It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 33

Arjun Gadodia was sitting in his study room.. Checking every detail of this new guest… And was hell angry not getting anything just only one page of her details..
Arjun -How the hell she knows about me.. She is not at all just a housewife..!!! Because of her Aarohi is upset thinking about me.. And baby.. Something I am missing but what!!
ASR knock the door.. Seeing Arjun busy..
Arjun – hey Arnav come.. From when you started knocking..
Arnav just move inside and sit opposite of him.. – who is this new parasite!!
Arjun smirk – parasite.. Well name suits that old-timey.. Woman.
Arnav – you get to know anything?
Arjun give him that piece of shit.. – just this..
Arnav was surprised – but then how she knows about us basically she is from village then..
Arjun – I am also thinking same.. Well I think.. As dad said we should ignore her and until I will tell Maya to see anything about her..
Arnav look at him with amused expression.. – you are going to ignore her..
Arjun – I have to.. Because now my concern is Aarohi.. And Swara, Sanskar are still not here which is good.. As I can’t handle if that parasite say anything against Swara.. Said angrily..
Arnav clench his fist tightly.. As he agreed..
Arnav – I have ask Aman.. He will look up for this both parasite..
“Now which channel ” ask Sanskar again changing a boring daily soap.. Swara was beside him in his white shirt.. Leaning on him and they both were covered with blanket. After a passionate evening shower.. And was astonished by seeing Sanskar being like normal man and watching TV with her..
!News are right.. Said finally changing twenty channels..
She thought.. MEN’S AND NEWS..
But well she was busy adoring over his grumpy face.. He was seriously watching news.. But she was thinking about her life.. How could she live all these years without him.. Knowing everything that he is with her in every step how could she take so long to be with him.. But still it’s look like a dream.. She thinks about first time when she saw him in AR office.. No one would believe her that this Man who desire her so much would have slapped her… But wait she didn’t saw him.. Never saw his face so she slapped him but why the hell he slapped me when he stalked her for years!!! Suddenly she stood up infront of him..
Sanskar look at her with surprise. With her sudden action.. He holds her hand – Swara.. Baby. ..
She jerk off his hand and walk away leaving him confused totally.. He was not kid.. He has sense sometimes before her loving gaze on him then what happened her sudden.. He followed her shouting her name then finally he spotted her in garden.. She was looking angry.. And she was blabbering.. He was shocked.. From when she started blabbering.. He make a mental note that he still have to know more about her.. He walk to her and said “Sorry ”
She looked him and said angrily – For what!!!
He settled beside her and said – for whatever you angry on me..
She didn’t say anything.. He hold her hand and squeeze it.. Saying ” Why my princess is angry on her Prince..? ”
She whispered – Why you hated me before eight months..
He was shocked.. Hate.. When!!! He always care about her adore HEr…he never hated her.. But he knows something is cooking in her very emotional mind.. He ask calmly – Why you think like this princess?
Swara look up to see his eyes which was only staring at her lovingly, passion, concerned.. And panic..
– you slapped me when we met first you knew me.. That I am Swara.. Then why you slapped she said slowly..
Sanskar would have laughed.. But he knows he have to explain her for what that slapped was.. – you know.. You came to India.. And when I got to know some sharp shooter attack how.. Panic I was then I get to know you gone to jaipur it made me hell angry.. And then knowing you are planning to go LUCKHNOW it works as last straw in my anger.. So when I saw you.. I just about to hug you.. Or ask are you OK.. But then when you burn my mind struck to.. The whole incident.. And last thing I have done slapping you which was needed but don’t you think you slapped me… Added kick me to.. Said teasingly..
She laughed.. Well now she can easily understand only this Man can handle her.. And make her mind to be at right place..
– well if Now my Swara is OK.. Can I have my kiss.. Said leaning close to her.. She met him half way whispering ..”.always “and he met her lips with his and then kissed her hungrily ,his tongue sweeping across her mouth…. She was kissing him back with equal passion.. As like there were no tommorow.. Finally they parted breathing heavily..
She said in her heavy breath – you are wild.. And I love it!!
He smile but then concerned took over place – baby are you OK.. .
She hugged him tightly nudging her face in his chest saying – love me Sanskar.. Said in daze.. But when they both realized what she said.. Both went still.. ” Love “..from where it come from.. She immediately broke the hug.. Look at him.. He was too looking at her ..with worry expression..
– LOVE.. Said both together..
She said – I think we should leave this topic..
He agreed – yeah we are practical minded people.. We should leave it..
Both were silence.. For few minutes..
– I think I love you.. Both said together.. Shocked listening each other.. But then burst out of laughing..
Sanskar finally – I don’t think.. I really.. Love you Swara..
Swara comes close to him.. Said -I (kiss him on forhead sensually) love (kiss him on left cheek) you (kiss him right cheek)… Now kiss me..
Like he was waiting for this moment eternity.. And in next second his mouth was on her.. His hands were under his shirt touching her every curves… Kissing her wildly..lovingly.. Passionately.. Like he can’t get enough of her.. Nor she was pulling him more.. Closer.. Kissing him biting him sucking..him.. Yes they love each other.. And they vowed to love like this forever..
Just then he her shivering.. He parted from her said husky voice that melt her again – let’s move inside.. She rounded her hand around his neck and he smiled at her gestures and next moment he scooped up her in his arms.. Like she made for in his arms.. Perfect..
……Next Morning.. Gadodia mansion..
Everyone mood was dull and fuming in anger looking at both parasites..eating like.. They never saw food.. Kavitha was on her eighth chapati.. And Kalavati was sipping her third glass juice which was noted by both Ragini and Aarohi.. As Khushi was was busy in making free herself from Arnav hold.. Under the table.. And Arjun was on call. While Laksh was checking his mails..
Kalavati look at Shekhar – Shekhar when your third Son will come..
All look at her direction leaving everything.. Thinking what Now!!
Shekhar – Kalavati Maa..Sanskar has gone were spending his time.. As he look all over this bussiness.. And two days before he had gone…
Kalavati said angrily – and when he will return!!??
Sharmistha – in one week.. As I have talked to him..
Kalavati nodded and then said – Who is handling business in his absence..
Shocked would be understatement for Arjun, ASR, Khushi, Laksh, Ragini and Aarohi.. This parasite asking about bussiness!!!!

