Gangaa 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
The competition starts with ganga’s performance, while all excitedly watch. sagar wishes her all the best. juhi asks supriya whats going on. she responds that its another one of their new dramas. she delivers her dance. he compliments her, while asking if she wont wish him. she resignedly complies. he starts his performance, not letting it be affected by the blood gushing out of his wound in the leg. he also engages ganga while all are amused. later, a romantic number ensues, and they dance sensually. ganga is taken aback. they all compliment him. niru asks if he is okay. he complies. then niru asks krishna to score and she asks who should she give the point to. all wait in anticipation. juhi asks if she can dance too, but supriya rudely replies in negative. niru finally responds and asks for a point to be added to ganga’s name. she is overjoyed while others get tensed. then niru relieves them by saying that sagar should also get one point, and declares that its a draw, as they both performed well. krishna is relieved that he is still in the game.

Later, at night, while sagar is asleep, krishna wakes up and then ensures that he is asleep. she comes out and then wonders how much is sagar doing for ganga and wonders what should she do, that ganga accepts sagar. she meets juhi in the corridor, but instigated by her mother’s foul words, juhi ignores her and walks off. krishna is boggled.

The next morning, at the dining table too, juhi ignores krishna, telling her what supriya told her. krishna gets instigated when she bad mouths ganga. they start fighting. KRishna and juhi are fighting like cats and dogs, while supriya and ganga desperately try and put them apart. all get involved. Ganga hits krishna on the face. all are shocked. Juhi’s face gets scratched. ganga insistently asks her to apologise to juhi, without hearing her side of the story, and she complies. but then she ruishes to her room and shuts it. sagar asks ganga to have atleast her side too. Sagar rushes to krishna’s room, and ganga too comes after her. krishna doesnt open. they start fighting outside. krishna opens the door and only allows sagar to get in, and then ganga waits tensedly outside.

Downstairs, supriya vents out her frustrayion. Madhavi asks why is she talking like this. supriya says that juhi is being given inferior treatment ever since ganga and krishna have come back. ammaji says that krishna did apologise. ammaji accidentally comments that krishna being her bnlood cant be wrong. supriya is hurt by this. others are sgocked. Supriya says that this is her daughter and she wont stand anyone mistreating her at all. all are tensed. she takes her away. madhavi is tensed.

LAter, in her room, ammaji is tensed, when madhavi comes and gives her apples. ammaji comments as to how things are becoming better. she hopes that her family is like this always, and hopefully ganga stays here. madhavi says that for that, sagar has to win the challenge. ammaji asks if krishna is talking to ganga. madhavi denies. ammaji gets tensed.

Sagar comes out finally, while ganga asks how is she, as she shall go in. he says that she doesnt wish to. ganga says that she shall talk and explain, and krishna shall understand too. she says that maybe krishna is deciding on the challenge. Sagar tells her that there shall not be any task, as she had decided for a speech on my favourtie family member. ganga gets berserk. ganga says that today is the last task that decides where she shall stay and why wouldnt she give this task. he says that krishna shall stay with her, as she has won and shall get to keep krishna. he requests her to let him attend that elocution in krishn a’s school tomorrow, as she wants that, and asks her to decide and tell him.

Later, by the evening, ganga begs outside the door, to open it, while krishna doesnt respond. ganga gets emotionally distraught and apologises profusely. sagar who has come with dinner, finds her distraught, and offers her food too. ganga denies. sagar asks her if she thought anything. ganga gets tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think in the letter Ganga asks Sagar to come to the village. It seems that both Bhavani and Summer’s imaginations are going to be true.

  2. What happened in the pre-cap?

  3. Precap?? pls someone tell the precap…

  4. Omg.. I cannot believe Sups behaviour..She is so insecure that she is poisoning her child mind. Ganga was wrong to slap K. She should have listened to her. Dance competition was fun.

  5. Oh….. My imagination is becoming true…. Wow… Then i can also write the future track of the show… He he…. There must be a strong reason for Ganga going to her village with Krishna and informing this to Sagar seems like her wish is that he would also come there… Tomorrow’s episode is going to be too much emotional…. Sagar cries along with Krishna… Guys get ready ur tissues a bunch…. For sure vishal is going to make all of us cry….

