,becoming a pawn to take revenge from her dad Omkar Malik.

Anuradha Malik- She was Sweet dadi who turned into women that will snatched everything from her.She was the elder of family but what she did devastated every happiness of her own family.

Raina Malik- She was also not less from maa,who too used her own daughter Sara in this revenge because she loved Dushyant Malik and wanted to take revenge.

Misha Raichand -What she thought that she got a girl who will be a friend of her but no she was her step sibling and one thing she know that her siblings hate her.

Christian Raichand -He was no one ,and he will never matter to her even she thought he will be good and make everything alright.

Aadarsh Mageshwari  – An understanding friend she thought once, a loving fiance whom she started making dreams once. But what he came out one animal who love power and money more than human life who gone to extent of selling his fiance to the brotel house.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari – She thought him as uncle but he was nothing just another destruction of her life.

If she think once ,she never born from love it was out of Revenge.finally stepping inside the palace being lost in her own thought she bumped into someone.

Swara come back to sense seeing Sara looking at in concern eyes.

Sara hesitantly – Are you fine Swara?

Swara face turned emotionless as she said coldly-  just stay away from me .

If Sara was deeply hurt then she said non.

Swara came inside the palace seeing doctors are thier to check up and treatment. She saw Ria and Suraj standing at corner with sameer and sanju silently looking down .She walk to them.

Swara sternly -What ? Why you both are standing like this ??!!

Suraj eyes was red in tears as he hold Ria hand tightly.

Ria nodding said – Hott- I mean Miss Malik we decided to leave from here ,after we know we are related to Mrs Malik then ,we should leave .

Sanskar who was now hugging Pari heard them ,as he too walk to them holding Pari in his arms.

Swara – So you four think that you should leave because you are related to that women.

They four nodded, Sameer said childishly – What if we tried to harm pari like that women ?

Swara stepped back in disbelief while Sanskar face was turning in anger.

Sanskar who was totally exhausted by all this said them – Leave and never show your faces ,ok.

Ria and 3S started going while all look at Sanskar with totally disbelief.

After they left the place all look at Sanskar with confusion .

Swara said in disbelief – How could you do this ?

Sanskar frustratly said – they are right ,I can’t risk Pari safety even who all they are related and when you hidden truth this perfectly what can i say ??

Arjun and Laksh silently went outside behind the kids.

Swara sternly- Yeah right ,so what you suggest to leave them because they are her kids and my step siblings. if you are not in your sense then i will remind you they are just kida who don’t know anything beside you and me Mr Maheshwari !

Sanskar close his eyes in.irritation realization dawn on him ,what he did !!How could he told them to leave he is thier father.after whatever happened he can’t act like fool.

Sanskar swear -Shit!!! How could I!!!

Swara angrily-Now go get them.

Sanskar run out leaving Pari while Swara to follow him not wanting another non sense now.

Pari innocently ask- Did they fight ? I never saw them fighting before !

And Samrat who is too looked shocked said – I am agreeing with you pari ,they both never argued ,its first time.

Ragini – let it be ,they look like they fight daily !


Sanskar run outside of palace near the local place where Arjun message come ,after Sanskar and Swara reached their seeing Suraj,Ria,Sameer and Sanju safely he kneel down infront of twins brothers and hugged  signaling Suraj and Ria to join him.

Swara signed in relief while Laksh and Arjun stand by her side.

Swara taking step aside from them said – Excause me.

Laksh -Where are you going now ?

Swara snapped- Laksh you are no one to.ask that !

Laksh look away hearding her while Arjun quietly look towards Sanskar and kids.

Swara started walking away thinking ” its time i will go away from them, while they could leave in peice but what about HIM ,”as she was deeply thinking she never heard truck coming towards in speed ,and the continuous horn blowing before she could realize ,all she saw darkness engulfing her,

. …………….~~~~~~~~~………….

“Doctor Miss Malik is getting her conscious back !” Yelling of Nurse made Swara to hissed in frustration as she open her eyes totally she saw what she never wanted to.see,.

A Hospital Room.

Swara tried to sit ,ask – What happened to me !?

Doctor came inside with Laksh and Arnav who were totally worried.

Doctor checked all the things silently and went making Swara confused at this behavior.

Swara angrily – Is this is doctor or what,!

Arnav signed as he said – you don’t remember anything !

Swara – No, I remeber I was about hit by truck but then i lost conscious.

Arnav glance at Laksh who have grave look.

Swara confusingly look at them .but then realization dawn on her that she was not hitten by truck because dont get one scratch how this is possible.

Swara ask immediately- Who saved me ?

Laksh said with quiet look – Sanskar.

Swara know her breath is becoming hard and that nonsense thing called human heart is again beating widly in her chest ,but she showed nothing.

Swara ask – Is he fine ?

Laksh – yes he is now good but..

Her breathe stopped ,she know a funny feeling is again coming to her that because of her she ruined something again.

Arnav interrupted saying – Come you can meet him as you are totally good now Swara.

Laksh give him angry glare but Arnav just shoved it.

Swara was lost in her worstest thought to even notice this small exchange as she stood up she walk outside of her room as Laksh and Arnav were all beside her to support.

With that they three reached outside Sanskar room ,where Arjun was sitting with Ragini ,Samrat with the same look which was on Laksh.

Swara who was about to open the knob stopped seeing the thing which she never expected in her life.

Sanskar smile at the doctor saying -You change so much katty ,i still remember you were fattso and you can even beat the sumo but niw look you became unfit.

Doctor turned to him smacking his arm playfully-Shut up sanky after all this year ,I never thought to find you in this condition and here you are busy in teasing me !!

Sanskar smile vanished as he sinserely said – I am sorry Kavitha ,I serously don’t remember what i did in past ten years other then becoming Rockstar .

Dr Kavitha – Don’t worry Sanskar ,if the things were important to you than you will be remember soon.

Sanskar smile genuinely as he hugged Dr Kavitha – thanks for being here katty.

If Arnav noticed his sister knuckle turning deadly white on the hold of door knob he didn’t say a thing.

Arjun who saw what Arnav noticed called her out making her come back to sense.

Swara tried hard to look away from that scene as she finally focused at these worried man infront of her.

Swara directly ask – He is gotten memory loss ?

Roshani who knew that matter is too sensitive finally take charge, stepping forward she explained – No its not memory loss ,he remembered everything related to him like his life ,his college, his profession ,even Malik’s and us.But HE HAVE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING RELATED TO YOU .

Swara face all colored drained out .But she tried hard composing herself.

Swara failed to stop her desperate voice – Did he forget me ?

Roshani- Yes, actually in his memory you have great impact so when he tried to save ,his whole brain gone blank in shocked that you would not be safe and at last he forgetton you. We got to know this when the kids in morning came to him and he  acknowledged them but when they ask about you ,he don’t even acknowledged you., after testing we got to know he don’t have any memory related to you.He have memory of everyone but nit you in any sense and by any chance he get into stress then it will lead to death.

Swara stepped back from the door and from everything, He forgotten her .didn’t she wanted this only ? And now when she got her mind is getting straight ,He will never come behind her or even tried to make her fall for him,Now he can start his life without any pain,without her.Her life every problem is sorted out then why she is not feeling light ?Why her whole existence is shaking .As she look at everyone, She saw shocked and disbelief faces of Arnav,Laksh,Samrat and Arjun.

It was Arnav who said in disbelief – Swara..

She snapped angrily-What!!

“Your are crying !”

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