It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 18

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Two days before in Venice ,Sanskar mansion.
“Oyeeee you lizard what are you doing get up from me otherwise i will tell HOTTIE!! Just get up you fatty !!SURAJ MAHESHWARI JUST GET UP OR YOU ARE DEAD !!!SURAJ!!!” Shout of sweet and feist voice of RIA MAHESHWARI age 16 YEARS OLD beautiful and intelligent and best biker of Venice shouted at her brother who was practically lying on her back and jerking his wet head on her face .just few minutes before she was sleeping on her front in queen size bed after coming from camp of two months from LONDON and now peaceful sleeping in her room and her brother came and snatched all her peace!!!!
Ria slowly open her eyes hearding laughing sound of her brother .and continuously jerking the water drops from his wet hair.pushing him all mighty she stand on her bed .
There lying in his trouser and sweat shirt SURAJ MAHESHWARI of 17 years age laughing hard good looking well say handsome and too cute to pulled cheeks of his .quite calm and never interact with out side of world so much but for his siblings he is prankster and too much possessive and he can get to any length for their happiness.
RIA irritating – What Suraj ?
Suraj signed her with his hand to get ready we have to leave for airport and still smiling.
Ria Maheshwari couldn’t help but smile happily ,her brother Suraj can’t speak or say lost stability to speak but he is brave and never show as it weakness of his .somewhere seeing him she can’t able to stopped her tears whatever happened eight years before still nightmare for her and if Hottie wouldn’t be there then she and Suraj would not be came out of the hell.
Suraj pulled her beside him hugging her he signed her what you are thinking?
Ria just smile and said -that where are your crime partners if 1S is here then where is 2 more S?
Suraj signed her to come with him they both next room which is painted totally white and pink fairy princess .
A small quite little girl was sleeping cuddling with her Teddy bear which her Rockstar given her wearing small blue frock and surrounded by dolls and teddy smiling in her dream.
Ria can’t help but feel content seeing her small PARI of 8 years cute liitle princess having her sleep but then her eyes fall on two boys who were sitting beaide her with paint brush and coloring PARI cheek with blue and yellow color !!!!!
RIA jaw dropped and before she could shout at them Suraj was taking selfie with both boys smilingly meschivously with A JOKER LIKE FACE Pari !!!!
Pari who was sleeping peacefully wake with jerk looking around she saw Ria di angry very angry then she heard giggling sounds she look beside her SURAJ BRO , SAMEER BRO AND SANJU BRO are laughing holding PAINT BRUSH!!then she felt something on her face .and she touch her face and when her hands got red brush she look at them wide innocent eyes and screamed- HOTTIE !!!!ROCKSTAR !!!!!RIA DIIII !!!! blooodddd !!!?my blood i am going to die !!!3S are killing me!!!!hawww !!!!
Ria who was flaring in anger started laughing at the PARI melodramatic !!!and look at Sanju and Sameer hands are in palm giving “unbelievable” look at PARI !!
SAMEER AND SANJU together-shut up Pari!!
SANJU AND SAMEER both are non – identical twins and very much meschief with lots of arrogance but tooo sweet and lovely. Their pranks can make you laugh hard and they are too attached with PARI . they are 9 years of age .SAMEER MAHESHWARI brilliant in studies but mostly love football .SANJU MAHESWARI study because of fear of HOTTIE and love music like anything. PARI MAHESHWARI too sweet and innocent never become angry on her brothers pranks but only add her melodramatic craze of Bollywood with them.she wanted to be treated like princess which she is treated. SURAJ MAHESWARI very mature but when it comes to his siblings then no one can hit him and he is interested in business that’s why always howered Samrat uncle!! And last RIA MAHESHWARI a very much stubborn and feisty girl with biking skills.
Ria went towards with thud landed on them while all screamed . Pari too a pillow and throw on Sameer with that started pillow fighting. They chased each other ,playing, pulling each other legs laughing .
They didn’t saw the secret camera fixed in corner room which is conmented to the Swara and Sanskar laptops.
Swara closed her laptop after seeing everything of the happenings…
Swara come downstairs as she came near the dining room .all family members were already their.
Anuradha Malik smile sweetly- come sit primcess.
Swara sat far away from the family members . Omkar Malik stand and walk away leaving his lunch .
Swara didn’t bothered silently look down her food and next second one glass of water poured in the plate.
Raina Malik – What the hell !!!
Swara stood up and look straight in Anuradha Malik eyes saying coldly- Tell me what you wanted from me .and don’t show the hostility towards the girl whose mother you have treated like trash.
Sara smile lightly and lean back to watch the quite show while Aadarsh who couldn’t help but be shocked at Swara behavior towards dadi.
Anuradha Malik -Princess calm dowm and have food you see i ask you to stay here to repent all the mistakes I have done.
Swara smirk – Offcourse Mrs Malik but you see I can’t be trapped more then once in your venom word’ spit it out the reason.
Anuradha Malik signed and said – after one week rituals of Sara and Aadarsh Marriage would be started and as you are alive which more then hundred of people saw in business party .so you have to be present in this marriage with all due respect. And pretend to be good girl.