    1. Krishnaa

      yes bhavani, its better you now become the writer and make a good storyline which is entertaining 🙂 vishal’s acting is undoubtedly superb! may that be his role as sagar or baldev in veera. just hope for good episodes rather than bringing villains in the show.

  6. And the favourite family member is Papa of Krishna…. This much a little girl can do to her papa to make friendship with her mother…. History repeats bhayiyon…behano….choti ganga tries to make friendship of babu and bahuji…. And now Krishna…. And next what is their fate…. Will the villagers complete their half left marriage and other rituals…. Definitely it will be full of fun and treat to watch this…..

  7. Such an awkward moment of SaGa… Dance together in front of all the family members…. That too for a romantic number….. OMG…. So cute…. Ammaji expressions seeing this dance…. Madhavi and niranjan smiling at them…. V didn’t even expect this from sagar…. He is too naughty….

  8. precap plzzzzz

  9. Hi Sujatha, Pooja, Bhavanias and Friends,

    I’m looking forward to tonights episode! In particular the dance competition.
    Bhavani, our vivid imagination could be on to something…lol 😉

    Its a real shame Supriya is feeling the way she does…really hope writers does not turn her a bad person, taking the role of the villain.

  10. Hi friends . I read 18nov debate super analyzing. Fantastic questions and answers.yes tomorrow visal is going to make al l. of us to cry . In court 99/ the judge doesn’t ask. Any opinion to the child in real life.

    1. HI Br,

      Good to see you back on the forum. 🙂

  11. Sorry to see Supriya poisoning Juhi with her insecurity and stopping the children to be friends/family.
    What has become of Supriya.

  12. Krishnaa

    i felt so sorry for sagar when he said that krishna will go with ganga and precap is so heart touching. shame on supriya as she is dragging a child in elders matter and its obvious juhi will listen to her mother. it is said that your thoughts create your destiny-supriya always thinks that she and her adopted child are unwanted, thats why it provoked ammaji to say krishna is her blood( though i know ammaji is selfish, it was a good tight slap for supriya). supriya is also going to drag pulkit and niranjan in this matter. i agree she suffered a lot by losing her unborn child and pulkit having an extramarital affair but she shouldnt forget that she is not the only one in the whole family to have suffered! sagar has suffered and is still struggling to get back his family. madhvi and niru had been away from each other for 7 long years. ganga no need to say as supriya knows her problems very well. ammaji in her oldage had been away from her darling grandson for 7 years. maharaj ji had been witnessing the happy family being shattered. when everyone has his/her own sorrow, she cannot be so selfish. if she is a mother, why doesnt she look after her daughter instead of expecting others to care for her? if one wants to adopt a child, one should first make sure that he/she will be able to take the responsibilities without expecting from others. if not, at least try not to poison a child’s mind. shame on you supriya!

    1. Hi Krishnaa,

      Likewise…it was quite a touching scene. I thought Sagar was considerate and played the bigger person. He knew that Gangaa would be really hurt after witnessing the court case of her reaction and when she was pleading for Krishna’s pardon.

      I think this is the beginning of Supriya turning ‘bad’…she will play the villain. She has already started filling Juhi’s mind with negative thoughts towards Krishna and only will be a matter of time when family members are caught in the middle of petty squabbles-a storm in a teacup.

      Don’t forget this is Gangaa, writers don’t like happy scenes for too long, they like to create drama…lol

      1. Krishnaa

        i think the writers dont want to bring the story without villains 😛 i just want to see a romantic, entertaining family story <3 BTW,kashish has disappeared. didnt see her for a long time.

      2. Hi Krishnaa, I was thinking the same.. all of a sudden she vanished in thin air after Gangaa put her house on sale.

        Yes, it would be nice to see light hearted scence, romance and humour. Like the dance, it was really fun to watch and nice to see the family happy for a change.. 🙂

  13. Yeah Bhavani, we wish you and Summer to write the future story line so that there would be only fun and no more tragedy. Don’t want to see any more villains.

  14. HI Friends,
    Lovely episode, dancing was fun to watch.
    Sujatha that is a very nice thought, thank you, but i think we should all write it. One of us will start of the story and each person will continue with the following paragraph from the last fan until each one of us had written our paragraphs to see where the story shall take us? lol That would be fun to read…hehe;-)

    I think writing the letter to Sagar is to try to reconnect with him. Not only that, but also setting him a test, whether he is worthy of giving him another chance. Considering he has hurt her number of times in the past, she is feeling vulnerable and is seeking reassurance. If Sagar goes to the villiage in search for them, then he will past the test and she will forgive him. If he doesn’t then we know he will fail the test. I’m wondering if this is how they reunite together.

