Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 6

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Chapter: 6

I am really sorry for making you all wait. I was down with fever yesterday and was not at all free as I had work to do. And when I thought to type my medicines led me to sleep. I am really sorry for not updating yesterday. So, without wasting time this is priya back again with another part of the story. I think this part might be boring so I am asking a sorry for that earlier itself. So, lets continue.

On the other hand, anika was busy making kavya sleep. But kavya being kavya she was not at all obeying to what anika wanted. She would sometimes roll up and then throwing her hands and legs in air, making sounds and in between laugh on seeing anika’s irritated face.
A: (irritated) kavya enough. Just sleep.
Kavya looked at her mumma and then on seeing her angry face instead of sleeping just sat up and then started crawling on the bed. Anika just looked at her open mouth and pulling her by legs made her lie down. Kavya started making sounds and then looked at anika and frowned. Anika just looked at her defeated.
A: show me how much tadi you want but I am not going to melt. (kavya made angry noises and looked away. Anika calmed down) acha baba… I am sorry not you only tell me what should I do. (making her face her) kavya play whatever you want to play tomorrow plz baby…. It’s too late go to sleep… plz.
Kavya just blinked at her and then got busy with her playing’s again. Finally, after lots of effort anika succeeded and then she resting her back she sat on bed. A soft breeze was playing with her hair but she was just lost in her thoughts. Flashes of the day which had created a rift in her whole life was coming.

After tia had successfully completed her task anika just looked at everyone who were just looking at her with shocked expression. Someone on seeing this all called the nearby workers to rescue tia while Jhanvi, dadi and priyanka were taking care of pinky. Omru had gone to bring water. Shivay just walked towards anika. Anika was just recording what had just happened and then she subconsciously tried jumping in pool but in the mean-time a strong hand pulled her back. Anika tried her best to come out from the clutches and she was just saying all lost in her thoughts.
A: leave me… (looking at the person who was holding her who was none other than shivay) shivay… tia… (holding his hands she said scared) I… I… push… pushed her… (struggling to get free) leave me shivay I have to save her…
S: (trying to calm her) anika relax… anika… (but she was not listening making her look at him) anika listen… nothing will happen to tia… anika are you hearing what am I saying…
A: (struggling and crying) tia… I pushed her… shivay… I…

Shivay had no other option left he tried shaking her to bring her to reality but no she was just going on crying and cursing herself. He was already distorted by the things that had happened and that are going to happen. He knew that there was something fishy as he had faith that anika would not stoop so low. And on the other hand, he cannot see anika in this condition. Finally, he cursing himself for the thing he is going to do just looked at anika who was still in shock, and then slapped her. She became unconscious and shivay made her sit. In the mean-time tia was brought out and was taken to a nearby hospital and the rest family went to the hospital.

Shivay tried waking up anika but she was in shock. He splashed some water and then vigorously shook her and finally she opened her eyes. She first looked at him and then back at the pool. All she could do was hug him and cry and he too reciprocated back. After relaxing a bit, she looked at him and said getting really scared.
A: shivay believe me I didn’t do that purposely. I was trying to take her away but she… (then she remembered of the baby and asked) shivay will something happen to baby… (she started crying again)
S: (calming her down) relax anika tia has been taken to the hospital. And I know that she will be fine.
A: no shivay she fell in this pool and you know it is so deep… take me to the hospital shivay… I have to meet her.
S: (she got up and had almost tried to move but shivay held her hand and said) no anika it is not the right time for you to go now. First let us learn tia’s condition then we will leave.
A: (angrily) are you in your senses shivay. tia is in this state because of me and you are wanting that I should not meet her. I swear shivay if something will happen to the baby then I won’t be able to forgive myself.
S: (calming her down) anika you are shock and you are not in a right condition that is the reason why you are thinking that you pushed tia. Look (cupping her face) anika first you calm down. I think we should go to home right now.
A: (getting out from his hold) I am sorry shivay but I have to go to hospital. If you want to come you come else I can go by myself.
S: anika but…