Raina Malik smirk at seeing her clever mother in law again in controlling of situation while Aadarsh and Sara silently mum.
Swara icely replied -as you have said then make sure few guest room would be open and welcome party for your new grand daughter in law MRS RAGINI LAKSH MALIK.
Swara walk out leaving shocked faces of Anuradha Malik and Raina Malik.

He still sitting in SUV from two hours seeing nothing but his own self in the rear view mirror .He know it hurts but it is what he is feeling. He know his mother killed brutaly ,she didn’t died but killed and when he got to know that man was already vanished in air .his one and only purpose in his life to kill that murderer but everytime he tried that man saved ! nine years he is trying and again just getting failure.but now when he got to know who is saving that man from him is just tarnishing from inside .he whisper with agony,helpless,betrayal,hurt and sadness “Swara ”
His own sister is one who is saving SANSKAR MAHESHWARI FROM HIM ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.If there was someone else he would have killed that person but Swara is his weakness.a biggest weakness of him which he can never removed she was his strength but more to say a weakness. He love her ….even more then his dead mother,which is horrible but he just love his sister to that extent that he can never know what he could.And she knew this too.His mind went the words doctor Khan said him last night.
“ASR Mira is getting back her consciousness .”
Arnav eyes turned darkly ,he knew finally time came and now MIRA KAPOOR will be the one who finished SANSKAR MAHESHWARI and Swara will not able do anything this time.His lips turned into smirk.he heard his car door opening sound as he look at her who is staring him like anything the same intense stare which she always give him .but she don’t know that Arnav Mailk is dead and she is dealing with ASR who know how to turn whole game .
ASR -Mira welcome back.
Mira mutter – Thank you Arnav .
ASR shook his head and said – You need to get something clear Mira that you will be rest and tried not exhust your self in your dear brother wedding.
Mira nodded quietly she know everything happening here.When she was in coma Arnav daily call her and narrate everything a nurse would turn mobile speaker on and left the place .while her brain was in fully concious so she heard everything. And she know he just needed her as a weapon to killed Sanskar bhai.
ASR smirk – well then lets say Hi to my and your so called family .
“He is changed!” thought came across in her mind.
Sanskar sat lostly he again failed by getting the information from the man “Anwar” in Meena Bazar and his fist turned white due to the rage he is going through ! That Man was killed in police encounter two years before! How will he find out that who was the person who did all that everything which made his life nothing but a grief and guilt.he wanted to die but holding back just because SHE is breathing. But blo*dy hell WHY SHE is not telling me that person name ??why she is saving that person????? He is destroyed from inside just because of that person. But why the hell I am thinking all this when she never uttered the name in these eight years then why now!!!???!?!…
He finally close his eyes leaning on sofa while hall of GOMTI SADAN is in dark.he felt soft touch on his eyes covering his eyes his lips turned into wide smile.he murmer knowingly- WHO IS THIS SOFT PRINCESS?
“SURPRISE!!!!!!!” Exclaiming PARI,RIA ,SANJU,SAMEER,SURAJ,hugged SANSKAR who crushed totally in sofa while Misha and Samrat laugh at them.
Sanskar helplessly shouted- Aaahhh Samrat dude help mee !!!?these prankster will be death of me today!!!
This made Pari ,Ria ,3S crushed him more tightly while Misha and Samrat too joined them laughingly.
Finally a big family hugged they all sat beside each other pari in Sanskar lap hugging him all while Sanju and Sameer holding each hand of Samskar .Ria sitting on table infront of Sanskar but Suraj was all seeing here there.
Misha who noticed said quietly-Suraj Heartless monster is not here.
All looked confused while Sanskar give angry glare at Misha but Samrat immediately covered up saying-Swara is gone to get together with her friends.
Sameer and Sanju screamed -FRIEND AND HEARTLESS HOTTIE???
Ria angrily – both of you how many times i have to tell you don’t use that word “heartless”!!for hottie.
Sanju and Suraj silently look down .muttering” SORRY ”
Misha – hey Ria calm they are kids if you don’t think Sammie Mam is not heartless it doesn’t mean that everyone think same
Sanskar finally said – ok no more all this nonsense and tell is anyone hungry because me and pari is soo much hungry right My pari!!
Pari jumped said melodramatic- yes Rockstar !! I am hungry !!!! Just one bread and butter these villain gave me!!!
Sameer and Sanju together -shut up pari.
Sanskar laugh and said – common my drama queen we need to fill your small stomach .
Samrat said happily – You all are lucky to be eaten by my hands.
And this everyone laugh at his Old Chef avatar (character).
Suraj who was behind all of them still look around as his face fallen not finding hottie.
Misha grabbed him side hugged and said softly- hey dude why to fear when misha here !! I will make sure you get auspicious sight of Heartless monster.
Suraj smile and signed saying you are best!!!
Misha winked – i know ,lets go .
Sanskar who came there to call Suraj heard everything and finally taking his mobile he walk to wards the corner of the mansion.