Shekhar – well Khushi and Arjun.. Khushi is MD of KGM and Arjun is legal adviser…

Kalavati – this girl is handling business.. You are seriously lost your mind Shekhar.. How can approve her to be MD.. Is she having any work experience..
Khushi said angrily – excuse Kalavati ji… You don’t have to judge my experience and I well known about bussiness more than you…and what you know.. You are just a villager…
ASR was proud of her wildcat.. And other were suppressing their smile..
Kavitha who until now silent said – Khushi.. You don’t know but you are talking to one of board member of KGM industry.. Kalavati M PORWAL… I mean Kalavati MAHESHWARI PORWAL.. The owner of Maheshwaris construction shares.. Not you.. Who is adopted..

It was like bomb for everyone.. All Six were not able to digest this piece of information..

Sharmistha have enough of her children non sense so she spoke – Well beta I am sorry I should have introduced Kalavati maa.. She is mother of Durga Prasad Maheshwari.. Step mother.. As Durga Prasad Maheshwari is adopted son of her..

Kalavati smirk looking at their pale faces and said in English – if you all have enough of my introduction then I would like to see my office.. And Khushi.. Don’t compare any one according to cloths..because you were not even deserve to be sit between us.. You are gardener daughter..
ASR said in bussiness tone – As like you also don’t know whom you are talking.. She is soon to be Mrs ASR.. And her insult is mine…so just control your mouth old lady otherwise I don’t think I will able to see your age !!!said in threatening.. Tone …
Holding KHUSHI hand he said – and about deserving… She is more deserving then your this granddaughter and she had capacity to become owner of the company Dp uncle knows.. So you are just a board member not whole owner so don’t think you will whatever you want..
Arjun – and about Shares…Gadodia and Kundra shares 71percent..then MAHESHWARI.. So don’t show your tooth too much old woman..
Kalavati smile devilishly – We will see.. But now.. As the board member.. You have to listen to me as the absence of Sanskar.. CEO of the I am your Boss..