He couldn’t finish as anika just took the car keys from his hand and walked away. Shivay knew that if she would drive in this condition alone then she would surely create an accident and he at any cost cannot let anything happen to her, he just ran behind her and sat in car and drove to hospital. In the hospital pinky had by now gained consciousness and she was just constantly weeping. Omru were consoling dadi and priyanka while Jhanvi was taking care of pinky. She was continuously saying.
P: I had told you earlier jethaniji that anika never wants my son’s happiness. But no, you all never listened to any of my sayings. Now see what she has done my heera bahu is laying inside and she and baby is in danger.
J: pinky relax I can understand what you are going through. But plz control yourself. Have faith nothing will happen to tia and baby.
D: (who was along with om said) hayo… rabba don’t know what has happened to the atmosphere of our house. One or the other day someone gets hurt in the family.
O: (relaxing her) calm down dadi… nothing will happen.
In the mean-time anika and shivay came there and shivay asked omru how is tia. And he was talking with them when pinky saw anika and her anger boiled to a great extent. Jhanvi sensed something bad so she just tried holding pinky back. While tia’s mom who arrived there just slapped anika hard and said.
Mrs. Kapoor(K): how dare you push my daughter haan?
A: (crying) believe me aunty I have not done anything purposely.
K: oh really, o what do you mean to say. Tia herself jumped in pool haan. (she again raised hand to slap her but shivay held it back.)
S: (angrily) don’t you dare raise your hand on her, do you get that? (he pushed her hand away)
P: (making him face her) enough shivay (angrily) whom are you trying to save haan… this girl. Shivay she is the one who has pushed tia and you are trying to save her.
S: (in a calm tone) mom I know that you are upset and even if I give you some kind of explanation I am sure you are not going to accept anything which I am going to tell you.
P: (angrily) shivay enough. Arre the girl admitted inside is your wife and she and your child is in danger and you are still trying to safeguard this cheap girl.
A: (shivay was about to argue back but anika said) I know that you don’t like me aunty. But I swear on my brother that I have not pushed tia.
P: acha really anika just can you tell me how can I believe you. are you having some sort of proof that you have not pushed her?
A: aunty I was trying to take her along with me but she was adamant that she will jump in and she herself fell in water.
K: (making anika face her) what rubbish haan? (angrily) do you even know what you are saying. Why would tia want to jump in water haan?
A: I don’t know but she herself pushed her in water. And I was just trying to protect her.
P: (getting really angry that she just slapped anika twice but then stopped as jhanvi stopped her. omru knew that it was not right to make shivay stand there so they just took him away and dadi signed that she will handle the situation there.) enough of your drama anika. from the time, you have come in my son’s life everything has got disrupted. You have become a black spot in our happiness. You know what you never wanted to bring happiness in my son’s life and you are just living with him to make his life hell.
A: (crying) no aunty why are you saying like this? And why would I not want happiness in shivay’s life?
K: really anika you have never wanted my daughter to live happy. Even when you are knowing that the baby is of shivay’s you are just sticking to this house and never let my daughter live in peace.
A: (sternly) really aunty. Shivay’s child I always knew that tia is cheap and now I get to know that for this girl has got so much cheapness in her. arre when a mother can stoop this much low in cheapness than how can her daughter not be.
K: mind your language anika. (holding her tightly by arms)
A: (she shrugged off and stepping back all angry) why should I haan? after all this is the truth are you not ashamed of yourself haan your daughter is trying to put someone’s else child on shivay and still you are going on singing praises of your daughter haan.
P: (getting angry) anika just stop it. You have created enough mess in this house just leave right now.

In the mean-time doctor come out and all got silenced. Pinky asks the doctor.
P: dr how is tia now? And the baby?
Dr: see Mrs. Oberoy tia is safe but the baby we can’t say anything right now. We are giving medicines right now all we can do is just hope for the best. Excuse me.
Dr leaves and Mrs. Kapoor acts to get fainted and dadi makes her sit down. Pinky now became out of control that she just lashed out. Jhanvi knew that it was useless to talk to pinky and was just worried for anika, at last anika just gave up. Pinky involuntarily led anika to believe that she was the one behind tia getting in this stage. Jhanvi signalled priyanka to bring the boys as the situation was going out of control. Anika who was already blank had now crept up the thought that she had committed such a big crime.
She was just stepping back with each of the following accusation. The last thing which pinky said was too much for anika to handle.
P: anika whenever you tried to kill tia I always used to think that you are doing this all because you hate her. but now I understand you are just doing all this to get the money. We never told you anything thinking that one or the other day shivay will realise his mistake and throw you out but to our surprise he is just blindly supporting you, we all here know that how cheap you are as you can sleep with someone just for the sake of money. (jhanvi just looked at anika and she could clearly see her in pain. Dadi tried to stop pinky but she cut her off)
D: pinky enough stop it… why are you blaming anika?
P: nahi mummyji I am not going to stop now. Till now I have been listening to all what you said but not today. (looking at anika) And the thing which you have done today clearly proves that you are doing all this just for the greed of money. Arre if you so much greedy for money then can’t you just tell me how much you want I can lend you that amount. Every day you create a new drama and make our life hell now can’t you just leave us alone.