Ragini Gadodia well cut it MRS RAGINI MALIK .here she is standing with her one day old husband infront of shocked Anuradha Malik,Raina Malik and Omkar Malik .Aadarsh who trying hard to call his dad didn’t bothered much and walk back to room but stopped seeing Sara Malik holding plate worship stuff to welcome the new couple which made his blood boiled in anger.
Laksh stood firm with the arrogance and rebellion face grabbing his wife correct Ragini waist making her close said- Meet my wife Mrs Ragini Laksh Singh Raizada and your new daughter in law.
Anuradha Malik shouted angrily- How dare you Laksh!!!! To marry this chit of girl .
Ragini smirk and said – My name is Ragini dadi mom.
Anuradha angrily glared -Dare you to say me dadi!!! You servant!!! Don’t cross limit!!
Ragini laugh lightly – not fair Dadi mom you know i thought you will be hugged me anything.
Before Anuradha could slapped her hand were stopped by Ragini herself who hold her hand tightly saying with rage – tried to even touch you will burn the living shit!!
Laksh was amused but then thought old feistiness back !woah boy.
Laksh finally said – if your old tv serial drama is done.then i need privacy Mrs Malik with my wife.
Omkar Malik- what you think that i will say yes to enter in this palace with this girl!!
Laksh smirk- I don’t need your permission because this is my palace as I am the heir of Malik property and even this palace.
Omkar glare at his face and said – you and your this wife will be out of my palace. I have to call my lawyer.he left to the study room.
Raina malik seeing the condition of Anuradha Malik hand which is red swallow didn’t say anything and left .
Sara Malik come forward – Now the time to make a entry as Malik daughter in law my new bhabhi.
Laksh clench his fist angrily and Ragini give challaging look at Sara.
Swara who was seeing all that came towards Laksh giving the file and the designs- here it is everything and sign on malik property so nothing will be mine now . You did your deal and I did mine.
Ragini,Sara,Aadarsh are confused hearding all that.
“surprising everyone is here only Mira!” Came voice of ASR which made everyone turned only to be shocked but this time more then anything while Swara emotionless saw MIRA kapoor standing with ASR holding each other she got call seeing HIS number calling to her made her little surprise which again gone in spilt of second.
On phone ..
Swara curtly – yes .
Sanskar rolled his eyes at her rudeness which became a initial part of his life that told him she is fine.
Sanskar – All children’s are here .
Swara quietly said – fine.anything else.
Sanskar said calmly- Come here they are asking for you !
Swara said – Okay.anything else.
Sanskar closed his eyes in pain and hurt which again hit him ,he firmly – nothing and disconnected the call.
Swara gave one look at mobile then moved towards her room like nothing happened.
ASR saw Swara going towards her room and went behind her.
Mira stood silently their glancing at Aadarsh ,Laksh,Ragini,Sara shocked face.
Laksh moved forward and hugged her tightly – I am so happy finally you are fine and back.
Mira smile back and hugged him – me too Laksh.
Sara smilingly hugged Mira saying- its so long time! Mira MAN!! I missed you so much once i thought i lost you .
Mira couldn’t help but a lone tear escape she quickly wiped it.saying- I have lost so much time Sara with you more important with Arnav who waited for me past nine years.
Ragini grabbed Mira saying- if you are free then hug me now because I missed you damm much.
Mira happily hugged her . She was about to say something but stopped hearding voice of him.
“Maya I want every single information about Mr Singh he is surly the one who has done frowd .I don’t care how much time you want but i need his information by night e-mail me and too email in Aarohi account she will work me in this case and tried..” He stopped at the dead tracked seeing the same beautiful sole who is everything of his heart wanted ,here she is standing infront of him fine and come from her coma . Again he Will hear her laughing and angry blabbering and…. Stopped she is not the same and he is not at all the same Arjun.
Khushi who was standing beside Arjun and Aarohi give a keen look at this women .who is she?
But Aarohi was not interested to know this women identity but punch the face of because of whom Arjun sir is giving intense look at her which she is well reciprocating.
Aadarsh said aloud-Arjun what areyou doing here?
It made Both Arjun and Mira come back to sense.
Arjun replied back – None of your business but still you should know that i am practically partner in Malik &Maheshwari law forum as well have share in this Palace until i get my share of this palace .i will be here.
Sara called out – Robin we have too many guests come make their way towards guests room.
Arjun give hating glare and turned towards Aarohi – After resting come to my room for the case study.
Aarohi happily nodded finally getting again the attention which she knowly started cherishing.
Mira step forward said softly- Hello Arjun. Happy to see you again.
Arjun -I can’t say the same about it Miss Meera Kapoor
And he walk away leaving a shattered Mira who couldn’t but wipe her continuous tears.
Aarohi mentally did.a happy dance and whisper to Khushi- I think you would be late for coming in room so i am for shower journalist.
Khushi give scowl look at Aarohi who happily left the place with servant showing her guestrooms.

Precap – first function of marriage and the revenge begins.
Guys who wanted to see the characters photo and know about them something can go to my post wall .i have posted all the characters image and the surbhi jyoti will be playing role of Mira kapoor.

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