Ragini and Aarohi was literally fuming in anger.. She had taken their right.. Their Dad has handed the Maheshwari shares to Khushi.. Aadarsh bhai is also not.. Here.. They are helpless.. But not too much.. They both look at Khushi.. And then each other.. They know what have to do..
Aarohi – well then we should leave for office..
All look at her shocked.. “office “..from when..
Ragini – yeah after all our new boss.. Should be introduced before employees very well..
Laksh know what his wife and friend is going to do with this both parasite..
Arjun was about to say but stopped looking at Laksh devil smile …well then he should talk with his brother.
Kalavati – you both!!??
Aarohi – oh… I am so sorry Mam but we both forgot to introduce you ourselves.. I am Sanskar personal secretary.. But in his absence I will be your..
Ragini – and I am brandambassodor of KGM industry …
All were happy knowing Aarohi and Ragini will again started going for office..
Kavitha – so we should leave dadii.. I don’t think first we have to be late..
Kalavati nodded and they both left the table giving last glance all of them .
Arjun – Dad why the hell you didn’t tell us!!!
Shekhar – because I thought they will leave like always but this time because of you all anger.. Kalavati Maa…is going to stay here. And don’t say anything to me or Sharmistha because I respect that lady from my heart.. Saying this he left the place..
Sharmistha – Dont annoyed her.. Her nature is like that only.. And don’t forget she is your elder.. And left from there..
ASR – Khushi you are OK..
Khushi nodded and hugged him..
Laksh – I think I have to disturb Swara and Sanskar.. Because only Sanskar can throw this problem out of the company..
Ragini – no.. Let them enjoy. After so much time they are happy.. And about this both parasite.. We all will handle after we are together and don’t forget we have played revenge games with each. …and when we having a single target.. To play.. Then what’s say guys..
Laksh grin – as you say Wifey.. It’s so much time.. To take revenge from anyone..
Aarohi – I am also looking forward what have to do..
Khushi – I am On.. To show these both parasite their places..
Arjun smirk – well.. Office will be fun..
ASR – and these guest will get to know the meaning of ” payback time ”
All laughed thinking in each head to what to do with both parasite..
Sanskar was on his mobile talking to Mark.. His manager of Sydney branch.. Ordering to maintain his guest house.. As soon as possible as he and his princess are ready to board the plane in half an hour.. According to their plan they were moving to Sydney one day before.. As Swara was stubborn… Because she wanted to roam Sydney with him.. So he agreed.. After cutting the call he turned to see his Swara coming towards him in her Swara Malik attire.. She was looking too much s*xy in her business outfit.. Wearing a black sheath dress above the knees and yellow blaizer.. Her hair was left open as his choice and the diamond necklace was just showing how beautiful she is… And this beautiful woman is his.. Only his.. Walking in her black heels she comes to him giving a peck on his lips sensing his heated gaze on she hugged him sideways.. After he was looking damm hot and s*xy in his black suit.. She can’t resist herself..and he is hers only her..
He said in whisper – Baby.. I can’t resist you…you are looking damm s*xy..
She smile – as well you..Mr Kundra..
He holds her tightly from waist possessively – How about going back to home.. Not to resist each other just be in bed with not so many clothes..
She blushed.. But she said – No baby.. We have to board for Sydney.. And about your fantasy.. She leaned on him with out any space.. “How about in your private jet.. Withnot so many clothes.. Said smirking …
Sanskar kissed her firmly.. Making her toes curl in air.. After kissing her.. – I think your plan is also good Miss Malik..
Swara wink at him – I know.. After all I am Swara Malik..
Sanskar – mine Swara Malik..
Swara – and you are mine..
But their romance was disturbed by flashing sounds.. They both turned only to see media’s.. And their bodyguards are covering them..
Swara was going inside when Sanskar stopped her.. Swara turned – What??
Sanskar – How about some pictures princess.. (pointing towards media)
Swara smile – then what we waiting for.. Holding his hand tightly they both moved infront of media.. Thousands of questions were there… Flashing lights.. All were focused on Swasan….
Reporter 2- Mr Kundra.. You and Rockstar shona RAICHAND.. How.. And.. Miss Raichand your family is behind the bars.. What will you say about it..
Swara went still she didn’t thought about RAICHAND.. Nor sanskar.. Sanskar squeeze her hand.. But Swara know how to handle them..
Swara said in arrogant Swara Malik tone – Well first thing I am not related with Raichand family.. They were just a family friend.. And I am Swara Malik.. Owner MALIK empire.. Not any Shona RAICHAND.. I have to show up as Shona RAICHAND because some people have threatened me.. And because of police.. I have to stay with Raichand as ASR is my brother.. So that’s why and about Rockstar.. People can call me Shona but not link me with Raichand..
Media was taken aback by the outburst of Swara Malik… And next they were shocked to know this is The Swara Malik.. Whom they never met.. And saw..
Reporter – so Miss Malik.. And Mr Kundra you were dating each other..
This sanskar reply..
Sanskar – we are not dating.. We love each other.. And we are in relationships..
Reporter – What about Marriage?
Sanskar look at Swara. But she didn’t react.. So he said – as we back to Our family.. You will soon get to know about our Marriage now excuse US..
Sanskar hold Swara waist and walk inside the airport.. For boarding the.. But here in India as well Asian and Europe industrial it was blast to know about Swara Malik return and the relationship between Sanskar Kundra and Swara Malik two powerful industry.. And the music director were on fire knowing Shona the Rockstar.. Is the real Swara Malik…..

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