This was enough for anika, she was already in shock and she was in no sense to believe some other thing. She just ran away from there and boys who had come there had heard and seen this all. Shivay just looked at anika’s state and he cursed himself for leaving her alone. he then noticed a smirk on Mrs. Kapoor’s face and he felt something fishy. He ran behind anika and omru too joined him. Anika was just blank she took the car and went from there. Scenes of today just flashed in front of her eyes and her day with shivay was the last thing she could see. Shivay was trying to match up with the speed of anika but little did he know that anika was not in her senses.

Anika was just driving like mad and omru were worried for both shivika. Shivay tried calling anika but she was not picking up the phone. He then saw that they were going on the most dangerous path so he was even more concerned. Anika finally, came out of her trance and she noticed that she was arriving the deadly turn and that the car speed was out of control. She tried applying breaks but then realized that they were not working. And before she could do anything the car went out of control and falling off the cliff. All she could remember was the door breaking and her head hitting the steering. While shivay just stopped the car at once and was almost in shock. He stepped out of the car and the next moment there was a huge explosion sound.

All shivay could do was sit down and he screamed out calling anika. omru came there and hugged him but shivay just burst out crying.
Flashback ends…
Shivay was in tears now and he was again cursing himself saying.
S: I know I am bad at many things but I am sorry anika in my absence mom told you so many thing and I had left you to listen everything all alone, if I might have taken more care of you and had not allowed you to go alone then this day might have not raised. I know I have done a great mistake. If possible plz forgive me and see now I am punishing my mom to make her realize what she had done.
Shivay just wiped his tears and then smiled at the star and went to his room. While anika just panicked on the thought of the blast. She drank water and relaxed herself. She looked at her side to find kavya sleeping and placing pillows near her went and sat in the lawn. She was holding her nuptial necklace and was crying when she felt someone placing hand on her shoulder.
A: (without looking back she asked wiping her tears) dev you are still awake.
De: (sitting beside her) haan when you can stay awake I think I can also stay awake.
A: no, it’s nothing like that I was just…
De: (cutting her off) was just crying remembering about your past.
A: (getting up) what nonsense?
De: (she was about to move but he held her hand and made her sit) fine then tell me what was the reason behind this tears.
A: nothing dev it’s just because of the wind.
De: fine then just tell me why are you holding this nuptial necklace while you are crying.
A: dev plz stop it.
De: (making her face him) anika I know that you miss shivay so much. That’s why I am telling you that you must return to him. At least you won’t have to cry like this.
A: no dev I am sure that after that incident pinky aunty might have not forgiven me. And how can you expect them to accept me after what I had done?
De: (getting annoyed) really anika just pardon and tell me what you have done which your heart is claiming as a mistake?
A: dev I had though involuntarily tried to kill tia and her baby.
De: and why do you think that the which you have done is a crime. Because as far as I know the baby was not shivay’s so there is not a crime if your hurt her baby.
A: but still because of me a little baby’s life was in danger. And dev even if I return I can guarantee you that pinky aunty might have forcefully or by any means made shivay married to tia. And now how can I enter into that mansion again and to be frank we are also legally divorced. So, I don’t have any support with which I can go there and claim my place.
De: well you have one. (anika looked at him confused) kavya… she is shivay’s blood.
A: (smiling) it’s really easy to say dev… but we both are separated and now I can’t claim anything. And as far as kavya is concerned she is my strength and my reason for living. So, I can’t just let her go away from me. Dev, you will really not understand my pain so it’s better that we don’t discuss about it. Anyways it’s too late now I think you should sleep.
Saying this she went away. Dev could feel the pain she was in as she was away from her love. And the real reason for living. Though she had showed off that she was happy from outside he knew that she was totally broken from her inner self. He just wished that everything gets fine very soon. he before going to his room checked if she was crying or not found her sleeping and kavya too fast asleep and then went away. Anika just sat there as her sleep was driven away. She said.
A: how can I tell you dev that every time I see kavya I just get the feeling of seeing shivay again. I miss everyone out in OM as I don’t have any reason to be angry with them. That day whatever pinky aunty told was because of the sudden shock she had received. And I just can’t return like that. After all, in front of them I am dead and I have never returned back to them. And it’s 2 years shivay might have moved on and now if I go there claiming right on him it’s just not right. (sighing) but what can I do I have never been blessed to remain happy. This is my fate and this is my life. I have to accept it.
She just smiled and a lone tear escaped her eyes.

So, done with this part. I hope you like it I know it was too long and dragging. I am really sorry for that. If you like do comment and if you need to change anything in this just comment it I will try changing it. So, this is priya signing off…

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