    It certainly will be a emotional episode judging by the precap, tissues ready indeed. Phone on silent/off the hook and shall look forward to tonight’s episode.

    I am wondering if Supriya will behave negatively to fill the temporary void whilst Zoya is absent, or until new villian enters or Zoya returns. Whether the writers decide to make Supriya a regular negative character is to be seen? However, I can see her turning bad and inducing many negatives vibes and misunderstandings due to her insecurities and jealousy. This will cause problems for the family (hence creating drama to entertain us), she may even go as far as blaming Ganga for her miscarriage and Pulkit straying?

  15. It was not gangaa fault. OK if you lose your child then you yourself don’t try to have child in 7 yr. Don’t forget about the first episode says she has time to go to parlour but not want to go to doctor… then who responsible? What you think that for child loss all family members should suffered.. they don’t have anything else to do ! You should have been strong enough to bear that things that it will not happen again..and now comes juhi.. you haven’t brought the girl sagar decided to adopt 7 yr you were lost in your thoughts,never think that beside you there are still people who are there… gangaa didn’t did anything..even for Supriya family does so many things but for ganga nobody came,not even try to, even she was lose hopes like you..

  16. Summer … I think sups secretly blame Ganga for her miscarriage. Otherwise I can’t remember those two fallen. out. She is also jealous of Ganga becaus she had her baby. Pulkit and Gsnga had a special bond. This seem to have blown over as well which I think is due to the affair with kasish and Sups filling his head with negativity about G & K.

  17. Hi Summer. I feel that Sups secretly blames Ganga for the miscarriage and hate Ganga now because she had her child. Ganga and Pulkit had a special bond and that seems to have gone as well. May be it’s because of Pulkit affair with Kaslsh and Sups filling his head with negativity about G and K. The way the story is going she will creat a division among the Chaturvedi family..

  18. Hi Pooja , Pooja and Ayushi,

    Although we are aware that Supriya miscarriage was not Ganga’s fault, but yes secretly Supriya could blame Ganga. I’m thinking reason is because when Supriya went to visit Ganga the accident happened there only, although we know that evil Prabha is the culprit. With Gangaa returning back to live with the Chaduvetri along with Krishna is already a threat, therefore I feel Supriya will turn bad.

    Supriya’s character was portrayed to be calm, kind, considerate and sincere. But since the 7 year leap, she has changed..more outspoken whilst before she would observe only and very quiet.

    I suspect Juhi will be influenced by Supriya and more friction will occur between Krishna and Juhi, leaving more division amongst family members. Amma Ji outspoken as she is, will no doubt offend Supriya saying Krishna is blood etc and this will cause more tension, also her obvious favouritism.

    Pooja, you are right, Ganga and Pulkit has lost that close bond..since she lived separately. I am wondering if Pulkit will turn negative too, under the influence of Supriya complaining too him, inevitable he will develop resentment towards Sagar..why he is always the favoured child etc.

    But i can’t see Pulkit developing negative feelings towards Ganga. He has always supported Gangaa and see her reasons. This could cause problems for Supriya.

    There will definitely be division, you can see it slowly brewing.

  19. Guys… Here’s a news…. The show is set to a revamp…. Ganga shown as ganga maa and sagar as shanthanu…. Baap re baap…. Dadhi will be narrating their story to Krishna on the ghats of varanasi…. Mythological story…..

  20. Friends, beyond our imagination ganga serial is going into flash back . some dadi will tell the flash back to krishna. Unexpected turn. Given in Facebook

  21. I’m wondering what happened in the village…. And y this revamp…. Any memory loss track…. R they going to die… No clues at all…. Is this the reason why vishal is with long hairs…OMG….cant wait till December…..

  22. Plz update the recent one’s quick..!!

  23. Interesting….

  24. No no it will a interesting track ammaji is telling a story in which as a fictional character as gangaa and sagar…bhavaniasapu.. please don’t think .it is something as …

  25. Is there a conclusion to Sagar and Gangaa love story. Would like to see them together again.
    Peti arguments and fights among the children, new arrival in the family. More like a family.

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